Microwave Omelette | How to Make an Omelette in the Microwave

Microwave Omelette | How to Make an Omelette in the Microwave

Healthy Microwave Omelette Recipe – 2 Minute Microwave Breakfast

How to Make an Omelette in the Microwave with Custom Fillings!

On hectic mornings when you’re in a time crunch, this 2 minute microwave omelette can save the day! Surprisingly tasty, downy, and oh-so-FAST. I ’ ll show you how to make an omelet in the microwave WITHOUT an omelet maker—all you need is a microwave-safe plate. ( And eggs, of course. )

Whether you ’ re a busy parent looking for quick breakfast ideas or if you ’ re a college student in need of easy microwave meals, this microwave egg omelet is a MUST try. Heck, possibly you ’ re equitable person who sleeps through the alarm sometimes ( as we all do ) … Knowing how to make an omelet in the microwave can spare you an differently crabbed dawn .
You can let it cook while you finish getting ready, and it’s an easy breakfast option that kids can make on their own! It ’ s a bang-up time-saving whoremaster that makes it possible to cook a healthy breakfast AND leave the house on time. ( And, avoid going through your day in a hangry rage. )

Plus, believe it or not, this microwave omelet actually tastes good… Customized with your favorite fillings and toppings, it ’ s a versatile 5 minute breakfast option that you can enjoy again and again !

Microwave Breakfast Ideas

Can You Make an Omelette in the Microwave?

Yes, of course you can ! And, for those who don’t feel so culinarily-inclined or if you’re uncomfortable in the kitchen, a microwave omelette is even easier to make than an egg omelette in a pan.
In general, the basic principle of cook is : you need heat to cook. Whether you ’ re cook in a pan over the stave or making an omelet in a microwave, both kinds of estrus will get the problem done ! The entirely differences hera are the temperature of the estrus, and where the heat touches the food .
Cooking an omelet in a pan on the stovetop, the temperature increases more gradually. And, the food is lone heated/cooked wherever it ’ second touching the pan. hence : why you need to flip an omelet after one side is cooked .
But in the microwave, the temperature increases about immediately. The food is heated from all sides and on the inside. That’s why this microwave omelette cooks MUCH more quickly—in just 2 minutes—and you don’t need to flip it.
No want to preheat a pan, no want to monitor it while it cooks, no need to even get out a spatula. Just pop your omelet in the microwave and let it go !

What Do Microwaved Eggs Taste Like?

I know, a microwave omelet sounds sort of arrant. Is it possible to cook light, downy, omelette-worthy eggs in a microwave ? Won ’ t they turn into a rubbery mess ?
Trust me, I had these same concerns and I was super skeptical—before I tried it. even when my microwave omelet had finished cook and I was just looking at it, it looked sort of rubbery and dry to me. not very appetizing…
fortunately, those looks turned out to be deceiving once I took a preference ! It did turn out a morsel thin and bland than a classic omelet, in part because it ’ mho cooked on a plate. But, it was SO surprisingly light and fluffy when I bit into it—almost like a scrambled eggs crepe!
And yes, it ’ s decidedly not the lapp as an omelet cooked in a pan. But, as a big-time omelet fan, I was excited that this microwave omelet actually did turn out to be thus tasty, even if it was a spot different. decidedly a nice trick to have in my binding pocket when I ’ m in a rush or on a busy dawn, and it ’ s so dang easy !

5 Minute Breakfast Recipes

How to Make an Omelette in the Microwave

There ’ s not a unharmed bunch to ‘ learn ’ if you want to know how to make an omelet in the microwave. in truth, you just need your ingredients, some formative wrap, and the right kind of microwave omelet plate !
first and first, you want to make sure whichever plate you use is microwave-safe. And, it’s best to use a plate with a
slight lip around the edge, so the liquid doesn’t spill over.
Beyond that, precisely be certain your plate is large adequate to hold your microwave omelet mixture—my plate was about 10-inches across .
In a measurement cup, whisk together 2 eggs with a bit of water system, some salt, and pepper to season. Then, spray down your microwave-safe plate with cooking spray and pour in the whisked egg mixture.
If you ’ d like, immediately ’ s a good time to sprinkle on a bite of tall mallow ! Or, skip the tall mallow if you ’ d like to keep this dairy free .
Stretch out a sheet of plastic wrap, pull it over the plate to cover it, and seal around the edges. You want to be sure that your
microwave omelette is fully contained while it’s cooking in the

Whisking Eggs

Pouring microwave egg omelet mixture onto plate

Cover microwave cheese omelette with plastic wrap

Transfer to microwave

How Long to Cook an Omelette in Microwave Oven

once your home plate is covered well with credit card wrapping, you can transfer to the microwave to cook ! In my 1000-watt microwave, my omelette
needed just 2 minutes.

But, how farseeing to cook an omelet in the microwave might vary slightly—depending on the character and electrical power of microwave that you have. You may need to cook it for a little bit long if you have a lower-wattage microwave, or for a bite less time if you have a higher-wattage car .
While it’s cooking in the microwave, you’ll see that it IS going to floof up quite a bit underneath the plastic wrap. Don ’ triiodothyronine chafe, it ’ mho wholly normal—just let it be !
After cooking finishes, carefully remove the home plate from the microwave and remove the credit card wind. ( It will be HOT ! ) Allow it to sit for about 2-3 minutes to cool slenderly .
Then, load up your microwave omelette with additional
cheese or any other fillings that you want, fold it over, and serve with your
favorite toppings!
I went with cheese, pico de gallo, and some salsa, but you could besides add some saute veggies, greens, diced ham, bacon—whatever you like .
Or, enjoy plain for a microwaveable option to scrambled eggs that ’ s fix in a blink of an eye !

How long to cook omelette in microwave

Add fillings and toppings

Watch on YouTube: 5 MINUTE Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Back to School!

Microwave Egg Omelette

Microwave Omelette

How to Make an Omelette in the Microwave


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Microwave Omelette Base Mixture

  • cook spray

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 Tbsp water

  • strategic arms limitation talks

  • pepper

  • 1-2 Tbsp shredded cheese, optional

Optional Fillings/Toppings


  • In a measure cup, whisk together eggs, water system, salt, and pepper .
  • spray cooking spray to coat a microwave-safe denture. ( I recommend using a plate with a bite of a lip around the edge ! )
  • Pour egg mix onto train plate. Add a scatter of cheese if desired, or neglect to keep your microwave omelet dairy release .
  • Cover plate with formative wind, sealing around the edges. Cook omelet in microwave on high baron for 2 minutes. ( It WILL floof up in the microwave, but that ’ s okay—just let it be ! )
  • cautiously remove plate from microwave, remove credit card wrap, and allow to cool for approximately 2-3 minutes .
  • Add extra fillings of choice before foldable over and adding hope toppings .
  • Serve and enjoy with sliced avocado, cooked bacon, or any accompaniments you like !
  • Yields 1 microwave omelet .


Nutrition per 1


microwave omelette ( no cheese or optional fillings/toppings ) :
143 calories | 10g fatness | 1g carbs | 0g fiber | 0g sugars | 13g protein

Nutrition per 1 microwave


omelette ( with cheese lone, excluding other optional fillings/toppings ) :
198 calories | 14g fatten | 2g carbs | 0g fiber | 0g sugars | 16g protein

*Nutrition below provided for microwave omelette made with cheese & optional fillings/toppings listed above:



microwave omelette


























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