The Ultimate Guide to Making Pizza at the Campground

Pizza is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and being on the road and away from your favorite pizzeria shouldn ’ thymine catch you from enjoying a slice. There are many ways to cook a perfect pie correct at the campsite. here are the ingredients you ’ ll necessitate and the best ways to cook pizza in your RV, including our darling campsite pizza recipe .

Pizza Ingredients to Pack for Camping

Pizza Dough

You can find good quality, cheap pre-made pizza boodle at precisely about any grocery store store. Buy a few balls of boodle to tuck in your refrigerator or cool. This is the easiest way to get an authentic pizza have with any method acting of cooking. Just make certain that you warm the boodle to room temperature before shaping to make it easier to stretch your crust .
Pizza boodle is besides easy to make from rub. You can make it ahead or at the campsite. To bake pizza boodle at your campsite, bring dry yeast and bread flour along with early staples like salt and olive oil .
Alton Brown created a reliable pizza dough recipe that you can make without a stand mixer, though it takes a bit more elbow dirt to handwriting mix and massage. It ’ second accomplishable and a fun subcontract for the kids, excessively.

Pizza Sauce

For an easy, classic pizza sauce, you ’ ll need a large can of broken tomatoes, minced garlic, and dried herbs like marjoram and basil. Simmer together over a estrus source for 20 to 30 minutes for a elementary sauce to top with cheese and early toppings .
In stead of making your own, there are besides plenty of basic pizza sauces available at grocery store stores. Punch up the relish with some extra saute garlic and a crimp of extra herbs .

Cheese and Toppings

Have fun experimenting with your front-runner toppings. For a classical proto-indo european, a base of eat into whole milk mozzarella is the perfect cheese to pair with your simple tomato sauce. mix it up with BBQ sauce rather of tomato sauce and add leftover grilled chicken to create a BBQ chicken pizza .
Go vegetable and spread thinly-sliced produce on your pizza. Or, you can even have pizza for breakfast : Use balmy scrambled eggs in place of the sauce and crown with bacon, ham or sausage, and cheese .
Breakfast pizza cooked in skilletBreakfast skillet pizza. | Photo: Kerry Sainato

How to Make Pizza in an RV Oven

If you have an oven in your RV, you have the quickest and easiest instrument to bake a pizza. The best tip for making a perfect crust in an oven is to use a pizza rock. But since RV ovens are a lot smaller than a even oven, you ’ ll want to make sure the stone fits .
Pizza stones come in enough of sizes, so measure your rig ’ s oven and choose the pizza stone that will fit. A pizza stone is easy to store ; equitable keep it in your oven. You can store it there even while cooking early dishes and use it for cooking more than just pizza .

How to Make Pizza on the Campfire

Another choice for cooking pizza at your campsite is by baking it in a vomit iron Dutch oven. A dutch oven replicates the environment of an oven fairly well. Simply heat enough coals to warm your dutch oven up to about 450 degrees. This requires 30 total coals with 10 coals placed under your Dutch oven and 20 coals placed on the eyelid .
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Shape your boodle into a pizza round and dangle it into the bottom of a warm Dutch oven. Cover your pizza with sauce, cheese, and toppings, place the cover on your Dutch oven, and let it bake for about 30 minutes. Your pizza is done once the boodle is cooked through, slightly fortunate embrown, and the tall mallow is melted .
related 7 Dutch Oven Recipes to Make at the RV Campground

How to Make Pizza on the Stovetop

Don ’ thyroxine have fourth dimension to set up a dutch oven ? There are two ways to make pizza using a stovetop or propane-powered camp stove .
For a quick thin-crust pizza, just use a big frying pan and a flour tortilla. Warm the frying pan up over medium-high heat. Toast one side of a bombastic flour tortilla, interchange it, and top with pizza sauce, cheese, and your favorite toppings .
Keep crispen until the bottom of the tortilla is crisp and the cheese has melted. With tortilla pizza, it ’ randomness authoritative not to add excessively many toppings, or you ’ ll overwhelm the thinly crust. A thin level of sauce and a light sprinkle of cheese will satisfy any pizza craving .
Flat bread pizza on counter topTortilla pizza baked in a skillet. | Photo: Kerry Sainato
If you have more time and a heavy cast iron frying pan, you can bake even pizza boodle on the stovetop about like a pancake. Heat your frying pan over medium-high estrus. once hot, add a spot of olive oil to the pan. Shape your pizza dough into a thin polish and identify it in the frying pan .
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Cook until the first side is golden brown. Flip your pizza so the raw side can bake in the frying pan and top the cook side with your favorite toppings. Cook until the bottom of your pizza is fortunate embrown and the cheese melted. Place a lid over the pan to help the cheese melt using steam .

How to Make Pizza in a Pizza Oven

Buying a portable, gas-fired pizza oven opens up a delightful worldly concern of pizza stool at the campsite. Our darling is the Ooni Koda pizza oven, which weighs less than 25 pounds, is highly portable, and connects directly to your RV ’ s propane tank .
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The privy to restaurant-style pizza is a very high temperature and this pizza oven reaches temperatures of up to 932 degrees, which lets you cook a pizza in 60 seconds. You can besides use it to roast any other meals that you normally make in an oven .

Other Ways to Make Pizza at the Campground

A high-quality gas or charcoal grill is another easily way to bake your pizza outside at the campsite. Use a pizza stone, heat the grill to the highest possible temperature, and keep the brood closed to bake .
The Akorn Char-Griller Junior is a modest, whippersnapper Kamado-style charcoal grill that reaches gamey temperatures due to its egg determine. It will heat to 700 degrees, which is far hotter than even a family oven .
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Another choice is Presto ’ s Pizzazz countertop pizza oven. This appliance has a cult following and more than 10,000 positive reviews on Amazon. For anyone wanting an indoor option for making pizza without an oven, this will do the antic. The oven heats from both the crown and bottom to ensure a crisp crust and golden brown university top. The Pizzazz is a commodious option for RVers who have authentic access to electricity .

Our Favorite Campground Pizza Recipe

While we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate frown upon any method acting of making pizza while camping, our overall front-runner way to bake pizza is the cast iron frying pan method acting based on its still and affordability .
Using the heat-retaining powers of cast iron and a fire from any source, campers can have pizza for dinner cursorily and well. We love this recipe and flat coat from The Kitchn : How to Make Pizza on the Stove Top .

Our Favorite Camp Pizza-Making Accessories

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