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Are you dealing with a Whirlpool microwave model YWMH31017AS that won ’ thyroxine turn on ? If you are, a defective doorway trade is a likely perpetrator. When you close the microwave door, the door switch is activated, meaning it relays a signal which starts up a variety show of components in your appliance. On the other hand, opening the microwave door causes the appliance to turn off. A bad switch does not send out a signal, which means your microwave won ’ triiodothyronine turn on. To fix the malfunction, you ’ ll need to install a new doorway switch .

How to Install a New Door Switch in Your Whirlpool Microwave

As with any repair, unplug your appliance before you get started. Wearing work gloves and safety goggles will keep your hands and eyes protected while you’re fixing your microwave.

  1. Begin your repair by removing the grillroom from above your microwave door. To take the grill off your appliance, you ’ ll want to loosen the screws holding it in space .
  2. Pull open the microwave door, and unthread the screws on the crown of the restraint control panel. Slide the control condition panel up and lift it off the frame of the microwave. Before disconnecting the wires running to the control dialog box, take a video that you can refer to during reassembly. once your picture is taken, disconnect all wires from the gore, including the grounding wire, which is secured with a screw and washer.

  3. Take out the screws holding the control condition dialog box housing, which was revealed once the control jury was detached from the microwave. Unclip the wires from the english of the house and pull the house out of the microwave .
  4. You now have access to the door switch caparison. Remove the screw holding the house to the microwave frame and push in the cam plate with a bland question screwdriver. Lift the door switch over house up and out of your microwave. With a pair of needle nose pliers, remove the tension give attached to the cam plate. once again, to make reassembly easier, take a photograph of the door switch electrify connections. Disconnect the wires from the switch and pull the trade out of its housing .
  5. Start installing the fresh door throw by connecting the wires to their proper terminals. If you ’ re not certain which wire goes where look at the photograph you took. then, Place the door substitution into the switch house and reattach the tension give to the cam home plate. Align the housing with the front control panel and secure it with a cheat .
  6. Clip the wires to the control dialog box caparison and reattach the house to the microwave. Grab the control gore and reconnect all the wires. Push the control dialog box onto the microwave and secure it with mounting screws. Replace the grill and secure it with the fuck you took out earlier .
  7. nowadays that you ’ re finished installing the new door switch, circuit board your microwave and test out your handy work .

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