How to stretch neapolitan pizza dough | Easy way to shape pizza dough

Stretching pizza dough

The formative of a pizza is basically done by stretching the dough into a thin, round shape by hand. There are a many unlike ways to stretch pizza dough but in this article I ’ thousand going to show you a in truth easy way .Shaped Neapolitan pizzaStretched authentic Neapolitan style pizza not only is this way of stretching pizza dough in truth easy, it besides makes an authentic Neapolitan pizza. The formation is arguably the most difficult share of the pizza make action and makes such a hige deviation to the timbre of the pizza. In case you missed the other parts of this series, feel dislodge to check them out below : once we ’ ve got our boodle ready, we ’ ra ready for the final part before cooking – stretching the dough !

How to shape pizza dough by hand video

In the television below I show you an easy and authentic way to shape pizza by bridge player. There are a few keys to this method acting and the quality of the pizza depends largely on the attention to detail. It may seem difficult to start with but it becomes very comfortable once you ’ ve done it a few times .Shaping pizza dough by hand When you get the hang of this proficiency you should be able to shape a pizza in about 30 secoonds or less !

Is it better to roll or stretch pizza dough?

In general, pizza should be stretched preferably than rolled. Unlike pasta boodle, pizza dough contains yeast ( a leavened boodle ) which allows breeze pockets to develop in the dough. These air pockets are what makes for the wonderfully light texture to the pizza. As the pizza cook, particularly at high temperatures, the air pockets expand .Shaping by hand, allows for a lovely airy crust Rolling pizza dough removes a fortune of the air that developed during proofing. There are some pizza styles which require rolling but the huge majority of pizza are hand stretched without a roll out pin .

Shaping Neapolitan pizza

Being the most traditional pizza, Neapolitan pizza is shaped by pass. The classic determine is round, very thin in the center, with quite thick crusts. The crusts are light and airy ascribable to the retentive prove and delicate formative. The key to achieving the classical Neapolitan pizza shape is to move ampere much atmosphere as possible from the middle of the dough to the edge ( the crust ). This forms the crust. Once the crust is formed, the pizza can be gently stretched until it is thinly in the center. The easiest way to form the crust is by using the finger tips. Overlap the index fingers to achieve the human body shown below :The authentic Neapolitan technique From there, you don ’ t need to move your fingers or wrists at all. Simply use your arms to press the vent to the outside of your pizza boodle .Press the air to the outside, forming the crust Turn the dough regularly, repeating the process. This should set up the arrant Neapolitan pizza form .Turn the pizza dough regularly, without touching the crust

How to stretch pizza dough evenly

once a courteous circle determine has been established and the crust has been formed, we can move onto stretching the pizza dough. The most authentic, and in my position, easiest way is called the “ slap ” proficiency. With one hand, hold the pizza devour to the rejoinder. With the other hand, stretch lightly outwards .Hold the dough down, and stretch gently Using the lapp hand, flip the dough onto your early hand.

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Flip the dough onto your hand In one gesture, rotate the dough 90 degree whilst flipping the boodle back over .Flip the dough back over“Slap” the pizza back down onto the counter recur this procedure until you have achieved the desire thickness ( quite slender ). Stretching very lightly and turning frequently ensures that we stretch the dough evely. Try not to remove any air travel from the crusts during shaping but don ’ t worry if they shrink a little. They will expand as they cook in the oven .

How to stretch pizza dough without breaking

Pizza dough breaking well during stretching could be a sign of an underdeveloped boodle. If your dough hasn ’ metric ton been kneaded well enough, it will lack gluten development. It is the gluten that gives pizza dough most of it ’ randomness persuasiveness, preventing it from breaking. however, if your pizza dough passed the windowpane test then this is improbable to be the emergence .The windowpane test usually usually signifies a strong dough It is besides potential that your boodle is overproofed. A by rights proof boodle should have doubled in size and be full of little bubbles. It should be soft and easy to stretch, but evenly quite potent .A properly proofed dough should be soft and airy however, dough does loose some persuasiveness as it proves. A dough that is overproved will have contracted and will be unmanageable to stretch. If it does stretch, it will have a tendancy to break. It is important to develop a feel for the boodle, which will happen over time. Be careful when stretching to avoid your dough fracture. Try to work cursorily but with soft hands .

How to fix pizza dough that won’t stretch

Of course, the best way to avoid shaping issues is to start off with a perfect dough. But most of the time, we might notice there is an emergence when it ’ mho excessively belated. But don ’ t worry, good results can silent be achieved with less than great boodle. At this stage, it is by and large besides late to fix the trouble. so quite than trying to fix the pizza boodle, I recommend the following steps during shape :

Take more time to stretch the dough carefully

If it feels like your dough is difficult to work with, take more clock during stretching. You may be able to patch up a small tear but in general, once a pizza breaks it is no good .Take your time and be gentle with the stretching Stretch the boodle lightly and turn it often. This should help to achieve a beneficial shape without risking any tears .

Settle for a slightly thicker pizza

It is identical difficult, if not impossible, to achieve a slender pizza with decrepit boodle. however, you can hush make a nice pizza, even if it is a little chummy than ideal .This is a slightly ticker, but delicious, pizza Make the pizza vitamin a thinly as you think you can before it tips but don ’ thymine go besides far. If you are diffident, then stop strecthing. A pizza that is slightly excessively slurred is better than one that is ripped .

Quickly move the shaped pizza into the oven

Everytime you shape a pizza, you should add the toppings quickly and move it onto the skin ampere soon as possible. A stretch pizza left on the bench will stick after a unretentive clock time. once moved, this pizza will stretch again and may tear.

Move the shaped pizza quickly, before it sticks to the counter When working with weaker pizza boodle, it is even more important to get your pizza on the undress and into the oven vitamin a soon as possible. The quick we can get the pizza in, the less prospect there is of it breaking .

Shape the pizza on the peel

If you are worry that your pizza may rip when transferring it onto the skin, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry. One option is to shape the pizza on the peel off itself. Whilst this method acting is not traditional, it is much dependable .A good option with weak pizza dough is to shape the pizza directly on the peel, rather than on the counter before transferring to the peel You will probable end up with a thick pizza doing this. But as mentioned earlier, this is credibly for the best anyhow, given the fallible boodle .