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french fries are arguably the arrant snack or side dish when you are craving something crispen, salty, savory, and satisfying. In this mail I share the easiest direction to make absolutely crispen french fries each time you make. Tossed in a particular shaker season, these french fries make one of the best and extremely addictive bite. I besides share the steps for oven baked and air fryer french fries.

French fries - potato finger chips

About French Fries

Some may say french fries are truly nothing other than deep fry potatoes, but in order to truly appreciate french fries at their best, there are a number of factors to take into retainer. beyond that, certain techniques will ensure that you are creating the optimum texture and relish that will make your efforts worthwhile .
After all, if you are going to go through the march of making french fries at home, you may ampere well make the best taste fries possible. With the choice to customize them to suit your diet, such as choosing the best oil for electrocute and choosing the best proficiency to fry, making these at home may be a better option for a lot of us .
Choosing potatoes
not all potatoes are the lapp. Besides shape, size and color, the biggest gene that will affect your french fries is the sum of starch in the potatoes. For the best fries with the lightest home and crispiest exterior I have found that Idaho or russet potatoes yield the best results. These potatoes are high in starch and broken in water and boodle subject .
Choosing oil
The other key ingredient to consider here is the oil that you will use to fry your potatoes. What you want here is a achromatic vegetable oil that will not impart a great deal of spirit. After all, you truly want the potato to be the ace here. besides to be considered is the smoke point of the petroleum that will hold up at high temperatures .
Taking these two factors into circumstance, good choices for cooking french fries are peanut, canola oil, or vegetable oil as they are neutral and have relatively high fastball points .
once you have chosen your potatoes and the anoint in which you will fry them, it is time to move on to the actual preparation of the finger chips .

How to make French Fries (stepwise photos)

Preparing potatoes

1. The choice to peel your potatoes or not is wholly improving to you. Some may prefer the ease of leaving them unpeeled, in which case you must be sure to scrub your potatoes thoroughly before cutting. Peeling them will give them a more consistent attend, but you will be losing some of the nutrients that the bark has to offer. Again, the choice is yours. I peel them .
peel potatoes 2. The future pace is cutting the potatoes. For this it is estimable to use a big standard chef ’ s knife and a cutting board. You are going for fries that are about ¼ to ⅓ edge thick. The best way to approach this is to cut a hanker slice off of the potato so that it has a flat english that you can rest it on .
slice potatoes 3. From there, make vertical cuts of uniform thickness. Once the entire potato is cut, cut them lengthwise. alternately, you can stack the slices and cut them vertically into long sticks .
cut to sticks for french fries 4. equally soon as the fries are cut they must be put in a bowl and covered immediately in frost coldness water. This will not only prevent them from turning grey, but will besides draw some of the starch away from the surface of the potatoes. This is authoritative because it will eliminate the casual of the fries sticking together when they cook. A minimum of 1 to 2 hours overcharge in the refrigerator is all they need. I besides prefer to add some ice cubes to the potentiometer .
soak in ice cold water 5. After that, simply drain the body of water and pour fresh methamphetamine cold water to the like bowl. We are rinsing the potato sticks here with the ice cold water system. Drain to a colander .
drain the potato sticks ad
6. Wipe them with a clean kitchen fabric to remove any starch on the surface of the potato sticks. At this stage I besides prefer to separate the farseeing and short sticks so they can be fried in separate batches. This way they will fry uniformly .
wipe off with kitchen cloth 7. After that you will transfer them to a tray for quick dry, to minimize the splatters while frying. Do not let the fries sit besides long, we need to fry the cold potato sticks .
spread on a tray

Oil blanch fries

8. While your potatoes are drying you can proceed with getting your anoint up to temperature for the following mistreat which is petroleum blanching. A big, heavy bottomed pan/ pot or Dutch oven works well here. You can start by filling the pot about halfway with your oil and inflame it lightly to about 300 degrees F ( 148 to 150 degrees Celsius ). If you do not have a deep fry thermometer, fry them on a medium hot vegetable oil. But for best results, I insist you use it so you fry it at correct temperature .
heat oil in a heavy bottom pan ad
9. Once it has reached that point, you can begin blanching your fries, being careful not to crowd the pan/ batch .
oil blanching French fries 10. After about 3 minutes you can remove them from the oil .
drain the french fries 11. Drain them on to a pumped-up rack or a pierced tray and allow them to cool completely. Continue on with frying the rest of the fries, draining them well afterwards and allowing them to cool completely before proceeding with the actual fry .
spread on a tray

How to deep fry French Fries

12. once your fries have been vegetable oil blanched you can move forward with the deep fry process. You will use the same oil you used to petroleum pale but start at a higher temperature. It is crucial to use a thermometer for this step, raising the petroleum to 350 degrees Fahrenheit ( 176 degrees Celsius ) .
heat oil 13. gently lower the fries into the petroleum, being careful not to overcrowd the pan/ pot .
deep frying french fries in a pan ad
14. They will rise to the surface and begin to take on semblance in a few minutes. Once they are golden light brown you can cautiously remove them from the oil and allow them to drain on a wire rack .
remove french fries from oil

Shaker seasoning

The finish up touch for your french fries can be ampere bare as a generous sprinkle of fine salt. Without a doubt, this is both classical and delightful. however, if you wish to take your french fries to the following degree, give this shaker fries seasoning a attempt .
It is a savory mix of garlic powderize, onion gunpowder, dried basil, marjoram, dried crimson chili flakes, paprika and total darkness pepper. Sprinkle this liberally onto your hot fries and enjoy a all-around spirit that actually makes your french fries sing !
shaker seasoning for Add the french fries to a large bowl and sprinkle the temper a a lot as you need. Toss them. Season each batch individually and serve them properly away. besides note that the french fries will begin to lose their crispness as they sit any longer, specially after the season .
French fries recipe ad

How to oven bake French Fries

For those who are interest in making french fries at family without deep electrocute, you can achieve favorable results that are lower in fat. You will, however, sacrifice some of the brittleness of a deep fried potato. For this method you will cut and prepare your fries in much the lapp way .
adjacent, you will toss the fries with a neutral oil and spread them in a individual layer on a large sheet pan so that they are not touching. Place them in a preheat oven set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit ( 205 degrees Celsius ). Begin checking them after 20 minutes, giving them longer if they seem like they need a small more color. Season them at this bespeak and delight .

How to Air Fry French Fries

If you are a fan of the air fryer, you can use it to make french fries by cutting and preparing them as suggested, tossing them with vegetable oil, then placing them in the basket of your air fryer that has been preheated to 375 F degrees. It is essential that you do not crowd the basket with fries so they can crisp up evenly .
It is best to shake the basket of the air fryer after about 6 minutes then begin to check them for doneness after 12 minutes. When they are crispen and golden with soft interiors, remove them from the basket and season immediately while still hot .
air fryer french fries

How to freeze oil blanched French Fries

For convenience, vegetable oil blanched fries can be frozen then fried later. For this method acting follow the same cut, soaking, drying, and anoint blanch routine as mentioned above. Once they have cooled completely you can arrange them on a sheet pan in a individual layer and place them in your deep-freeze .
Once they are freeze, plainly put them into deep-freeze repositing bags and freeze. You can keep these on hand for when the temper strikes. To finish these fries, you can fry, oven bake, or air fry from freeze. Season them when hot and delight !
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french fries recipe

French Fries Recipe

Make perfectly crisp homemade French fries with this easy recipe. No additives & no preservatives, these French fries can be customized to your diet with the choice of oil and the frying technique suitable to you.

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For best results follow the bit-by-bit photos above the recipe poster

Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

  • 3 Russet potatoes ( or Idaho or Maris piper )

  • 1½ cups vegetable oil ( peanut, canola oil or vegetable anoint )

For shaker seasoning

  • ¾ teaspoon garlic powderize

  • ¾ teaspoon onion gunpowder

  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon sweet pepper ( or ¼ teaspoon crimson chili gunpowder )

  • ¼ teaspoon salt ( adjust to taste )

  • 1 teaspoon oregano

  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon crimson chili flakes ( optional )

  • ¼ teaspoon background black pepper ( optional )




  • Rinse and scrub the potatoes under running water. Peel the potatoes and cut each potato to ¼ to ⅓ inch thick slices (lengthwise).

  • Then further cut them to sticks of ¼ inch to ⅓ inch each. Add them to a large bowl of ice cold water. I also add a few ice cubes to them. Rest for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours in the refrigerator.

  • Drain the water completely and pour ice cold water again to the bowl. Rinse them in this water to get rid of excess starch. Do not use regular water at this stage. We want the potato sticks to be cold.

  • Then drain to a colander and wipe dry with a kitchen cloth. Spread them on a tray and let dry while you heat the oil. I prefer to separate the longer and shorter fries at this stage so they fry uniformly in the oil. Do not wait for too long as we need to fry the cold fries.

How to fry French fries

  • Pour oil to a deep heavy bottom pan or pot & begin to heat it on a medium flame. Ensure the oil is at least 3 to 4 inches high in the pan. Attach your thermometer to the side of your pan for best results.

  • When the oil reaches 300 F (150 C), gently slide 10 to 12 potato stick to the hot oil (depending on the size of your pan. Ensure you don’t crowd the pan and the temperature almost remains same while frying, a variation of 20 F or 12 C is just fine.

  • After they are slightly cooked, for about 3 minutes remove them to a wired rack, lined over a tray. Spread them on the tray while you continue to fry the next batch of French fries.

  • Once you are done with the blanching, heat the oil a little higher to 350 F (175 C).

  • Refry the blanched French fries until golden and crisp. Remove them to the wired rack to cool down slightly.

  • Add each batch of French fries to a large bowl or a brow bag and sprinkle the seasoning as much as you desire. Toss well and serve immediately before they cool down as they begin to lose their crispness.

  • Fry the rest of the French fries in batches and serve right away.


option quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x entirely, master recipe .
For best results follow my detail bit-by-bit photograph instructions and tips above the recipe circuit board .

NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

nutrition Facts
french Fries Recipe

Amount Per Serving

Calories 343

Calories from Fat 171

% Daily Value*

Fat 19g


Saturated Fat 1g


Trans Fat 1g

Sodium 211mg


Potassium 920mg


Carbohydrates 40g


Fiber 3g


Sugar 1g


Protein 5g


Vitamin A 148IU


Vitamin C 12mg


Calcium 43mg


Iron 2mg


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet .
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