Wooden Pizza Peel | Make Your Own Wooden Pizza Peel

This week, I remembered our about finished outdoor oven is about useless without a certain few tools. Unlike a conventional oven, you don ’ metric ton precisely pop open the door, throw on an oven hand or two, and take out your food. The best and most excite region of baking in a cob oven is sliiiiding pizza and boodle in and out with a pizza undress, a hanker handle paddle for transferring food in and out without burning your fingertips off in a 800°+ cook environment. So I decided to take a pair hours to make a wooden pizza undress with a patch of oak I had sighted earlier for the aim. here ’ s how I made it .

– 1x 3-5 foot length of hardwood, 8-12″ wide

– Planer
– Jigsaw
– Circular or board examine
– Hand Plane or block plane
– Knife

Designing a Wooden Pizza Peel

In one of our ( many ) piles of log, I spotted a lovely patch of dry, stable oak, approximately 10″ wide — perfective dimensions for our oven. The doorway of the oven is lone 13″ wide, so I decided something a couple inches narrower would be easy to navigate in the doorway without getting hang up on anything. Plus, a 10″ peel is a good size for a personal pizza. ( If and when you decide to make your own peel off, it should be easy adequate to decide on dimensions to suite your oven. )
I decided on a 4.5′ length for the peel to be able to get pizza in and out without having to get my hands besides close to the doorway. Depending on the size of your own oven, whether it be brick or mud, you may want larger or smaller. Again, you be the estimate. Using a tape measure, I marked the center of the board and planned for a 1 1/2″ wide cover. I besides planned for a 13″ long paddle, and marked a occupation to designate such .

Cutting and Carving the Peel

future, I took the board over to a table go steady, and cut out the treat, stopping short of the line for the paddle so I wouldn ’ triiodothyronine cut besides far into it.

After that, I drew lines for the shape of the paddle, using the hat of a bucket to get the curves I wanted at the front end, and the swerve on either side into the wield. You could use anything round for the like determination, whether it be a dinner home plate or a frisbee. You could besides use a scope, besides, of course. A bucket hat happened to be finale at hand. With a jigsaw in hand, I cut those lines .
Since 1″ was excessively thick of a board for a decent lightweight undress, I took off the bulk with a portable plane, taking the slice down to about 1/2″. With that done, I could nowadays focus on taking off the hard edges of the handle, and making a proper wick at the end of the paddle so bread and pizza could well slide off .
For the handle, I used a small stuff flat and spokeshave to gently round the edges, giving the handle a much better tactile property. One could besides use a sharp knife for the lapp purpose, or even a drawknife ( if you are extra careful not to bite excessively profoundly. ) I took the edges off the paddle, angstrom well .
For the candle on the undress, I used a jack flat to take the end down to a gradual angle. You can see where the candle begins in the photograph at the top of this post. A nice, gradual taper should ensure that things slide off in truth well.

now happy with the round off edges, and the candle of the paddle, I drilled a hole on the cover end for hanging, and oiled the whole piece with food class flax seed petroleum. ( You could besides use walnut petroleum for the lapp purpose. ) now the grain in truth popped, and it looked like a proper joyride !
Making your own wooden pizza peel is a reasonably dim-witted march, and can be done in a short morning with the proper tools and material. It ’ s nice to be able to make the undress from one solid part of wood, alternatively of laminating different pieces together. I should note that quarter-sawn lumber would be best for a solid woodwind peel, or at least wood from close to the center of the corner .
now it ’ south on…