Where to Find Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This stake contains affiliate links and we may earn a commission if a buy is made. Of the numerous reasons to visit Cosmopolitan, the oddity that tends to create the most buzz are the recourse ’ s hidden food and toast options. The Pizzeria at Cosmopolitan, wide referred to as “ clandestine pizza ” is a trendy spot normally sought out by visitors. Adding to the pizza articulation ’ s allure is the miss of sign that would indicate its universe to passerby .
Secret Pizza ’ south allure extends beyond being hidden though. The pizza represents a low-cost, budget-stretching meal option, or an ideal late-night nosh. Simply put, the food is brassy, quick, and good .
As one of our top rated slices of pizza in Las Vegas, # 4 to be claim, it ’ s decidedly worth the hunt.

How To Find Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan

  • Enter Cosmo from the Strip and work your way to the rear of the property.
  • Take the elevators up 2 floors to level 3 back near the Chandelier Bar.
  • When you get to level 3, you’ll see a hallway lined with records in between Blue Ribbon and Jaleo.
  • If you take that unmarked hallway straight back you’ll find yourself in the grab-and-go pizza spot everyone on social media has been raving about.

note that Secret Pizza doesn ’ t assailable until 11 am. Before that, the record-lined hallway is blocked off by a skid doorway .
Hallway that leads to Secret Pizza circledFollow the green arrow down the record-lined hallway.
Compared to Cosmopolitan ’ s numerous upscale dine options, Secret Pizza is about as casual and utilitarian as it gets. No fancy bells and whistles here .
inside, you ’ ll find a minimalist, cafeteria-style pizzeria with merely about 10 seats and 2 pinball machines .
If you need a spot to sit, just grab your cut and heading out to the lobby for a seat, or work your way back toward the convention halls as there are enough of rarely used benches and chairs .
Secret Pizza occupies a little distance, so they normally only display 3-4 pizza, although they have more than that hot and ready to go under the counter .
Don ’ t be shy – Ask what they have ready for purchase. My social anxiety got the best of me and I “ panic ordered ” the cheese and mushroom displayed below, not knowing more invoke options were ready to rock .
4 pizzas sitting on a counter at Secret PizzaDon’t stress – There are more options under the counter ready to go. Just ask!
When it comes to quality, I was impressed… even though I lost my cool and didn ’ metric ton order my prefer slice. My pizza featured a crisp crust, minimal fall through, and a high-quality fortunate embrown layer of tall mallow. Unlike most other pizza by the slice options in Vegas, Secret Pizza ’ s wasn ’ thymine all that greasy .
Slice of mushroom and cheese pizza from Secret Pizza at CosmopolitanMy slice at Secret Pizza
After your slice, hit up one of Cosmopolitan ’ s 2 speakeasy experiences. Ghost Donkey is a humble, singular cocktail sofa hidden in the Block 16 Urban Food Hall. The Barbershop can be found hidden behind, you guessed it, an actual barbershop equitable off the casino floor .
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