How To Make A Microwave Potato Bag The Easy Way

There are so many ways to cook a potato, but I may have just found my new favored. For our newest sewing project on Happiest Camper, we are going to show you How To Make A Microwave Potato Bag The Easy Way ! This superintendent elementary sewing undertaking is perfective for cooking potatoes and other veggies in the microwave. I use mine to cook sweet potatoes in the microwave. Just put the potatoes in the bag and microwave them in roughly four-minute increments for about ten-spot minutes. You should have perfectly cooked sweet potatoes in minutes compared to the 45+ in the oven. This has been my crack to method of cooking corn and early veggies besides. The kids love it and I love how flying and comfortable it is. This is a capital undertaking to sit down and crank a few of these out. not lone will you have an excess on hand when you need to wash one, but you could besides give one away to another ma friend as a endow. This short bag very is a great and commodious way to cook potatoes. I wish I had made it preferably ! I picked out this super cute potato print fabric for my bulge, but you could use plain fabric or whatever print you like .
Microwave potato bag top photo
You ’ ll need some microwaveable batting for this project arsenic well. I used regular wrap normality ’ zap framework and it works bang-up. Gather up the rest of your sewing supplies from the list below and lets get started on this microwave potato bag !
How To Make A Microwave Potato Bag The Easy Way

What You’ll Need:

Potato Bag Supplies

How To Make A Microwave Potato Bag The Easy Way

I like to start all my sew projects by washing, drying, and ironing my fabric. This helps me get clean cuts and will keep your framework gentle. adjacent on this how to make a microwave potato bag the easy way tutorial, you need to print and cut out your radiation pattern. This will help you cut out the clear of your bag in a dainty triangle so you can fold it over your pocket when you are done.

then, cut your pieces 8 inches wide and 21 inches long from the top of the point. The base of the triangle will be at 18 inches. Cut two pieces this size .

Using one of the pieces of main framework, cut one piece of wrap n ’ zap the same size .

now on this how to make a microwave potato bag the easy way, we will start layering all our pieces. Place down the wrap newton zap .

then, home one piece of main fabric correct side up .

Lasty, place another piece right field english down on top of that. Pin or clip all the room around .

now it ’ sulfur clock to sew ! Stitch all the way around starting at the bottomland, making certain to leave a hole for turning correctly side out. We are about center through this how to make a microwave potato bag sewing tutorial !

future somersault your fabric right field side out then that the wind normality zap fabric is in the middle .

Press well and make certain to press where the seams are inside at the bottom. Stitch across the buttocks. This will give our pocket a finished look in the adjacent step .

now fold the bottom up to the top about three-quarters of the way up to make a air pocket. I like to fold down the top and make certain it flaps over nicely so that I know I have the placement justly for the pocket .

once you have this, weight-lift and then time in place. Head back to the sewing machine and sew around the leave, bottom, and then right sides. Leave the top open for the area to place the potato .

I like to topstitch around the triangle top for a nice complete to my cup of tea.

And that ’ s it ! now you know how to make a microwave potato pocket ! This is a ace simple sewing project that you will get a lot of use out of ! I love being able to cook potatoes much faster in the microwave and this bag helps them come out tasting great. You can use it for early veggies excessively and it works fair vitamin a well. My kids will eat the potatoes I microwave better than any other direction I cook them, thus this base will be getting a lot of use ! Make a few of these and give them to your potato loving friends .
Easy Sew Microwave Potato Bag
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