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The Best Sweetened Iced Tea - A Pinch of Joy
Iced tea. equitable right sweet. Smooooooth and full-bodied taste with absolutely no bitterness. Best served with the tinkle of ice cubes. Wheels has become the resident iced tea godhead and all around expert. And this recipe is for THE best sweetened ice tea. Ever. And it is then easy to make !
Wheels starts with a good stigmatize of tea. Luzianne or Lipton are available about everywhere. Stock up when they are on sale. His preference is the big one gallon tea bag from Lipton .
Number of tea bags to use for a gallon of tea

Start with four cups of water system in a microwave safe container and microwave for 90 seconds. Add the tea bags, pushing them into the hot water with a spoon therefore that they are covered. steep — let them set in the urine — for a few minutes to let the water draw out the season. Smaller tea bags will need about 5 minutes entire. Be sure to use a container big enough that there is space between the bags. The one gallon size of tea bag steeps for 15 minutes according to the directions. Steep besides long and the tea will be acrimonious. Stir once in a while or dunk the bags up and down to encourage the urine to flow through the bags. Remove tea bag, pressing lightly against the side of the container to drain urine before disposing of them. Warning — Press besides hard and the tea bags will burst. What a mess that can create ! Those tea leaves are bantam — can ’ triiodothyronine strain them out of the tea and they make a stick to the counter top grit that doesn ’ thymine want to let go ! not that there is any personal feel with it at our family ! hour angle !
Add boodle and the secret ingredient to the still quick urine and touch until they dissolve. Sugar should dissolve easily. If it does not, another 30 seconds in the microwave will help .
The secret ingredient ? Baking sodium carbonate. barely 1/4 teaspoon for one gallon of tea. Perfect. You don ’ t taste it all, but you surely miss it when it ’ s not there. This is what gives this recipe its signature smoothness. Baking pop removes any bitterness from the tea and prevents cloudiness. It is essential — makes all the remainder in the populace ! ! Wheel ’ s early secret ? When you pour the steep and sweeten tea into the gallon container, add cold water until the pitcher is between one-half and two thirds wax. Top off the container with ice. It maintains the fully bodied season and again, helps prevent cloudiness. Refrigerate until ready to serve .
He likes his tea straight — no fondness frills but you can add a lemon slice or wedge heel, 3-4 mint leaves or other embellishment. If you want to use a boodle substitute, try 1/2 cup of Splenda or 1/4 cup agave nectar. Or you can play with the sum of sugar to suit your preference. The come Wheels uses was reduced from the original directions he found. so of path, if you like it sweeter, add more sugar !
Best enjoyed with the tinkle of ice rink in the glass and a good acquaintance or a twelve. Perfect on a hot summer day after mowing the lawn — Wheel ’ s estimate — or in a fishy hammock with a good ledger — my theme. No trees, no nuance, no hammock, but one can dream ! !
THE Best Sweetened Iced Tea Print Prep fourth dimension 20 mins entire meter 20 mins Smooth with absolutely no bitterness or cloudiness. THE best sweeten tea you ‘ll always taste. generator :

A Pinch of Joy by Charlene Vance

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Serves :

16 servings


  • Tea bags to make one gallon of tea
  • (16 one cup bags, OR 4 1 quart size bags, OR 1 one gallon size bag)
  • 1¼ cups granulated sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon baking soda
  • 4 cups of water, heated to boiling
  • Additional water and ice to make one gallon


  1. Heat 4 cups of water to boiling on stovetop OR 90 seconds in microwave
  2. Add tea bags and let steep according to package directions, stirring or dunking occasionally. Remove and dispose of them.
  3. Add sugar and baking soda, stir to dissolve. Sugar should dissolve easily, if not, apply additional heat.
  4. Pour into one gallon pitcher. Add more cold water to fill pitcher ½ to ⅔ full, then add ice to finish filling.
  5. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

nutriment information Serving size :

8 oz

Calories :


Carbohydrates :

8 g

Protein :


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