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once you know how to dry basil, you ’ ve got on of the most significant herb needed in your kitchen .
Basil is a member of the mint kin, and has long been used in cuisines .
It has been used for thousands of years in many parts of the earth .
Fresh basil is normally used at the last minute to take advantage of the fresh flavor.

If fresh basil is cooked excessively long it will lose its saturation .
Dried basil leaves hold up much better in cooking flavorwise, and is another argue that it is used in dry shape .
There are many different types of basil with Genovese Basil probably being the most conversant to most people .
There is Thai basil, purple basil, gamboge basil, boodle basil, holy place basil, globe basil, cinnamon basil, and the number goes on .
I like having my own varieties of basil in my garden .
It ’ s a dear way to go if you have a nice cheery touch and like to try unlike flavors..
I love to grow my own herb .
That direction all I have to do is go out the back door and there they are, waiting to be used .
Nothing better than a nice herb garden, they are sol comforting to experiment with, growing all your favorites .

Why Dry Basil?

how to dry basil
Drying is one of the best ways of storing basil .
It will maintain a stronger season, which is besides on-key for most dry herb .
Basil will besides have a more centralize flavor when in the dry imprint, allowing it to be cooked with .
Dry basil takes up much less space than freezing for case, freeing up outer space for other things .
down in the Jordan Valley, we have a goodly herb garden .
We grow lots of herb, and tend to dry them because of the sheer measure we get .
We besides keep a bunch of chickens and they are prolific layers meaning we have to keep up the eggs !
It ’ s a good thing that basil goes well in a herb and cheese omelet, with a side of sausage .
The relish of dry basil will begin to diminish with clock, but it has an highly long ledge life .

How to Dry Basil

how to dry basil
There are several ways to dry basil depending on if you are in a travel rapidly or not .
The dry process remains one of the most democratic a far as basil goes .
You can dry basil in the oven by placing the fresh, moisten leaves on a bake tray in a unmarried layer .
Turn your oven to its lowest set, prop the door outdoors for good atmosphere circulation .
You should know that this method acting can take many hours .
A much quicker method is to use a microwave oven to get your dried leaves .
Place the fresh leaves in a individual layer on a microwave dependable plate lined with newspaper towels .
This will take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes on a abject setting depending on your microwave oven .
Another method acting is air drying basil, by picking the stem and either bunch together and hanging them where atmosphere circulation is good .
Or you can place the stems of leaves on a baking tray at room temperature .
Make certain to turn them regularly so that they dry uniformly and do not rot .
A food dehydrator will besides provide you with dry leaves in 12 to 24 hours .

How to Store Basil

One of the methods of storing basil is to dry it and keep it in a tightly sealed container .
Basil can be frozen using a couple of different methods .
One of which is to chop or even puree the leaves, and add a little olive oil to maintain the tinge .
then freeze in ice cube trays for practice whenever basil is called for in a recipe .
You can freeze the leaves of the plant solid separated with parchment newspaper .
then place them in a deep-freeze bag with ampere a lot publicize squeezed out of it, and freeze .

What to Use Basil In

how to dry basil
Basil has so many uses, from being the chief ingredient in pesto to being separate of a mix of herb .
Try basil in pasta sauces, on pizza, in soups, pasta dishes, souffles, salads .
Basil can flush be used in dessert sauces, in a balsamic vinegar reduction .
You can use basil on Caprese skewers, in panini sandwiches, add it to orzo, risotto, with ridicule vegetables .
Try it in lasagna, asian stir fry, chopped with quinoa, crostini, with strawberries, sprinkled on ice skim .

More about basil

Around for 4000 years, basil has long been believed to posses charming powers .
Basil was used in Ancient Egypt in the embalm process, and was therefore a very authoritative herb .
Known to protect the poor, the basil plant was revered by many average people .
An antidote to snake bites it was besides used to verify the virtue of women .
If the basil leaves withered in a charwoman ’ sulfur hands, she was deemed impure, and punished .
In some places basil was used to ward off the devil, and in medieval times some thought it was poisonous .
Others thought it was a great way to clear the brain, and cheer your intent .
These days basil is most often used as a culinary herb in dishes all over the world .

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How to Dry Basil Recipe

Once you know how to dry basil, you’ve got on of the most important herbs needed in your kitchen.













cuisine : American, Middle Eastern


  • 1 bunch together basil


  • Remove the leaves and place them in a single layer on a microwave safe plate.

  • Set the microwave to low, and microwave for a few minutes at a time. 

  • This can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the microwave.

  • Be careful not to burn the leaves.

  • You may have to take some leaves out earlier than others as they dry.

nutrition Per Serving
















Sugar: 1 gram

Vitamin A:



Vitamin C:









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