How To Cook Frozen Pizza Logs In Air Fryer

With this guide on how to cook frozen pizza logs in an air fryer, you will be able to make the best snacks for your family. It can besides be an appetizer to get you ready for the independent course late on .
Pizza logs are precisely what you think they are. These are small snacks made like egg rolls but with the ingredients used in making pizza, and the little rolls contain a lot of flavors in them .
To put it merely, pizza logs are egg rolls with cheese and other common pizza toppings inside. So you have the sauce, tall mallow, pepperoni, and some vegetables if you want that kind .
These tasty snacks do not make you full, but they are the perfect snacks if you want something that bursts many flavors. That is what makes them bang-up as appetizers as well.

You can make pizza at home, but it is easier to make pizza logs. With smaller amounts of ingredients needed, you can make the best pizza logs without the high-calorie content.
therefore here, we will take a search at the process of making pizza logs in your air fryer so you can have a delightful bite while you are chilling on your sidereal day off or while taking a break in the backyard .

What You Will Need

There are many things that you can put on your pizza logs. Just like pizza, the toppings that you can use in this recipe are about endless, so you can get your favorite toppings  for it .
We will stick with the basic cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni pizza toppings for this specific recipe. I find it best to put thin slices of pepperoni in the recipe for them to cook faster .
other toppings such as basil leaves, mushrooms, onions, ham, pineapple, and sausages are big for this recipe a well. Just make certain that you do not put besides much inside each roll late .
If you are using grate meat or sausages, cook them first before putting them inside the pizza logs. This will help make the cook procedure faster, specially with the air fryer .
You need to cook the ingredients inside each pizza log evenly. Meat is harder to cook than the early ingredients, so cooking them advance is a must to even out the cook time late .
You can cook these in the oven, excessively, if you do not have an publicize fryer. But I would suggest using an air fryer to make the cook march easier and faster than other appliances .

Pizza Logs In Air Fryer Recipe

step 1 : Prepare The Ingredients

No matter the ingredients you use for the toppings, you need to cut them into small pieces. so if you are using pepperoni like me, you need to cut them into smaller bits  flush if they are flimsy .
Divide the pepperoni into four slices, and then cut your vegetables into smaller pieces as well. This is necessary because you will need to wrap all the flavors inside a belittled egg coil late .
If you can chop them, then that would be better. Just little enough to put all the ingredients inside the roll later, so you do not need to put them in the blender as that would be besides fine .

step 2 : Make The Egg Rolls

identify one egg roller wrap in front of you with the corner facing towards you. Mix all the toppings in a bowl, and then place a tablespoon on the lower share of the wrap.

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guarantee that you do not put too much on one wrapping as it will alone cook halfway through. Get a big pilfer of chopped cheese and then place it on circus tent of the tablespoon of toppings .
Fold the sides of the wrap to the plaza, and then roll the negligee starting from the bottom. Before you get to the crown share of the wrap, moisten them with water  on your fingers to close .
Run your finger through the end of the wrap and then close it by rolling it over the top. This will seal the egg roll’s insides, so the tall mallow does not melt out of the wrap when fudge .
Repeat the process and make as many pizza logs as you want. Set them aside, set the vent fryer up, get your tools, olive oil spray, and air out fryer basket fix to cook the pizza logs .

measure 3 : Cook The Pizza Logs

Spray the air fryer ’ sulfur come on and the air fryer basket so that the pizza logs do not stick to them. Place the pizza logs in the publicize fryer and spray them with a dilute layer of olive oil .
This will help cook the pizza logs properly, which is much healthier than the french-fry option. Set the temperature of the vent fryer to 360 degrees Fahrenheit and place the basket inside .
Let the pizza logs cook for 2 minutes, and then check if you need to flip them. If sol, flip them over and then let them fry again for another 3 minutes or until they are golden brown .
You can besides barely let them cook for the entire  5 minutes without having to flip them adenine long as they end up with a nice aureate embrown color when cooked, serve them and enjoy your bite !

Can You Cook Frozen Pizza Logs ?

Cooking freeze pizza logs is better sometimes. They tend to be inert when defrosted, and since they are small and sparse, you can cook them square aside to get a crispy finish.
You can cook most rolls directly, even if they are freeze. however, make sure that you read the manufacturer ’ randomness instructions to ensure that they are bang-up for cooking when freeze .
You can cook regular freeze egg rolls in a conventional oven for 12 to 14 minutes or in a convection oven for 10 minutes. An air fryer will take about 6 minutes to cook freeze egg rolls .


Pizza logs are capital as appetizers, snacks, and even as side dishes. You can place them along with your favored wimp wings and other meals if you want a slightly bum flavor .
They are comfortable to make, and if you have an air fryer, you can make the process tied faster. You can cook them in the oven or even fry them in a pan if you do not have an oven or an air fryer .
Cooking them in an air fryer is the best manner, though, since it is the matchless that does not use as a lot anoint as you would normally use. so pursue the recipe above for talk healthy air-fried pizza logs !

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