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Microwave quinoa in a bowl with a person fluffing it
today, I am here to show you how to cook quinoa in a microwave. To be honest, I had no mind that cooking quinoa in the microwave was possible until I read it in a magazine as I was doing research for another recipe .
Come to find out, this is the fastest way to cook quinoa. It literally takes 10 minutes and it is just as fluffy compared to quinoa cooked in an Instant pot, quinoa cooked on the stave, or a quinoa cooked in a rice cooker .
Quinoa cooked in microwave is in a bowl. A woman is fluffing it with a fork. indeed, if you are in a bang and want to use this plant-protein powerhouse in your meal homework, respective quinoa salads, or weeknight meals like Mexican Quinoa, Quinoa Black Bean Tacos, or Butternut Squash Quinoa, read on. I will show you how to make it with step by pace photos.

The Ratio of Quinoa To Water

The ingredients tilt is reasonably short. You will need 1 cup of quinoa and 2 cups of cold water to cook quinoa in the microwave. You can use vegetable or chicken broth if you ’ d like .
The ratio to follow is 1 to 2. If you want, you can multiply this agile quinoa recipe. You can besides add in salt and oil to the stadium to give it more flavor, similar to how I did with my microwave quinoa porridge recipe .

How a lot cooked quinoa do I get from 1 cup microwave quinoa ?

1 cup uncooked quinoa yields about 2 ½ to 3 cups cooked quinoa. consequently, if you decide to multiply this recipe be certain to choose a bowl that will hold up all your cooked quinoa .

How To Make It ?

Person placing rinsed quinoa into a bowl from the front view.

  1. Rinse the quinoa: Start by rinsing your quinoa under cold running water. If you are wondering about why it is important to do so, feel free to check out the post I shared on how to and why rinse quinoa.

person pouring water into a cup with quinoa

  1. Place quinoa and water in a microwave safe bowl: Place them in a large bowl that would hold 3 cups of cooked quinoa in the end. If you prefer, you can also add in a pinch of salt, a splash of olive oil or a tablespoon of butter in there as well. 
  2. Stir to combine: Make sure that the quinoa is fully submerged in water.

A plate is placed to cover the bowl

  1. Cover it with a plate: Place a microwave-safe dinner plate (large enough to cover the bowl fully) on top. Or you can also use a microwave cover (affiliate link).

Person placing the bowl in the microwave

  1. Place in the microwave: Place it in the microwave and set it to cook for 6 minutes. 

Person mixing quinoa in microwave in between cooking

  1. Give it a stir and then cook some more: Carefully remove the plate (I used a kitchen towel because it is super hot) and give it a stir. Put the plate back on and set it to cook for 2 more minutes.

Person removing cooked quinoa from the microwave

  1. Remove from the microwave: At the end of the 2 minutes, you might still have some liquid at the bottom of the bowl, which is okay. 

Person placing a bowl over the bowl

  1. Let it rest until the water is absorbed: Let it sit on the kitchen counter for 2-3 minutes covered. As it sits, most of the liquid will be absorbed. At the end, if there is still water in the bowl, remove the plate and wait for a few more minutes.

Person fluffing microwave quinoa with a fork

  1. Fluff it with a fork and enjoy!

Why Don ’ thyroxine We Cook It In The Microwave Longer ?

At this indicate, you might be wondering why don ’ t we let it continue to cook in the microwave until the liquid is in full absorbed ? Well, I had the same doubt so I tested it .
Come to find out, if you cook it for longer you end up with a mushy and slightly dry quinoa. It is obviously visible that it cooked longer than it should .
That is why, I find that the best time is to cook it for 6 minutes first gear, give it a stir, and cook for 2 more minutes .

How To Store ?

Storing microwave quinoa is no different than storing quinoa cooked in any early way. Simply bring it to board temperature, target it in an airtight container, and storehouse it in the electric refrigerator upto 5 days .

Would This Method Work With other Types of Quinoa ?

Yes. As you can see in the word picture, I use trichromatic quinoa but I have tested this recipe with white and crimson quinoa arsenic well. The time was not different .
Microwave quinoa in a bowl with a fork

Can You Reheat Cooked Quinoa In The Microwave ?

You sure can. however, I would recommend adding in a stir of liquid ( urine or malcolm stock ) as it might get dry as it warms up. I find that a moment of cook clock time for 2-3 cups of cook quinoa is sufficient. however, if it is not warmed through your like, you can continue to cook it in 30-second increments .

Recipes To Use Cooked Quinoa

I can about hear you say, nowadays that I have cooked quinoa what do I do with it ?
well, I am glad you asked because I am a huge fan of this gluten-free superfood and have then many recipes that you can choose from .

  • Add it in salads: You can easily up the protein amount of a salad by adding in a few cups of quinoa. I especially like my Quinoa Tabouli Salad, Avocado Quinoa Salad, Thai Quinoa Salad, and Mediterrenean Quinoa Salad recipes.

Breakfast quinoa porridge in microwave is topped off with fruit and nut butter

  • Microwave Porridge Bowl: For years, I cooked my quinoa porridge on the stove top. But if I am short on time, I cook my quinoa in the microwave, divide it in small bowls, pour in a splash of milk (or almond milk if you are following a dairy free diet) and top it off with fruit (and perhaps a drizzle of maple syrup) to turn it into a quick quinoa porridge in the morning.
  • Need more ideas to make your cooked quinoa taste good? Check out the post I shared that outlines everything I know about How To Flavor Quinoa.

Microwave Quinoa Recipe – How to make quinoa in microwave ?

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Learn how to cook quinoa in the microwave. This is the fastest way of cooking quinoa. Make a batch, use it in soups, salads, and breakfast.

Microwave Quinoa is being fluffed by a person




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  • 1 cup quinoa* rinsed under cold water

  • 2 cups of body of water


  • crimp of salt

  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or butter


  • rinse quinoa : identify quinoa in a fine mesh strainer and rinse under cold running body of water .
  • set ingredients in a bowl : place rinsed quinoa and water in a large microwave safe bowl. Add the salt and petroleum, if using. Stir to make certain that quinoa is in full submerged in water.
  • Cover it with a plate that is big adequate to fully cover the bowl. You can besides use a microwave cover .
  • Cook for 6 minutes on high in your microwave. carefully remove the denture using a kitchen towel. Give it a stimulate. Put the plate back on and fudge for another 2 minutes on eminent .
  • Remove from the microwave. At this indicate, you might still have some liquid in the bowl. This is normal .
  • Let it sit covered on the counterpunch for 2-3 minutes. As it sits, most of the liquid will be absorbed. At the end, if there is calm body of water in the bowl, remove the plate and wait for a few more minutes .
  • Fluff it with a fork and serve .


  • This recipe and timing work perfectly with white quinoa. However, I have some readers report that some tricolor quinoa brands take longer to cook. To photograph this recipe, I used Trader Joe’s tricolor quinoa so this was not an issue for me. 
    If this happens to you, place the quinoa back in the microwave and cook in 1-minute increments until you see the quinoa seeds pop open, revealing the germ of the kernel.
  • How To Store leftover microwave quinoa? Bring it to room temperature, place it in an airtight container, and keep it in the fridge for upto 4-5 days.


















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