How to Dry Herbs in the Microwave

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Looking for a simple room to preserve your beautiful fresh summer herb ? Or entirely have a little leave from storehouse bought ? here ’ s an easy way, bit-by-bit How to Dry Herbs in the Microwave.
retentive, long ago, in a galaxy… well, actually : Back in November at the end of our brainsick meek descent ( remember that ? sigh… ), I ran across this post from dangerous Eats on using the microwave to dry herb — and have been meaning to tell you about my experiments with this always since ! Sometimes life ( and Black Friday ) just intervenes, but now we ’ re back on track. so : here ’ mho How to Dry Herbs in the Microwave .
expect at the vibrant color you get when you dry herbs in the microwave ! On the left in the photograph above, rosemary from my garden that I dried in the microwave. On the right, organic dried rosemary I bought at the store. That ’ s an perplex color difference, and then pretty in recipes — I used my own microwave dried herb on this garlic rosemary pork roast recipe earlier this month, and it in truth made the herb-garlic concoction pop.

You know how sometimes you buy fresh herb for a recipe, but inescapably have some left over ? Preserve those leftover herb promptly and well, with microwave dry. here I dried rosemary and sage, but this method should work well with most heartier herb .
How to dry herbs in the microwave
gradation 1
Wash the herb, then spread the leaves on a microwave safe plate on two layers of paper towels. Note : Do NOT use recycled paper towels for this, since they may contain small fragments of metal and are not safe for microwave use.
dance step 2
Cover the herb with another paper towel, the microwave on high for one minute. Follow up with 20 second bursts until herbs are wholly dry and crumble easily between your fingers. ( My microwave took 6-7 rounds ; yours may take more or less. )
footstep 3

decay up your herb. I found that merely twisting and crushing them right inside the wallpaper towels worked for my purposes, but if you want to reduce yours to powder you ’ ll want either to use a mortar and pestle or a coffee bean mill .

  • Frugal note: I was able to use each set of paper towels to dry a second batch of the same herb before I had to toss them.

The herb get nicely brittle in the microwave since the water system evaporates out before the herb in truth starts to cook, which besides helps them retain their vibrant color .
step 4
storehouse dried herbs in a tightly covered container in a cool dry outer space off from inner light — with the respite of your spices would be lovely. 🙂 here, I fair thoroughly washed out and repurposed honest-to-god zest containers to hold my new microwave dried herb .
That’s it…
Microwaving is such a quick and easy way to preserve small batches of fresh herb ! Don ’ metric ton be afraid to buy fresh herbs, immediately that you know you can preserve the leftovers cursorily and frugally. Let me know if you give it a try, and how it works for you !

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