Pizza Party Pizzas

Special equipment:

5quart mix bowling ball, for rising dough Wooden open, for kneading Pastry scraper Set of prey tiles or a big pizza stone Two perforated 15inch pizza pans, for baking pizza Docker or the tines of a boastfully serving pitchfork Food processor ( optional ), for grating cheese Baker ‘s peel, to remove adust pizza from oven Two nonperforated 15inch pizza pans, for serving adust pizza to prevent sauce and cheese from running through holes Pizza bicycle, the larger the better

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Cook’s Note

Game Plan for a Pizza Party The day before serving, prepare a double batch of boodle and allow it to have a second cool rise in the refrigerator overnight. Make your sauce and grate your tall mallow. early the following day, prebake 4 crusts and once cool, let them sit “ stacked ” at room temperature. A few hours before “ show fourth dimension, ” remove sauce from refrigerator and gather your classify toppings. About 30 minutes before “ chow clock, ” preheat oven and ask your guests “ who wants what ” on their pizza. then, meet and bake away ! Time Management Tips After the dough completes the first rise at room temperature, it can remain in the refrigerator for up to 2 days before shaping. The sauce can be made well in progress and freeze in small heavyduty deep-freeze containers. The crusts can be partially prebaked early in the day and left at room temperature. The toppings can be gathered a copulate of hours before assembling pizza. After prebaking and cooling the crust, you can either freeze the empty crust or a in full assembled pizza. Wrap both well in aluminum foil. Let an empty crust thaw ( wrapped ) before topping it and baking. Bake a amply assembled freeze pizza immediately from the deep-freeze ( unwrap ) on a pierced pizza pan in a preheat 400 F oven until crisp and hot throughout. Tips from a teacher : Grating Cheese in a Food Processor Before adding cheese to the work bowling ball of a food central processing unit, brush the steel blade lightly with vegetable oil. Cut cheese into modest pieces and use the pulsing button to maintain best control. If grating in batches, remove the first batch of grated cheese before adding the following batch. besides, when emptying the work stadium ( between batches ), check the inside of the steel blade quill for any stray pieces of cheese ( particularly the softer types of cheese ) and remove them. otherwise, when you reinsert the sword onto the beam, the cheese acts like glue and it might be unmanageable to remove the blade

Read more: Who Invented Pizza?