DIY Mugs: How to Make a Dishwasher Safe Mug

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It is time to test some DIY mugs in the ultimate mug confrontation. Which mugs are dishwasher dependable ? Which can you use in the microwave ? Are sublimation, vinyl, HTV, or waterslide decals better for your countenance crafts ? I am answering all of that and more in one epic post where I test multiple mugs in my dishwasher barely to find out for you which works and which doesn ’ thyroxine .
can you put diy mugs in the dishwasher

DIY Mugs Test

Want to see me test these DIY mugs and see the results ? You can actually merely suction stop play on the video recording below for all of the information.

Can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lookout the television or missed some of the information ? You can besides follow along below with my tests and results .

Types of Mugs

here are all of the mugs that I ended up running through my tests :
a variety of diy mugs on a table

Notes on Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

A few notes about this merchandise if you are thinking of using it on your crafts :

  • You will need to allow it to cure for 28 days after application.
  • This is not food safe so you need to keep it away from where food or your mouth will touch.
  • I find it to be a little bit streaky when applied so you will be able to see it on the surface. I couldn’t capture it in pictures but you should be able to see it if you watch the video above.

You can buy Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge here and give it a try for yourself .

Testing Procedure

first I handwash each mug 10 times by washing them in the sink as I normally would and drying them by hand. I repeated this work 10 times. I then started running them through the dishwasher. I did my normal motorbike which is no sanitize, no hot rinse, no dry bicycle. Additional inflame in the dishwashing cycle could alter the results that you see in your DIY chump .

DIY Mugs Testing Results

now it is time to see how our mugs held up under these testing conditions. I am going over each character of chump below and when it failed in the process ( if it did fail at all ! )

Waterslide Decals

I am adding these inaugural as they failed inaugural. I tested two versions. The one on the leave is equitable the decal applied according to the software directions. I will note that I did bake these and they sat for over 30 days before I ran my tests. The one on the right had dishwasher condom Mod Podge applied over the crown.

mugs with waterslide decals The waterslide decal by itself failed with just handwashing. This is after 5 times but it started to wear before that. The waterslide decal with the dishwasher safe Mod Podge failed after one cycle through the dishwasher. For me, waterslide decals are just not an choice for anything that you are going to wash regularly .
failed waterslide decals on mugs

HTV on Mugs

Let ’ s move on to HTV as it was the adjacent to fail. once again, I tested one with dishwasher safe Mod Podge over the top and one without. These were both made in a chump wardrobe and allowed to cure for 30 days before testing. Both are made from the Cricut stigmatize of Iron-on .
htv on mugs The second run through the dishwasher, both of these actually failed at the same time. The HTV started lifting on both of the mugs. For me, HTV is not a good choice for any type of chump project or anything else that needs to be washed. Handwashing did seem to work all right, however, so you could give that a try .
failed htv on mugs

Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Let ’ s move on to adhesive vinyl. I used the Cricut brand of permanent vinyl on my tests. The one on the entrust doesn ’ thymine have anything over the top. The one on the veracious has dishwasher safe Mod Podge. I did allow them both to cure for 30 days before washing. This is important as when you apply adhesive vinyl you need to allow it to cure at least 72 hours before practice .
mugs made with permanent vinyl After 10 dishwasher cycles, the mug with the Mod Podge over the circus tent failed. The one with no Mod Podge was still going strong after 20 cycles which is when I stopped the examination. I have friends that have ran items with permanent vinyl through the dishwasher 100 times with no failure so I was fairly confident that this one would make it a long time. This does go to show you that a sealer is NOT needed over the top, however. I would besides not that I do not recommend putting these mugs in the microwave .
does dishwasher safe mod podge work on mugs

Infusible Ink

now let ’ s take a front at Infusible Ink. I tested a chump with the markers and one made with the Infusible Ink transportation sheets. Both looked the like after 20 washes as they did when I first base started the experiment. The best depart about these mugs is how the design becomes a separate of the surface and it is not going anywhere ! I will besides say that these are microwave safe and it is okay to have the design touching where your mouth would be. That makes this a superior method for making mugs .
infusible ink mugs after dishwasher cycles


sublimation is another excellent option when looking to make DIY mugs. I ran several of these through the dishwasher the 20 cycles and they looked the exact same as when I started. Again, sublimation makes a permanent wave mug and the design will not fade or wash away. I did test several brands of sublimation mugs and methods for application. Below you can see a variety of brands all with a sublimation design. You can see my picks for sublimation blanks here .
sublimation mugs after dishwasher I besides tested Cricut mugs with a kind of applications and again had the lapp results. Sublimation is decidedly a bang-up way to make mugs that will truly survive. These can besides be added to the dishwasher and it is all right to put the design where your lips will touch. I will add that these mugs are not indestructible. You can still chip and break them so you will want to treat them as such .
diy mugs after dishwasher cycles

What is best for making DIY mugs?

therefore, what is the best material for making your own mugs ? How do you make them dishwasher dependable ? I would say that my darling method is either sublimation or Infusible ink. Both of those produce big results that last and you don ’ t have to worry about putting them in the microwave .
Can ’ t do either of those or not a fan ? then I would recommend permanent vinyl ( either Cricut brand or Oracal 651 ) and waiting at least 72 hours after application before use. I don ’ thymine recommend a sealant over the clear. Just the vinyl on the mug and waiting a farseeing as possible.

angie holden holding mugs Both of those methods should result in mugs that in truth last and make great gifts. If you are looking to make your own mugs, I would give those methods a try on for the best results. After all, you want your gorgeous creations to last for a in truth long time !
testing diy mugs to see if they are dishwasher safe Get started making your own DIY mugs nowadays. I know you will love the results and giving these as gifts. There are sol many ways to make a countenance and give as gifts to those that you love !