12 Domino’s hacks for free and cheap food

    Feeling lazy today? We’ve got you covered. Domino’s has been our saving grace ever since we first entered the lecture hall, and here’s how to get your favourite pizzas for less. sometimes it ‘s indeed hard to separate with £25 for that much-needed pizza. Yes, you could make it at home or grab a pizza from the deep-freeze, but we know it ‘s good not the same. Plus, you do n’t get the garlic and herb dip at home – which, to be honest, is the lone reason we ordering. so whether you ‘re a once a week order-er, a once a month-er or a Two-for-Tuesday-tyrant, we ‘ve collected all of our favored hacks to help you get your Domino ‘s order cheap.

    All information is correct at the clock time of writing based on prices in Victoria, London. Prices vary by shop. here are the best ways to save money on your Domino ‘s order :

  1. Order one large instead of two small pizzas

    cheese pizzas in boxes Why would you pay more for less ? You would n’t, so do n’t do it at Domino ‘s .
    We ‘ve done some intense research into the Domino ‘s menu and discovered that a boastfully pizza is not entirely bigger than two smalls, but it ‘s significantly cheaper besides. Do n’t believe us ? Allow us to explain the maths .
    One little Cheese & Tomato pizza ( 9.5 inches wide, or 70.9 square inches ) cost £12.99, while a large pizza ( 13.5 inches wide-eyed, or 143.1 square inches ) with the same toppings monetary value £16.99 .
    That means a belittled pizza works out at 18p per square edge, while a bombastic is just 12p per square inch, for a little over double the amount of pizza !
    While the claim numbers wo n’t always be the same, the principle is pretty consistent across the menu : one large pizza is cheaper than two small pizzas. therefore stop wasting money and start saving it alternatively, all the while enjoying some delectable pizza .

  2. Get more Garlic and Herb dip

    For precisely an supernumerary £1.19, you can make your life boundlessly better by investing in a 100g Garlic and Herb dip, because sometimes the 25g one that comes exempt with the pizza just is n’t adequate .
    Or, if that ‘s besides much for you, spend 49p to get another small dip .
    barely remember that you will get one complimentary with every pizza, so you could just exercise some self-control and ration out the freebie as best you can .

  3. Create a giant garlic bread pizza

    cheese garlic bread Who does n’t love garlic boodle ? cipher. And who does n’t love pizza ? Again, cipher. So it ‘s credibly not a extend to say that this is the greatest domino ‘s hack of them all .
    By adding ‘Garlic Spread ‘ as a topping for your infrastructure ( for free on most pizza ), you can create your very own garlic bread pizza !
    We suggest ordering a big Cheese & Tomato pizza and then adding the garlic butter for the most delectable taste feel. While it costs £1.50 to add Garlic Spread to this pizza ( totalling £18.49 ), it ‘s still cheaper than ordering another pizza and trade toppings for free ( starting at £18.99 )

  4. Change your toppings to create a new pizza

    As any season Domino ‘s winnow knows, you can change two toppings for dislodge. Yes, that ‘s correct, release pizza customisation. sometimes you ‘ll be able to change toppings to create a a lot cheaper pizza than ordering it from the main menu .
    For exemplar, you can save £1 on the Pepperoni Passion ( normally £19.99 ) by ordering a ranch BBQ and taking off all toppings except for the pepperoni, changing the sauce from BBQ to tomato and adding some extra tall mallow ( £18.99 ) .
    But you can besides get creative and invent your own pizza. If you ‘re looking for a tasty recommendation, we regularly swap out the sweetcorn on the Chicken Feast for bacon rashers or onions ! much better .

  5. Save money on potato wedges

    potato wedges Why spend £5 on a side of potato wedges when you can buy the lapp ones cheaper from the supermarket ?

    We ‘ve heard reports of Domino ‘s staff visiting the local anesthetic supermarket when they ‘ve run out of wedges, thus do n’t pay more than you have to. Interestingly enough, Nando ‘s besides uses McCain chips in their meals .

  6. Use ‘Create Your Own’ to make a cheaper Margherita

    Do n’t flush think about clicking ‘Margherita ‘ from the independent menu. Use Create Your own to customise your pizza and have it CHEAPER ( yep ) .
    A big Margherita pizza off their chief menu will set you back £16.99, but choosing a bombastic ‘Create Your Own ‘, with authoritative Crust, Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella will cost you £1 less : £15.99 .

  7. Get a student discount at Domino’s

    dominos website on computer screen Domino ‘s student discount is one of our favourites, as it makes that evening pizza a wholly lot more low-cost. The current Domino ‘s scholar discount stands at 35 % and is perfect for when it ‘s not Two for Tuesday and you ‘re craving a Meat Feast .
    unfortunately, though, you ‘re unable to stack these discounts together – then pick whichever is highest on the day of your order .

  8. Create Your Own pizza

    Have you always tried pairing chicken breast strips with fume bacon rashers and peppers ? It ‘s got to be one of the best jazz band out there, and it ‘s not tied on the chief menu .
    We ‘ve besides been told that a Create Your Own pizza with chicken breast strips and garlic butter is a winner besides … although we ‘re yet to taste-test this ourselves !

  9. Get 50% off Domino’s

    dominos pizza box blue Do you know a member of staff who is will to let you sponge off their 50 % rebate ? If not, start making some friends !
    Domino’s staff discount schema is one of the best out there and you ‘ll save so a lot more, although it does require having friends who not only influence there but are generous enough to lend it to you besides .
    alternatively, you can look at what deals are offered by your local anesthetic Dominos. Often, you can get up to a 50 % discount if you spend over a sealed measure or collect your pizza rather of having them delivered. That ‘s worth the tripper !

  10. How to reheat a Domino’s pizza

    Why ordering another takeaway when you could just reheat last night ‘s leftover pizza ?
    The only exit is, reheating pizza can be one of life ‘s most nerve-racking experiences – what if it does n’t taste quite arsenic courteous as when it was delivered ?
    We ‘ve tried a number of ways to reheat pizza, including microwaving it and heating it in a dry electrocute pan but, in our opinion, the best way to reheat without it being inert is to wrap it in foil and put it in the oven .
    indisputable, it can make pizza go doughy, but here are some foods you can cook in the microwave without compromising on quality .

  11. Two for Tuesday

    dominos pizza boxes stacked Tuesday very is one of the best days to order a Domino ‘s pizza, as it means you can take advantage of their Two for Tuesday offer .
    quite merely, this promotion means that you can get two for the price of one – an incredible deal we very ca n’t say no to !

  12. Get a free Domino’s takeaway

    treat yourself to a release pizza with Just Eat. Yep, you read that right : FREE. PIZZA .
    TopCashback ( one of the leading on-line cashback sites ) regularly offers £15 cashback for fresh customers when making their first purchase through their site. While it ‘s not always available, you can check our deals section to see if it ‘s on right immediately .
    You ‘ll need to spend the £15 before it ‘s refunded, but rest assured that you should get your money back within a couple of weeks .