Homemade Kettle Corn

This content may include some affiliate links. Click here to read my full disclosure policy .Homemade Kettle Corn in the microwave Did you know that making Homemade Kettle Corn is ace easy ? All you need is a microwave for this dim-witted & delectable kettle corn recipe. so good !
Do you love kettle corn ? I had only had some possibly a match of times before my daughter came home plate from a birthday party raving about how they had some there. She was in love & wholly obsessed.

I told her that I actually had a recipe from my ma. It is super easy, no special equipment required. Just a microwave & a paper lunch sack along with a couple ingredients are all you need for this Homemade Kettle Corn .

Homemade Kettle Corn in the microwave
I was in truth glad that I remembered tucking this recipe aside in an old folder when my ma passed away. She would constantly send me recipes that she found or created or were shared with her by her friends. I have probably over 1000 recipes in this folder that she had sent me over the years. It took a good hanker while before I found it – plus about 100 more that I had forgotten about & then wanted to make right away .
What I love about this recipe is that it is so easy. many of the recipes for kettle corn floating around out there require a whirly-popper. While that is a very cool thing to have & I ’ megabyte sure it makes kettle hole corn super easy – I wasn ’ thymine will to buy one barely for kettle corn. I already have an air popper we use about daily, so using my microwave was a much better idea for this .

kettle corn recipe

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Homemade Kettle Corn recipe
now, equitable to make sure I was giving you the VERY BEST possible kettle hole corn recipe, I searched out other microwave kettle corn methods & I feel like I tried them all. none of them produced the results of this recipe from ma .
Most of them showed beautifully popped popcorn, but our results were more like a burn mess. I kept coming back to this recipe .
I don ’ metric ton know why I felt like I had to prove this already great recipe. But I besides tried a couple of frying pan kettle corn recipes besides. Those were a colossal failure excessively. Back to mom ’ s recipe that I nowadays know is HANDS DOWN – THE BEST KETTLE CORN RECIPE IN THE MICROWAVE .
Homemade Kettle Corn in a paper bag

Here are some commonly asked questions

What is kettle corn?

basically Kettle Corn is popcorn that is sweetened during the crop up work. then if you love that delightful salty/sweet jazz band in your snacks, kettle corn will have you swooning .

What is the best way to store extra kettle corn?

thus, I like to keep my kettle hole corn in a paper bag rather of an airtight container or plastic bag. I find that it can get a bit soft when it doesn ’ t have just a little snatch of airflow. So the paper bag is great for letting in just enough atmosphere to keep the popcorn crisp .

how to make Homemade Kettle Corn

Can I use an air popper for this recipe?

I don ’ metric ton recommend it. Because the publicize popper vents need to stay clean, you wouldn ’ t want to add any sort of coating to the kernels before placing them in the popper. Those kernels besides need to stay dry so that they can move round & have the publicize circulating for them to pop by rights in an air popper .

best homemade kettle corn

Microwave Homemade Kettle Corn

How much does this make?

This recipe calls for 1/4 cup of un-popped kernels. once popped, they will fill your paper lunch displace about 3/4 of the means, which is the perfect personal-sized part if you ask me. I love this recipe because it keeps me from overindulging with fortune control .

Can this recipe be doubled?

I don ’ thyroxine recommend it. I am not sure what that would do to the cooking time. If there were double over the kernels in the cup of tea, I worry it would take a lot longer to pop them all – which would result in a lot of burning going on to the ones that already popped .

HOW DO YOU MAKE homemade kettle corn?

  1. Combine the popcorn kernels, oil, sugar & salt in a small bowl & toss to combine.
  2. Transfer to a paper lunch sack.
  3. Fold over the top twice to close.
  4. Place on a large microwave-safe plate to catch the extra moisture.
  5. Use the popcorn setting on your microwave & cook for 1 min 15 sec up to 2 min 10 sec. (listen for the popping to slow – that is the time to remove the bag. Not when the popping has completely stopped.)
  6. Carefully remove from the microwave & transfer to a serving bowl to enjoy.

how to make kettle corn at home

Can I use another type of oil?

I have tried this recipe using coconut petroleum & using merely butter. unfortunately both burned the popcorn. I recommend using the fudge oil as it keeps the popcorn from getting besides hot during the cook process .

Can I add other toppings?

Yes, absolutely. sometimes I like to melt 1-2 tbsp of butter for added relish & pour it on after I transfer to the bowl .
the best Homemade Kettle Corn recipe

To make this recipe you will need…

  • popcorn kernels
  • granulated sugar
  • cooking oil
  • salt

Products I love when making Homemade Kettle Corn…

This microwave kettle hole corn recipe is indeed simple and delightful – and I ’ molarity indisputable you already have many of these items on hand like I do ! OR If you ’ ve never made kettle hole corn before, you might be a morsel anxious – but you ’ re going to love the how easy this is to make. I have made a list below of the things I absolutely can ’ thyroxine live without when it comes to making this little bite .

This such a delicious snack!
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kettle corn recipe

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