How to stop oatmeal from overflowing in microwave

I love oatmeal and often have it as my breakfast or manipulation oats in my dawn smoothies or tied as a top for my blueberry microwave crumble. Because I ’ thousand making my breakfast normally just for me, it makes sense to use a microwave as it ’ randomness in truth agile.

The trouble is that the oats frequently overflow and then I spend more time tidying up and wiping the awkward porridge glue than actually making my breakfast .
So what can I do ?
Is there a way to stop oatmeal from overflowing the microwave ? I thought I ’ d try few methods to see if I can make my breakfast porridge stadium less sticky !
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Don’t cover the bowl in the microwave

This is the foremost and easy step to take – don ’ thyroxine cover your oatmeal bowl with a hat ! If you do, the inflame inside is flush bigger than outside and the steam will need to escape somewhere .
once you reach the churn point, you ’ ll end up with a bit of on oats explosion. Plus if you put a lid on, you can ’ t see when the oats are starting to ‘ grow ’ and hitting the top of the stadium .

Watch it like a hawk!

O.K not the most scientific way of making sure your oatmeal succeed ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate overflow, but it works !
Every fourth dimension you see your oats getting perilously to the top of your bowl, take it out and stir and rate rear in. The touch cools down the oats a little bit, distributes the heat more evenly and disturbs the bubbles formation on the top .

Use bigger bowl with higher sides

Doooh, that ’ s an obvious one, I know, but it ’ s not always virtual to carry a spare huge roll to work merely to make your oatmeal !

even when you are making your oatmeal at home, you are probably thinking that you lone want to use one roll ( the one you are going to be using for eating your porridge ), thus why annoy with washing up two bowls ?

Cover the top with a cinnamon stick, wooden skewer or chopstics

This truly works to a orient ! If you place something physical like a midst wooden skewer across the bowl the bubbles ( at their earlier stages ) will ‘ pop ’ from touching the wood and come down again .
But is works only at the begin of the boiling process and once you get beyond that, your oatmeal might still overflow. This is a like gratuity for stopping milk from overboiling .

Boil the oatmeal in water (not milk)

It depends on your recipe and what type of oatmeal you are using, but it ’ s possible to boil your breakfast oatmeal with water first and then add cream or yogurt to achieve creamier smack without the oatmeal afloat .
This is caused, partially, by the fat contented in the milk, so removing it helps .

Interrupt the boiling process

If you add your oatmeal to your microwave for 5 minutes, it will decidedly make a huge muggy batch. But if you do 1 or 2 minutes at the clock, you have a better chance of not getting your oatmeal everywhere !
Add to microwave for 1 or 1 1/2 infinitesimal initially, then take out, bullock ( even leave out for a bite ) and then add binding to microwave for far 1 minute or so.

Lower the temperature and boil for longer

Most advanced microwaves are way excessively potent for something american samoa small as a stadium of porridge for one, thus lowering the outage fix ( from 800V to 600v or 400v ) does make a difference .
Your oatmeal will cook/boil slower ( depending on the type of oats ) and will be brought to the boiling point more gradually, which will prevent the overflow issue. It will besides give you time to catch it if it does .

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