How to Cut a Cabinet for Over the Range Microwave (Our Budget Kitchen Update)

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Have you ever wanted to put an over-the-range microwave over your range (of all places!), but thought you didn’t have enough space?
We thought that besides !
But, like us, you might be mistaken – we were able to install one of these space-saving dynamo in our kitchen without excessively much fuss or expense .
There ’ s a challenge : what do you do about your current over the stave cabinet ?

Here’s how we cut a cabinet for an over the range microwave to make it fit well in our budget kitchen update…

The top of a microwave is a stupid thing. I mean, it looks like a perfectly good station to put stuff – bland, smooth and always in an accessible location in the kitchen .
But, as Robin reminds me, “ Don ’ t put stuff there ! It looks like crap ! ” And our microwave was visible from every room on our chief floor. With it ’ s thus seductive spot on top beg for thrust to be put there .
IMG 1400BEFORE: Fortune cookies or Scouts popcorn anyone?
Everyone knew where to find those in our house. Piling stuff on our old microwave was more of a symptom than the actual trouble .
The real functional issue was that it sat on a cryptic microwave shelf that overhung the antagonistic below by an excessive measure. This made the buffet unserviceable below it. In our small galley kitchen losing this anticipate workspace was a identical big cover .
Plus, we had plans to make this spot pretty :
paintedoakkitchenafterdishwasherviewtitledYou can read how we made these open shelves here.

How to Cut Cabinet for Over the Range Microwave

Step 1:  Choose an over the range microwave.  

These babies are never cunning, but they have double functions, and in a humble kitchen that ’ s a bad priority .
surely an amazing hood sports fan would be aphrodisiac, but that would mean we ’ five hundred lose space for a microwave plus the storehouse of the space above. In our transfigure hallway of a kitchen, that ’ s not going to work .
I’m of the mind that microwaves, no matter the quality, don’t have a long lifespan.  ( Consumer Reports ( sort-of ) agrees, They estimate 9 years – and I don ’ thymine know what fantasy island they bought their testers from, because we ’ ve never had one last one-half as long. ) It didn ’ t make sense to spend a bunch on one, we are doomed to replacing it soon adequate regardless.

Robin wanted to buy one from the lapp ship’s company as our stave – just for a more cohesive expect. ( She may be economical, but she ’ s no heathen. )
We waited for a sale and bought this GE over-the-range microwave for less than $ 200. We ’ ve been actually felicitous with it then far .

Step 2: Make the cabinet over the stove shorter.  

over the range microwave shelf It sounds sturdy and a bite crazy, but it worked fine. Removing was straightforward once we got all the screws out that were holding it up and into its neighbours. A snatch frustrating – some of those screws were buried deep below the hinges – in the end it was wholly accomplishable .
We pulled out the cabinet box and cut it down. This was fairly straightforward on a table see – barely take the cabinet box apart ( normally easy unless you already have custom, handmade cabinets ) set the gate for the come needed to trim off and run the 2 sides of the cabinet through that necessitate to be shortened and reassemble .
Don ’ thymine have a table see ? You could do the same with a round see, a straight-edge and a steady hand .
Ta district attorney – you barely made a Custom Cabinet. Time to brag !

Step 3: Electrical

IMG 1411Doing electrical work with a hammer?  This guy is clearly not qualified to give instructions on this!  

No really.  He isn’t.  

This step will mean you need to hire an electrician or find a handyperson.  Ed can do electrical work for us, but teaching it here is beyond his scope.

Step 4: Reinstall the over the range microwave shelf.

For the cabinet – just screw it up there how you found it. For the microwave – your manufacturer ’ randomness instructions will be your best bet .
For us, the very challenge was connecting the old duct to the newfangled vent connection on the range hood/microwave. It was in basically the correct spot but was a snatch farseeing. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate cut excessively much off or hazard missing the connection altogether. measure carefully !
We made it a bit long, then “ coaxed ” it into place when we tilted the microwave up on its bracket. Drop the connection bolts in and tape up the duct. not a one person job, for sure – so invite a friend over if you need to .

Step 5: Cabinet Doors.  (Maybe you’ll get lucky too?)

Because we ’ ve got horseshoes up our butts Due to good design – we could reuse the cupboard doors from above our old microwave by turning them sideways ! They fit perfectly for the width. ( We had originally planned to convince Robin ’ s dad to make modern ones. )
The altitude, however, was not such a arrant equip :
over the range microwave cabinet ideasWe came up with a little hack to make the height work: we added a piece of MDF to fill the gap at the bottom.  It worked great, and once we painted it, no one’s noticed.  IMG 1566As a side benefit, we like the lip it creates so that when we reach up for the cooking oil three other things no longer fall on our heads or land in the soup.  After paint and tiles that space now looks like this :
Would this work in your kitchen?  Could your kitchen be improved with an over-the-range microwave?

You can find all the posts for our DIY budget kitchen update right here.

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