Homemade Pizza

I wo n’t take credit for this dough recipe. Google “ 5 minute craftsman bread ” for the recipe that inspired this instructable. Again, this boodle needs a little time in the electric refrigerator to “ age. ” I find that after a week, the dough takes on a fantastic sourdough timbre and the texture at least equals some of the best pies I ‘ve had. Anyway, on to the dough :

Dough Recipe

1. 6 cups flour

2. 3 cups warm water ( temp. about 115 degrees F ) Add some olive anoint or early vegetable oil to the water ( 2-3 Tablespoons ). Standard vegetable vegetable oil is finely. Use extra Virgin Olive Oil for a little more season. Optional : Replace a half-cup or then of the urine with milk. It makes for a more tender crust without sacrificing texture

3. 1 tbsp kosher salt ( coarse ocean salt is good excessively. If you ‘re using table salt, reduce by half ( not positive, but it sounds about right ).

4. 1 1/2 tbsp instant dry yeast ( I buy yeast in a big bag, so I do n’t know how many of those packets this translates to )

5. In a big bowl, mix urine, oil ( optional : milk ), yeast, and strategic arms limitation talks. Add flour and stir. You may find that mixing it with wet hands is easier than stirring. I do n’t recommend breaking out the sociable for this, as it does n’t have to be kneaded. You ‘ll be making a mess for only a few minutes ‘ influence.

This is a very wet boodle, so it will not form into a testis. It should not be liquid, though. It should be sticky, but able to stand in hunk without slumping into the sides of the stadium. If it ‘s besides dry ( forms a tight ball ), add a little water and massage it into the boodle with wet hands until it loosens up. It is not necessity to knead the boodle if you can leave it in the electric refrigerator overnite or for a few days.

6. Cover lightly ( not airtight : manipulation formative wrap ). Stick it in the electric refrigerator for 2 hours before using. For best results, make this a day ahead and let it sit in the electric refrigerator overnight. Or let it sit in the electric refrigerator for a few days. It will keep for more than a week, and the longer it sits, the more season and chewiness ( gluten ) it develops. The slower get up in the electric refrigerator prevents the gluten from breaking down as the military action of the yeast expands it. I have had very good success with this : it has a less “ downy ” texture than rising at board temp.