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A food and a grill A home pizza grilling frame-up is ideal for warm summer nights in the backyard spent entertaining your kin and friends. With a Kamado Joe pizza frame-up, you ’ ll have all the equipment you need to  deliver a professional-grade meal that will impress your guests. Learning how to grill a pizza is a playfulness cooking experience that allows you to get creative with your toppings. A pizza oven is an ideal summation to your backyard or balcony to create a junior-grade entertain space. All you need to get started is a Kamado Joe grill. With a few extra accessories, you ’ ll be popping out perfect pizza in no time .

1. What You Need For a Full Pizza Setup

Before you can get to grilling with your Kamado Joe pizza setup, you ’ ll need to ensure you have all the necessary equipment on hand to create your pizza successfully. You can purchase these products from many brands, but the watch items are available from Kamado Joe and will make grilling a pizza an arouse, comfortable, and rewarding experience .

18-24” grill

You can work with any grillroom that is within this size range. Charcoal, gas, and electric grills are all suitable choices.

Rocking pizza cutter

A rocking pizza tender is a professional-grade utensil that makes pizza cutting simple. It won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate disturb your toppings while you ’ re slicing and allows you to make large, swift cuts to serve many people cursorily .

Ash tool (for charcoal grillers)

If you have a wood or charcoal grill, using an ash cock will allow you to move coals or woodwind about as needed during grilling while keeping your hands and arms a safe distance from the heat .

Grill cover

A grill is a big investment, thus whichever one you choose, you ’ ll want to keep it protected. In between uses, shelter you grill from the elements with a heavy-duty grill cover .

Pizza stone

There are countless pizza stone options, but the best option depends on your preference. You can opt for a wooden pizza undress if you want to slide your pizza directly onto the grill for cooking or select a ceramic pizza stone. For deep smasher pizza, consider the Kamado Joe Deep Dish Pizza Stone. once you ’ ve got your Kamado Joe pizza setup organized, you can get down to grill .

2. Basics Steps For Grilling Pizza

Making a pizza on the grill is elementary, quick, and creates a shareable feel with family or friends because everyone can choose their unique toppings. The pizza grilling process can be broken down into a few easy steps .

Step 1 – Make the pizza dough

The first step in any pizza process is the dough. If you ’ rhenium uncomfortable making it from cancel you can buy pre-made boodle. If you want to save time when you have company over, you can besides prepare your dough ahead of time and take it out of the electric refrigerator when you ’ re ready to start broil .

Step 2 – Prepare the grill

How you prepare the grill will differ slenderly depending on what kind of fuel source your grill uses. Regardless, once the grillroom is fired up, it will need time to preheat .

Step 3 – Heat your pizza stone

While the grill is preheating, pop the pizza gem on the grate and close the hood. For best results, let the pizza stone hotness up with the grillroom .

Step 4 – Check the grill temperature

Before you place your dough and toppings on the pizza rock, check that the grill has reached the desired 500°F. If the temperature is excessively low, the pizza won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cook fast adequate, and if it ’ s excessively high, your crust will burn. Consider investing in a Kamado Joe grill thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading .

Step 5 – Place your pizza on the hot stone

When you ’ ve achieved the hope temperature, you can put your pizza on the grill to cook .

Step 6 – Let it cook

close up the hood of the grill and let your pizza fudge for roughly 7-12 minutes. Leave it in longer if the crust is not even golden brown university or the cheese international relations and security network ’ thyroxine ripple .

Step 7 – Transfer your pizza to a board or serving plate

Using a pizza peel or spatula, carefully transfer your pizza off the hot stone and onto a serving board, plate, or skin.

Step 8 – Let it cool

Once it ’ s off the grillroom, it ’ mho best to let your pizza sit for about 3 minutes before cutting into it. This allows the tall mallow and toppings to set and prevents your fingers ( and mouth ) from getting burned .

Step 9 – Slice and serve

Get your Kamado Joe rocking pizza stonecutter or other pizza cutter out and start slicing. With four swift movements, you can create eight arrant pizza slices with the toppings integral. now it ’ sulfur time to dish them up for your friends and family to enjoy ! Watch this Pizza 101 video from Kamado Joe .

3. Pizza on a Gas Grill

Cooking on each type of grill has its alone benefits. A boast grillroom provides even heating when grilling a pizza, eliminating the problem of contribution of the pizza cooking more cursorily than others. With a gasoline stave, you ’ ll want to  use a pizza stone and place it on the grillroom as it heats up to heat the stone adequately. once the stone heats up, you can put your pizza boodle and toppings on it. For best results, brush your crust with a hint of olive oil before you close the hood of the grillroom and let the pizza fudge .

4. Pizza on a Charcoal Grill

Grilling pizza on a charcoal grill has a slenderly different setup. When you have a chimney of hot coals cook, arrange them around the grill’s perimeter before placing the grate on top. Distributing the hot coals this way helps replicate the same even heating you get from using a boast grill. then you can proceed with placing the pizza stone inside to preheat .Jim Bob Jim Bob


Equipping your home plate and yard with a Kamado Joe pizza setup can provide lots of opportunities for fun get-togethers. nothing beats quality time spent chatting around the patio mesa, and there ’ south nothing that brings people in concert like thoroughly food, hot off the grill.

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