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person has stolen the happy endings of the people of Fairy Tale Island ! Get to the bottom of the mystery and make new happy endings !

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Video Walkthrough

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Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by Lucky Joker
Special thanks to idk, Gear, MissEligon, & Slanted pisces
once upon a fourth dimension in a far away nation called Poptropica, there appeared an island with the most capricious of landscapes and characters. But unfortunately, everything has gone askew, and immediately it ’ s up to us to give everyone their happily afters — sol says a snarky talking slob on the main street. Let ’ s proceed !

Fairytale Island is made up of three inadequate quests that can be completed in any order. Jump to different sections of this steer :
( Members can besides access a one-fourth side quest, Rumpel ’ second Challenge, after completing the first three parts of the original Fairytale Island. )

Break the Spell

Head a little to the right and talk to the dwarves in the trench coat. They need our serve in waking Snow White from her sleep in front of the palace .

Amelia ( our female child from Home Island ) suggests finding Snow White a true love to break the spell. Jump up the steps, and you ’ ll find a sob prince — is he the one ? He ’ ll direct you up above to his forefather, the big king, who turns out to be no king at all — it ’ s a nameless creepy charming guy who ’ sulfur stolen everybody ’ randomness felicitous endings ! He teases you with some lipstick, but Amelia doesn ’ thyroxine trust it .

The dwarves try to help by telling us everything Snow loves, but if there ’ s one thing we know she loves more than anything else, it ’ randomness animals. Walk over to Ye Olde Stables on the left and click on the malodorous butt. surprise ! The goat kisses Snow, which wakes her right up. Snow then reveals her dream is to become a veterinarian and she gets her felicitous ending. now, back to the town .

Red Riding Food Delivery

head left and talk to Little Red Riding Hood, and she ’ ll ask for aid in delivering her pizza club to a cabin in the woods .

The night forest is a big fantastic tangle, but you ’ ll find the cabin somewhere on the correctly. hera ’ s a map to point you in the correct management :
Did you see the big bad wolf ? Quick, enter the quaint little cabin. Inside, you ’ ll be greeted by a hunter, who tells you to lure the animal in with sugarcoat, beans, and other food items from the kitchen .
Turns out he ’ sulfur despairing for a date and even tries to feed grandma to the wolf to get one. Yikes ! We give him some better advice, though, and he goes off to pursue a fan. Red is fair happy to get paid, and the grandma didn ’ t get eaten, so everyone ’ sulfur glad.

But wait, who ordered the pizza ? apparently the reception is signed by person named Rumple—who could that be ? Anyway, the wolf will take us back to town .

Climb the Mountain

back in town, go all the way to the right until you meet the fairy godmother. She ’ ll inform you that poor Cinderella seems like she won ’ t make it to the ball on clock ! We ’ re going to need to guide her up the High Road mountain .

Make your way to the right and up to the following level and talk to Cinderella. Oh male child, it looks like this damsel in distress will need to be carried up to the top. Let ’ s scram going, then ! Follow the path up, watching out for obstacles along the way, including some slap saplings and epic cat-i-corn stampede .

then, hop onto the platform being deadlifted by a giant star troll and keep on trekking. You ’ ll drop into some mire, and abruptly, Cinderella takes on a whole raw position. Bye adieu methamphetamine slippers !

Follow Cinder improving to the testis and watch out for the fire-breathing dragon on the way. cinder unleashes her inner punk by rocking out on stage, making certain to address person called “ Whatever-Stilts-Man. ” Hmm, this is all coming together ! After the rock appearance, person offers to give you a ride back .


angstrom soon as we finish all of our side quests, we ’ re immediately teleported to the creepy magic guy ’ s lair .
You might ’ ve pieced together his name from the clues in the three side-quests : Rumple– from the pizza receipt, –Stilts– from Cinder ’ second concert, and —skin from Snow White before she went off to pursue her veteran career. Rumplestiltskin ! You say it three times, and it sets him rid. rumple transforms into a boastfully dark entity and disappears. But where did he go ?

We may have not defeated the villain, but we did give by and large everybody their happy endings. For that, Amelia rewards us with the island decoration ! Congratulations on completing Fairy Tale Island !

Rumpel’s Challenge

carry on, there ’ sulfur more — if you ’ re a member. not everything has been neatly resolved, but the report continues with Rumpelstiltskin on Main Street of Fairy Tale Island. Check out our Rumpel ’ mho Challenge Side Quest Guide to search for the missing true king !

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