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Baked Potato Microwave Bag~

badly this thing is my all time favored. recently I ’ ve even been cooking dulcet potatoes in it. It works fair the like if you are wondering about that. Put a little moment of butter and salt and smush it up with a pitchfork. Perfect. A couple of years ago there was a full tutorial with images on making a microwave potato bag, but putting it on video is better !

There is something fantastic about watching the process ! Plus, I had given my potato bag away to Jerika -the oldest and I needed a newly one .Learn how to make a microwave potato bag. Great for using and cooking potatos quick. Love this bag! This web log post has been converted to an optional PDF that ’ s optimized for print. Find it here. The web log mail below is wholly absolve to read, print, and sew ! The PDF download for a few $ is wholly optional. Materials Needed: 2 fabrics- lining and outside each measuring 25 X 11 100 % cotton bat ( anything other will burn in the microwave ! ) 100 % cotton thread Here are a few helpful supplies that you might want to look into using: This is the right batting for the microwave : precisely in case you want to purchase a kit out ready to sew and it makes 2 !

Baked Potato Microwave Bag Tutorial:

1 ) Layer your three pieces -right sides facing and batting on the penetratelayering the pieces 2 ) Sew all the way around the pieces, leaving a 3 unfold for turning 3 ) Snip your corners to reduce bulk and turn right sides out 4 ) Iron the edges and push the points out

5 ) Sew all the manner around the piece of fabric -close the open with the sew or by hand with the ladder stitchfinish stitching 6 ) Over lap the ends and pin in set approx 2 overlaplayer and pin the pieces 7 ) Flatten the bag, lining the lap near the exceed of the udderflatten and pin then sew 8 ) Sew the sides directly on acme of the sewing from footfall 5

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simple microwave potato cooker tutorial now you can stuff you microwave potato bag with potatoes and start cook ! Yummy !potato cooker closeup Buy a printable / ad dislodge digital copy below. This is not needed or required to sew the project .


Are you ready to get cooking?  Here are the minutes.

Bake your first potato! Microwaves will vary, but here is an estimate time calculator :
2 Large Russet Potatoes : 8 minutes
2 Large Red Potatoes : 8 minutes
3 Medium Bread Rolls : 20 seconds
2 Medium Sweet Potatoes : 10 minutes
2 Large Corn Cobs : 6 minutes

How about sewing up a microwave pot holder?!!

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