French Bread Pizza

french Bread Pizza is an comfortable and delicious dinner option that the family loves, but it besides doubles as a promptly bite for a football party, or get together ! It comes in concert in about 2 minutes and bakes up in 10. The playfulness depart ? It ’ south wholly customizable !
side by side French bread pizzas with different toppings of basil and pepperoni

The best type of bread to use is a store bought loaf of French bread from the bakery at your local grocer.

If you purchase french Bread in an open paper pocket, I recommend using it correctly away- it can get cold reasonably fast. You can actually use any bread you like for this pizza- focaccia bread would besides be capital.

adding pizza sauce and mozzarella to a French loaf
beginning by preheating the oven, then slicing the french boodle in one-half. adjacent, attention deficit disorder marinara sauce ( our favorite post is Rao ’ south and it can be found at most Costco locations ). next step is to add cheese. I used chopped wholly mozzarella but fresh mozzarella would be great as well. Add a little parmesan if you like, french Bread Pizza is truly more of a method than a recipe !
pepperoni French bread pizza about to go in oven
I made 2 types of pizza using each half of the bread- one with pepperoni, one with precisely cheese and clean basil. If you use fresh basil, remember to top it entirely at the end and not to bake it otherwise it will wilt .

Other French Bread Pizza Topping Ideas:

  • Cowboy Pizza: Cheese, sausage, pepperoni and olives.
  • Hawaiian: Controversial, I know…but a favorite in our house. Mozzarella, canadian bacon and canned pineapple.
  • Veggie: Cheese, sliced bell peppers, sliced onions, mushrooms & olives.
  • French Onion: Drizzle olive oil in place of red sauce. Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, and more gruyere on top.
  • Caprese: Drizzle olive oil and balsamic in place of red sauce. Add sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh whole mozzarella. Top with fresh basil.

baked French bread pizza
Bake the french bread pizza to your liking- I enjoy a little bite of crust on the edges sol I bake mine closer to 15 minutes but I you prefer it softer, bake it closer to 10 minutes. Keep an eye on it as it makes so it is cooked to your like .
sliced French bread pizza
slice it up, serve it on a courteous pretty wooden cutting board, and there you go !
We like this served with pizza- you could try a nice italian Chopped Salad or a Spinach Chickpea salad. If you distillery have a hanker for pizza, you could try this Cast Iron Pizza made with our Homemade Pizza Dough !
Hope you enjoy this delicious pizza a much as we did ! – Kathi and Rachel
baked French bread pizza French Bread Pizza




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A delectable and easily nosh or dinner that comes together in about 15 minutes.


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Kathi & Rachel


  • 1
    loaf of bread
    French bread
    ( about 16 inches long, 4-5 inches wide )
  • 1
    marinara sauce
    ( about 1/2 cup for each english )
  • 1.5
    shredded mozzarella
    ( about 3/4 cup for each side )

  • toppings of choice : Basil, pepperoni, etc .


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit .
  2. Cut loiter in half horizontally, creating two hanker half loaf of bread .
  3. Spread 1/2 cup marinara on each half, and top with 3/4 cup cheese on each half. Add toppings as desired .
  4. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until pizza is cooked as desired .
  5. Slice, service and love !

nutrition Facts
French Bread Pizza

Amount Per Serving

Calories 286

Calories from Fat 72

% Daily Value*

Fat 8g


Saturated Fat 4g


Polyunsaturated Fat 1g

Monounsaturated Fat 2g

Cholesterol 22mg


Sodium 732mg


Potassium 242mg


Carbohydrates 40g


Fiber 2g


Sugar 4g


Protein 15g


Vitamin A 366IU


Vitamin C 3mg


Calcium 176mg


Iron 3mg


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet .