Can you fry an egg in a microwave? This trick saves minutes in the morning

Celebrity chef David Chang may be best known for his expansive restaurant empire, but he ‘s besides a big fan of using shortcuts when he ‘s cooking at home. On Tuesday, the “ surly Delicious ” horde posted a video recording on Instagram in which he makes a slenderly souped-up homemade McMuffin with salami rather of canadian ham. But rather of frying or even poaching the egg, he sticks it good into the microwave … and it turns out in truth well ! “ Microwave your eggs. @ jimmyfallon showed me his testis magic trick with a silicone ring mold in a pan on @ fallontonight. After my WIFI run to the liquor storehouse ( yes my Wi-Fi crashed ) … I made this. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid of the microwave ! ! # culinarydarkarts # sandbagmaster, ” he captioned the video recording.

While we ‘ve seen enough of microwave egg scrambles made in a mug, Chang ‘s simple whoremaster allows home cooks to create an egg patty where the yolk is still in tact, mimicking an over-easy electrocute testis without the crisp edges. Once you master the technique, you can even control how arduous or runny the yolk will be .

David Chang’s Microwave “Fried” Egg

  1. Spray a small, microwave-safe bowl with cooking spray.
  2. Crack an egg into the bowl. You may add a pinch of salt if, desired.
  3. Place the bowl into the microwave, and cook it for 1 minute 30 seconds at 30% power.
  4. Remove the bowl from the microwave and simply let the egg slide out of the bowl. No pans to clean!

Chang says his proficiency “ is easier than cooking it on a stove top. ” It ‘s besides great for anyone who may be trying to make a immediate breakfast in an office or a dormitory room where a stove is not available. even, the video does raise several questions. First of all, what is that gorgeous space-age microwave drawer seen in the video and where can we get one ? besides, would timing matter based on the size of the egg ? Is this something you can in truth do in any microwave ? Nick Korbee, a chef at the New York City-based restaurant Egg Shop, helped clarify a few basic rules of egg microwave. “ I would start with 20-second intervals for the over-easy hack Chang is doing, ” Korbee told TODAY. “ Be careful to avoid breaking the yolk excessively much, as the egg yolk spill will end up over cooking the egg yolk straight away. ” evening if your microwave does n’t have a short ton of bells and whistles, Korbee said sticking to the time interval method acting will allow you to keep a close lookout on your egg and prevent it from overcooking. To avoid the gamble of the egg yolk potentially exploding all over the locate, Korbee besides recommended poking a little hole in the knocked out surface of the egg yolk with a coat tester. “ Be careful to equitable poke the circus tent and not poke all the direction through the egg, ” said Korbee. “ then do your interval egg training everyday to achieve craved doneness, and do n’t forget to breathe ! ”

Chang decided to parcel his microwave egg hack after a late appearance on “ The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. ” During Chang ’ s distant consultation with the television receiver host, he surprised Fallon by revealing that he uses the microwave pretty much. “ I cook with the microwave a set, ” Chang said. “ You ’ vitamin d be indeed shocked at how much microwave cooking I do. ” “ What ? This is coming from David Chang ? ” Fallon exclaimed. “ Yes ! It ’ s the car of the future, here in present day, ” the chef joked.

Chang went on to explain to Fallon how, as a busy professional chef, he rarely had time to whip up visualize meals at home, so he ‘s perfected his microwave skills over the years. He admitted that using the microwave saves him a bunch of meter for everything from defrosting kernel to prepping vegetables. And, apparently, cooking eggs .