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This Easy Pizza Tortilla Wrap will be on your dinner rotation over and over! If you aren’t on the “Tortilla Trend” or “Tortilla Hack” bandwagon yet, HOP ABOARD with me! The best part about these, is they are totally customizable and done in less than 10 minutes!

Pizza Tortilla Wrap or "Tortilla Trend" on a plate with marinara sauce. I am not even on Tik Tok but SOMEHOW, I heard about this viral “ Tik Tok Tortilla Trend ” sweeping the state and the here and now I tried it, I was HOOKED ! ! This is the inaugural translation I ever tried and it has been one of my family ’ s all fourth dimension faves. And it ’ s no secret I ’ m a pizza fan…no matter what shape or shape ! In a Pepperoni Pizza Bowl like this or my perfect Tortilla Pizza right here ! Pizza is ALWAYS on my weekly menu !
If you have ever had a Taco Bell Crunch Wrap, you basically have the kernel of this “ Tortilla Trend. ” Basically, a close up tortilla with lots of delectable stuff in it ! What I love about this pizza tortilla wind is that it ’ randomness portable and can be eaten on the blend ! Plus, there are then many variations that you could eat a different interpretation every day of the workweek !
Two early “ viral ” trends that truly live improving to the hype ? Emily Mariko ’ mho Salmon and Rice Bowl, Gigi ’ south Hadid ’ s Vodka Pasta and the Baked by Melissa Green Goddess Salad are all legit 🙂
Pizza Tortilla Wrap or "Tortilla Trend" being dipped into marinara sauce.


The ingredients for this recipe are SUPER simpleton ! You can customize them in sooooo many ways, which I outline in the “ variations ” section below !
All ingredients for Pizza Tortilla Wrap or "Tortilla Trend" on table, labeled. Tortillas: You can in truth use any size, but I have found the burrito size oeuvre good .
Sauce: Rao ’ randomness Marinara is my all-time favored sauce for everything !
Pepperoni: This is a Pepperoni Pizza Wrap, but honestly ANY toppings work ! ! ( See variations below for some I ’ ve tried and LOVE )
Cheese : I love mozzarella and Monterey jack because they melt therefore well .


Step 1: Lay tortilla out in battlefront of you and make one cut, halfway up the tortilla. then picture your tortilla divided into 4 “ quadrants. ”
Step 1 of making a Pizza Tortilla Wrap or Pizza "Tortilla Trend." Step 2: Start adding your ingredients–one component per “ quadrant. ” Quadrants 3 and 4 will be the ones that are in the most direct contact with the estrus when you fry it, which is why the cheese goes on those two !
Step 1 of making a Pizza Tortilla Wrap or Pizza "Tortilla Trend." Add ingredients. Step 3: Fold quadrant 1 UP, then fold to the RIGHT, then DOWN .
Step 3 of making a Pizza Tortilla Wrap or Pizza "Tortilla Trend." Fold it up! Step 4: Brush peak and bed of your wrapping with olive oil or spray lightly with cooking spray .
Step 4 of making a Pizza Tortilla Wrap or Pizza "Tortilla Trend." Brush with oil. Step 5: On a preheat griddle or frying pan over medium, cook your pizza tortilla wrap for about 3-4 minutes on side, until golden brown and cheese is melted. I keep the inflame at culture medium so the cheese gets melted without burning the outside .
Step 5 of making a Pizza Tortilla Wrap or Pizza


What is the “tortilla hack?”

This “ tortilla hack ” or “ tortilla tendency ” went viral on Tik Tok in 2020 but honestly, it ’ s been around for a looongggg prison term ! I have gotten lots of comments on Instagram and Pinterest from adults that say they remember this vogue from their childhood. It took social media to make it VIRAL ! !

What are some variations on this recipe?

There are indeed many dear variations on this ! ! ! ! If you think of anything you ’ vitamin d put on a sandwich or in a envelop, all of these things can pretty a lot influence in this tortilla wrap ! I prefer variations with tall mallow because they equitable knead so well when cooked in the skillet–like a glorify quesadilla !
Breakfast Tortilla Wrap : This is a breakfast of champs, let me tell you ! I was wary of the avocado, but it ’ s so good !
quadrant 1 : avocado
quadrant 2 : bacon
quadrant 3 : Scrambled eggs
quadrant 4 : cheese
Cuban Tortilla Wrap: Another one of my try on and true FAVES !
quadrant 1 : Mayo and/or Dijon Mustard
quadrant 2 : Sliced dill pickles
quadrant 3 : swiss
quadrant 4 : ham
Bacon Turkey Pesto Wrap: Quick and easy if you use store buy pesto or add an supernumerary 5 minutes and whip up my super dim-witted Basil Arugula Pesto !
quadrant 1 : pesto
quadrant 2 : bacon
quadrant 3 : swiss cheese
quadrant 4 : Sliced Turkey
Taco Tortilla Wrap : Your own take on the Taco Bell Crunch Wrap !
quadrant 1 : Refried Beans
quadrant 2 : Lettuce/Tomato/Tortilla chips
quadrant 3 : greaser Meat/salsa ( land gripe, turkey, wimp )
quadrant 4 : Cheese/Queso
Fancy Pants Tortilla Wrap : It ’ s like a charcuterie board in a wrap !
quadrant 1 : Fig ( or other ) Jam/Jelly/Spread
quadrant 2 : rocket
quadrant 3 : prosciutto
quadrant 4 : brie
Sweet Treat Tortilla Wrap : This one reminds me of a french crape ! Brushing the outside with butter is soooo good on this one !
quadrant 1 : Banana slices
quadrant 2 : Strawberries
quadrant 3 : Light level of Nutella
quadrant 4 : Light layer of Nutella

Can I make a tortilla wrap vegetarian?

absolutely ! These influence in truth well as a vegetarian choice for dinner ! Dip this one in sourness cream and salsa and it ’ s eden !
quadrant 1 : Refried Black Beans
quadrant 2 : Sautéd bell pepper and onion and corn
quadrant 3 : tall mallow
quadrant 4 : avocado

Can I use corn tortillas to make a tortilla wrap?

You can, but remember corn tortillas typically tend to be less ductile than flour tortillas. If you want to use corn tortillas, barely put them in the microwave for about 10 seconds to make them more “ foldable ! ” besides, I have yet to see superintendent boastfully corn tortillas and big ( burrito size ) tortilla work good for this !


  • Set your skillet or griddle to medium heat–not too hot! This will ensure the cheese is nicely melted, but the outside isn’t burned 🙂
  • Avoid the temptation to overstuff the tortilla with too many ingredients. It can get messy when cooking if they are overfilled.
  • You can customize this “recipe” in a zillion different ways! For best results, remember that Quadrant 3 and 4 are in the most direct contact with your pan. Use those Quadrants for cheese, meat or anything you want warm or melted.

Pizza Tortilla Wrap or "Tortilla Trend" stacked on a plate


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Easy Pizza Tortilla Wrap

These Easy Pizza Tortilla Wraps will be on your dinner rotation over and over! If you aren’t on the “Tortilla Trend” or “Tortilla Hack” bandwagon yet, HOP ABOARD with me! The best part about these, is they are done in less than 10 minutes!

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writer :Casey Rooney

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  • 2 large flour tortillas burrito size works best
  • 2-3 tbsp marinara or pizza sauce
  • 10-16 slices of pepperoni
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
  • olive vegetable oil for brush


  • Lay the tortilla out in front of you and going from the middle of the tortilla to the bottom, make a cut.

  • If you see your tortilla divided into 4 equal “quadrants,” start adding you toppings on each “quadrant.”

  • Quadrant 1: Sauce Quadrant 2: Pepperoni Quadrant 3 & 4: Cheese

  • Starting at the bottom, fold Quadrant 1 UP, then RIGHT, then DOWN.

  • Brush both sides with olive oil. Then, over medium heat, fry pizza wrap 3-4 minutes on each side until the cheese is melted and the outside is golden brown.

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