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Posted on by DebbieN Microwave Candied Orange Peel Tonight is the beginning night of Chanukah, or as the adjacent generation spells it, Hanukkah, and alternatively of blogging about latkes, which I ’ megabyte not making tonight, in favor of a congregational dinner ( yay, no cook, no dishes, no kin kvetches ), I decided to pick something else I like more. Like candied orange peel off, which is outrageously expensive if you buy it at a sugarcoat shop. Chocolate plus oranges is the relish of Sabra liqueur, an israeli elixir from the days of my childhood which I think is now out of production. Of course, so ’ randomness my childhood, or at least my first childhood…
But the standard recipe for candied orange peels goes something like : “ Boil some water. Blanch the de-pithed orange peel strips from a couple of oranges for two minutes. Throw out the urine and do it again. then simmer the peels in 4 cups of boodle and 4 cups of body of water for an hour or two. then drain them. then toss them individually in a bowl with fresh, dry carbohydrate to coat and spread them out on a cookie tray to dry for another couple of hours. ”
In all, that ’ s about 4 or 5 hours. Oy ! My inner second childhood is whining already.

Following up from my microwaved kumquat marmalade experiment, which worked beautifully, I decided I could credibly do something exchangeable to candy orange peels. The final leave was not perfect-perfect by professional confectioners ’ standards and I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be surprised if Martha Stewart disapproved, but it looked all right to me, was done in 15 minutes from peeling oranges to dredging-and-drying, and the taste is not badly, not bad at all. Makes you wonder .
The oranges I picked were a sting politic and nonacidic, and tangerine or clementine would be a bit livelier if you can find organic ones, but this is what I had. And as I discovered, the season seems to improve as the peels sit after being dredged in sugar and dried .
Microwave-Candied Orange Peel

  • 2 organic navel oranges or other sweet citrus
  • 1.5 c. sugar
  • 1/3 c. water
  • optional (didn’t try but might next time)–squeeze of lemon juice

1. Scrub the oranges well. even organic oranges are treated with wax or lac-based resin these days. Peel with a very abrupt paring knife and try to get by and large barely the orange function and not excessively much of the white kernel ( although I might try a damn-the-torpedoes adaptation following time with the solid skin, since I like thick-cut marmalade ) .
2. Shred the skin into long thin strips and place in a pyrex bowl with water to cover. Put a microwaveable lid on the bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Pour off the water–actually, I might skip this dance step excessively future time. Or possibly not ; it may rid the skin of some of the wax remainder. Don ’ t bother doing it twice–I didn ’ thyroxine .
3. Put 1 c. boodle on top of the orange peels and drizzle on about 1/3 c. body of water, barely adequate water for a slurry. Microwave 4 minutes covered. The peels will turn slightly translucent and may even swell and curl in places. The syrup will be identical compact. Let sit a moment or two at will .
4. In a clean dry soup bowl, pour a spot of the early half-cup of sugar. With a pitchfork, scoop out and drain a pile of orange peels over the cook bowl until they stop dripping, then toss them thinly in the bowl with the dry carbohydrate to coat all over. Sprinkle on a little more sugar if necessary. Scoop out the peels and scatter them on a sail of tinfoil, and continue draining and dredging orange peels in the soup bowl .
Keep the orange syrup for something else–you might be making marzipan or baklava finally, you never know, plus you ’ vitamin d hate to throw out a cup of sugar if you don ’ t have to .
When the orange peel off shreds are dry, which in this very dense syrup takes a bunch less than 2 hours–I ’ d say possibly 30 minutes tops, though of run I didn ’ thymine delay to try them out–the next obvious thing to do is dip them in melted colored chocolate .
Quick Dark Chocolate Ganache

  • 1/2  to 2/3  c. semisweet chocolate chips or a 3.5 oz bar of good dark chocolate, broken up
  • 1/4 c. half-and-half

Microwave the half-and-half in a mug for 30 s. or until steaming. Pour in the cocoa and let sit covered for a count of 20 or so, then start stirring. The chocolate will start thaw and expression like little shreds in the cream, then after a minute the unharmed thing will start to thicken into a dark glistening mass .

Either dip the orange peel shreds halfway and lay them out on hydrofoil to dry, or toss them in the chocolate ganache to coat wholly and then scoop, drain, and lay them back out on foil, separating them with forks, to cool and solidify .
Save the leftover ganache too–it should solidify as it cools, and if you refrigerate it, you can then scoop it out in minor spoonfuls and roll it in cocoa gunpowder for truffles. Or you can sneak into it with a smooch and not let anyone know .
happy Chanukah ! Chag Sameach ! B ’ ti ’ avon ! ( Eat Nice ! )

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