How to Heat Corn Tortillas Perfectly

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One of the most versatile flatbread types is the corn tortilla. It ’ s not barely healthy, but it can be used to make then many of my favored dishes. I use them for burrito and enchilada, of course, but you can besides use them for pizza, homemade corn chips, taquitos, chimichangas and more .
How you heat the corn tortillas will determine what it is used for, in truth. so, it is crucial to know how to heat up corn tortillas. You might barely think that warming them in the microwave is the best and fastest direction, but that ’ s not always the case. What do you do if you want your tortillas crisp and crunchy ? The microwave wouldn ’ metric ton work for that .
thus, I want to share with you a few methods for how to heat corn tortillas and use them in unlike ways based on how they were heated.

How to Heat Corn Tortillas So They Don’t Break

sometimes, you want a tortilla plate that isn ’ thymine crisp but quite easy and fictile. This is great when your make wraps, burritos or any other food that requires the shell to be soft and it be wrapped around the food and closed tightly. A crisp, crunchy tortilla husk won ’ metric ton fold closed without break in, so how do you heat tortillas in a room that ensure they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pause ?
Hot tortillas taste the best, but a set of heating methods make them hard and crisp. so, if you are going for a softer husk, I would suggest the microwave method. This keeps the tortilla hydrated and elastic, arrant for wrapping your food for a burrito .
How to heat corn tortillas in microwave ? You barely heat them on a microwave-safe home plate for a few seconds. One carapace should take about 20 seconds. If you are heating a stack of them, just warm them for 45-60 seconds .
This is the same method acting you would use for how to heat corn tortillas for soft tacos. Most other methods plainly make the tortilla shells hard, and they will snap apart if you try to bend or wrap them. You can use this same method acting at first for wrapping up your food for chimichangas, enchilada and early baked or fried burritos and wraps .
Heating the tortilla in the microwave is a great way to take a potent, hard tortilla and make it more elastic and easier to work with. If you are concerned about your tortilla shell crack up because it was left out in the atmosphere besides long, good warm it up in the microwave to make it softer .

How to Heat up Corn Tortillas for Tacos

What if you want to make crusted, heavily tortilla shells ? What would be the best way to heat them up and make them deliciously crispy ? My favorite way is to use the oven. It ’ mho quick and simple and give you tortillas that are perfect for taco, pizza, corn whiskey chips and more .
If you heat the tortilla up in the oven when they are lying flat, then trying to bend them into a taco carapace form will cause them to break. therefore, how to heat corn tortillas for street tacos of any kind of greaser ? First, bend it into the form you want it and then heat it up. That way, when it comes out of the oven, it will already be in the justly condition and you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have to bend it .
Heat the tortilla at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes in the oven to make them warmly and crisp .

How to Heat Corn Tortillas in the Oven for Soft Shells

You can heat your tortillas in the oven and keep them soft. They don ’ t have to end up crisp if you know a whoremaster to heating them. Just wrap them in aluminum foil and heat them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. They will get ardent and soft, making them easier to bend and wrap with than before. Be surely the aluminum covers them wholly so that they don ’ thymine dry out. That foil helps to keep them damp and trap in the water inside the shells .
This is besides a capital method acting for how to heat corn tortillas for a push. You can warm tons of tortilla shells at once in the oven. Just wrap them all in foil and place them on a broil tray. They can be stacked as well, and you can merely wrap an integral smokestack in foil rather than wrapping them individually. Ensure the foil is closed on all sides for balmy, bendable tortilla shells..







How to Heat up Crispy Tortillas on the Stove


  • If you want a fast and slowly way to make crisp tortillas shells, then I suggest using a frying pan. now, you can warm up excessively many at once this manner, but it works for one shell at a prison term. If you want a personal tortilla shells that crisp and crunchy, then this is the way to go. It ’ south much faster and more commodious than using the oven .
  • barely function low heat and add a short butter to the pan before warming the shell. It will be warm and crisp in a couple of minutes. It takes about a minutes to cook each slope, but your cook times may vary based on the thickness of the tortilla shell. This can besides be a quick way to make homemade corn chips, though it isn ’ metric ton arsenic effective as heating the shell in the oven to make chips .
  • When you are cooking the tortilla shell in the frying pan, I don’t suggest trying to flip it with a spatula like you would a pancake. The tortillas shells tend to be much larger. If you are dealing with an 8-inch tortilla shell or larger, use tongs to safely turn it over.

now you know a few ways to heat corn whiskey tortillas and possibly have a few ideas you can use following time you have a few excessively many tortilla shells sitting in your electric refrigerator .

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