Kenmore Elite 87583 2.2 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven – Stainless Steel : Installation Guide

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    Your Safety First BEFORE YOU START • Proper facility is the installer ‘s responsibility ! Proper installation by a qualify technician or installer is recommended. – Read the entire manual before you begin. The model number label is located on the oven front. See figure 1. The mounting plate is located on the upper berth packing material. See figure 2. note : Vent grille appearance varies by model .

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    Your Safety First SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LOCAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR ‘S USE. • DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF TO EXCESSIVE MICROWAVE ENERGY ! – DO NOT try to operate the microwave oven with the door open. – DO NOT tamper with or defeat the condom interlocks. – DO NOT place objects between the microwave oven front face and the door. – DO NOT allow territory or cleaner remainder to build up on the flat surfaces around the microwave oven door. – DO NOT operate the microwave oven if it is damaged .

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    Parts, Tools, Materials THE FOLLOWING PARTS ARE SUPPLIED WITH THE OVEN : note : Depending on your ventilation requirements, you may not use all of these parts. Damper/duct connection ( for roof vent or wall venting facility ) not actual Size ( 2 pieces must be assembled as shown ) not used if venting into kitchen .

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    Parts, Tools, Materials You will need the follow tools and materials for the initiation : Carton or other heavy material such as a blanket for covering the rejoinder acme.

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    step 1 : Prepare the electric Connection wW A R N I N G AVOID ELECTRIC SHOCK ! THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE GROUNDED ! 1. Locate the prime electric exit for this oven in the cabinet above the oven, as shown in Figure 5. note : The release should be on a circuit dedicated to the microwave oven ( 120V, 60 Hz., AC merely ) with a 15 or 20A fuse electrical add. Upper Cabinet IMPORTANT : If you do not have the proper wall release, you MUST have one installed by a qualified electrician. 2 .

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    step 2 : Prepare the Venting System NOTE : The ductwork you need for external breathing is not included with your oven. The standard ductwork fittings and length are shown in Figure 10, page 8. wW A R N I N G THIS OVEN MUST BE PROPERLY VENTED ! You may vent your oven in one of three ways. however, do NOT vent into a wall cavity, an attic, or an fresh sphere. Roof-venting If your oven is located on an outside wall near the roof, as in Figure 7 ( 3 1/4 ” adam 10 ” duct ) and Figure 9 ( 6 ” round duct .

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    footfall 2 : Prepare the Venting System Standard Fittings NOTE : If the existing duct is round, you must use a rectangular-to-round arranger, with a rectangular 3 ” extension duct installed between the damp assembly and the arranger to prevent the exhaust damper ’ s sticking. Duct Length The sum length of the duct system, including directly duct, elbows, transitions, and wall or ceiling caps must not exceed 140 feet .

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    step 3 : Prepare the Venting Blower Your microwave oven is shipped with the electric fan assembled for roof-venting. You need to adjust the blower if you want wall-venting or room-venting initiation. wW A R N I N G ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD ! UNPLUG UNIT BEFORE WORKING ON IT. • DO NOT PULL OR STRETCH THE BLOWER WIRING ! Pulling and stretching the blower wire could result in electric shock. 1. Remove any shipping materials and parts from inside the microwave oven. Set them aside for late habit.

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    pace 3 : Prepare the Venting Blower Blower Plate Mounting Screw WALL-VENTING INSTALLATION : 1. Remove one or two blower whole mounting cheat ( south ) and one or several blower plate mount prison guard ( randomness ). Remove the blower plate from the cabinet. See human body 13. Blower Plate Back Plate Blower Unit 2. cautiously lift the cetacean unit out of the microwave oven. See calculate 14. Blower Unit Mounting Screw Parts B 3. Use slope cutters or tin snips to cut and remove knockouts B from Back denture. Discard knockouts .

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    pace 3 : Prepare the Venting Blower ROOM-VENTING ( Recirculating ) Blower Plate Mounting Screw INSTALLATION : 1. Remove one or two blower unit mounting prison guard ( sulfur ) and one or several blower plate ride sleep together ( sulfur ). Remove the blower plate. See figure 21. Blower Plate Back Plate Blower Unit 2. carefully lift the blower unit out of the microwave oven. See name 14. Blower Unit Mounting Screw Parts B Figure 21 3. Reassemble the electric fan cable. See figure 22. 4 .

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    step 4 : Prepare the Wall & Upper Cabinet wW A R N I N G To avoid personal injury or place price, do not attempt to install this microwave oven if you can not find a wall stud. Consult a carpenter or contractile organ. measure and Tack/Tape Up the Templates 1. Using a plumb bob cable and ( metallic element ) measure magnetic tape, find and mark the vertical center lineage on the spinal column wall, as in Figure 26. 2. Find and mark one or two points where the studs are on the wall. ( Studs are normally 16 inches apart ) .

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    step 4 : Prepare the Wall & Upper Cabinet wW A R N I N G To avoid gamble of personal injury, electric shock or death : note where electric outlets and electrical wires are before you drill into the wall. Locate and unplug power to any electrical circuits that could be affected by installing this oven. wW A R N I N G To avoid risk of personal injury, electric shock or death, cover the edge of the exponent provision cord hole with the baron provision cord bushing. Drill Holes in the Wall and Upper Cabinet 1.

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    step 5 : Install the Mounting Plate Connect the Oven to at Least One Wall Stud. 3/16 Hole on Studs 5/8 Hole on Drywall Only Minimum 66 From the Floor For Wall Venting alone 1. Center the rear rampart template in the space by lining up the plumb line on wall with centerline on template.Then securely tape or tack the rear wall template in place.Make sure the minimum width is 30 inches and that the peak of the rear wall template is located a minimum of 30 inches above the cook surface. See human body 26 .

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    tone 6 : Attach the Oven to the Wall wW A R N I N G To avoid risk of personal injury or property price, you will need two people to install this microwave oven. notice : ● Do not apply force out directly to the outdoor bottom surface of the product. The slide-out vent latch may be damaged if force is applied directly to the center bottom of the product. ● Set the product down on a flat coat entirely. During unpack, gently set the intersection onto a flat coat such as a kitchen table or counterpunch .

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