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Did you know that it is against the law to not recycle in New York City ? You can be fined up to $ 100 for not recycling !
unfortunately, not many people know how to recycle… .
In NYC, there are two separate streams of recyclables : mix paper & cardboard and metallic element, glass, inflexible plastics, and cartons .
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To recycle mixed paper or cardboard, flatten bundles of paper or cardboard and tie with a string, or throw your recyclables into a rigid container with a green recycle decal on it. [ If you want a decal, call 311 or visit ] You can besides put everything in a acquit bag ( as I do ) so the sanitation worker can see inside and kind consequently .
*Note : staples and windowed envelopes ( from those annoying bills ) are o to recycle ! If your paper is soiled you unfortunately can not recycle it though, and hard-covered books are besides not allowed. ( wholly donate those books, though ! )
During the recycling action, composition is dissolved in water. Any paper that has a wax covering ( look glossy normally ) can not be dissolved in water system. If you spill coffee or food on your papers and recycle them, the chocolate or food would be added to the water system and add impurities .
I suggest keeping a paper recycle bin where you do the most paperwork and tossing anything you don ’ t need inside to gather the night before your recycle date. [ To find out your recycle day of the week, call 311 or visit the New York City Department of Sanitation and scroll down. ]
To recycle metal, glass bottles & jars, and rigid plastic,  plaza all items that fall under this class in a rigid fictile container labeled appropriately or with a blue recycle decal on it. [ If you want a decal call 311 or visit ] Again, you can besides put everything in a clear bag so the sanitation proletarian can see inside and sort consequently .
Look at all the things you can recycle !
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Did you know ?

  • You can schedule an appointment at the NYC Department of Sanitation to recycle any appliances with CFCs in them for safe disposal .
  • Alkaline batteries can be disposed in your trash bin but not rechargeable batteries due to their heavy metal constitution. [ You can return those to retailers ! Visit for more information. ]
  • You can recycle small appliances such as a hair dry, toaster oven, or microwave .
  • Refrigerated & shelf-stable cartons [ such as orange juice and milk cartons ] should be recycled with the recycle group of metals and plastics because most of these containers have polyethylene plastics that can not be processed with the paper/cardboard recyclables. besides, food or juices would contaminate the paper/cardboard recyclables.
  • Businesses are forbidden from discarding fluorescent light bulbs, but you can double bag yours in plastic bags and discard of them in the folderol .
  • You can exchange items such as clothing, books, furniture, appliances, etc. [ For more data visit ]
  • According to GrowNYC, 

    • Paper recycling makes money for NYC, netting $ 7.5 million after the costs of collection, though about half of our wallpaper is silent thrown in the garbage .
    • Diesel trucks carry Manhattan ’ s garbage 7.8 million miles every class. That ’ s the equivalent of driving more than 312 times around the land !
    • New York City residents presently recycle only approximately 17 % of their entire waste–half of what they could be recycling under the current broadcast .

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