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Learning how to cook a frozen pizza in an electric skillet is a beneficial skill. You can use a single appliance in cooking many recipes so you do not have to spend besides much money .
Frozen pizza is a great alternative for people who are too busy making fresh ones. It gives you the same choice when cooked by rights and you spend less clock when process .
Electric skillets are usually used for frying or sauteing because they are able to give a accurate temperature that is rad on their temperature gauge. They are besides very versatile .
so cooking frozen pizza with an electric skillet is possible. Electric skillets are able to get up to high temperatures and recreate the environment inside an oven.

then when you cook pizza in them, they will come out perfectly. Frozen pizza is a bit tricky especially if you are used to cooking fresh dough and cook in an oven .

however, when you choose to cook pizza in an electric frying pan, you will be able to experience the dispute as it gives you some features that you can not do in a conventional oven .
For exercise, you will be able to add oil in the skillet if you need to. The oven does not allow you to put vegetable oil on the coat because it will just drip down to the bottom of the oven .
indeed if you want to learn how to cook frozen pizza in an electric frying pan, stick around as we guide you through the right process in club to make the best out of this very simple recipe .
Get your electric frying pan fix and your favorite freeze pizza and then move on to this article as we bring you the best guide and tips that you can do to cook fixed pizza in it .

Can I Bake In An Electric Skillet?

The number one basis in knowing whether a cooking appliance is able to cook pizza is if it does well in baking. That is why we put the electric frying pan to the test .
The results are amaze and it can truly bake anything that you want. Frying was perfective and since the electric frying pan has a cover, you can bake boodle, muffins, and more in it .
therefore when the pizza dough is placed in the electric skillet, it cooks perfectly. The fresh boodle went well and the frigid dough did not come out very differently with the lapp crispen .
Placing a baking pan in the skillet is also possible american samoa long as the pan fits inside the electric frying pan. It besides improved the finish on the boodle and other broil goods .
In the casing of fixed pizza, it does not really bake it but rather “fries” it. This way, the bottom of the crust cooks cursorily and brings it out with nice embrown and charwoman at the bottom .

Cooking Frozen Pizza In An Electric Skillet

Prepare your electric frying pan and your favored freeze pizza and let these simpleton instructions guide you for when you are cooking the freeze pizza at home .

Thaw The Frozen Pizza

Get all the wrappers off the pizza and then let it thaw down to room temperature. This will even out the cooking procedure late on when you put it in the electric frying pan .
Letting the pizza thaw down will also help in making the crust crispy. It will be able to release the moisture more efficiently and so the crust will turn out to be crunchy when cooked .
When thawing the pizza, you can leave the plastic wrap around it so no insect or debris gets in the pizza. a long as you let it sit at room temperature, it will thaw reasonably quickly .

Fire Up The Electric Skillet

The electric frying pan will be heating up pretty promptly indeed do sure to do this properly when the freeze pizza is about to thaw wholly. Y ou can put the temperature between medium and high.
normally, electric skillets can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit so if your electric frying pan can reach that temperature, you can set it to that therefore the cook process will be faster .
While the electric frying pan is preheating, you can move on to the other parts of the process like cutting up toppings that you might want to add into the freeze pizza .

Cook The Frozen Pizza

once the freeze pizza has thawed and you put all the additional toppings that you want, you can then place it inside the electric skillet and then cover it with the lid for the first few minutes .
Covering the frying pan will help create somewhat of a convection heat that will cook the toppings and melt the cheese. You can besides leave the pizza cook without the eyelid at first .
however, if by the end of the cook procedure the crust has been cooked and the toppings are still sensitive, you should put the eyelid on to cook them evenly and melt the cheese .
What you should not do is to leave the lid on for the entire cooking process. If you let the lid stay on, it will create steam and the droplets will go seeping into the crust making it boggy .
With a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the pizza should finish cooking in just 6 to 8 minutes. Take a look if the cheese has melted and the crust has turned brown .
If so, you can then let the pizza out of the electric frying pan and then let it rest on a plate for five minutes. Do not forget to turn the electric frying pan off if you will not use it again .
If you are not satisfied with the browning or char of the pizza ’ second bottom crust, you can put oil on the skillet the adjacent clock time that you will be cooking freeze pizza in it .
After the pizza has rested for five minutes, cut it up, and then serve !

Tips For Cooking Frozen Pizza In An Electric Skillet

Cooking pizza at home is best feel when doing it in your backyard. however, there are times where you do not have the time to set up in the backyard .
During these times, you can easily put a frozen pizza in an electric frying pan to cook. This way, you spend more time with early things, and hera are some tips to make it easier .

Do Not Turn

Pizza is frequently turned when cooked in ovens or other appliances. This is because there are some spots where the heat is high and the early spots are cool .
But with an electric skillet, you have this small enclosed cookware that is heated evenly. So this means that you do not have to turn the pizza every minute to cook it evenly .
The bottom of the crust will cook evenly and the toppings as well. Turning the pizza is unnecessary so it is very easy when cooking frozen pizza in an electric frying pan .

Add Toppings

Buying freeze pizza does not mean that you are stuck with what you have on it. You can add your favorite toppings to it so you can make the pizza better .
After thawing the freeze pizza, you can cut up some vegetables or even meat that you want to add to it. This will allow you to personalize the frozen pizza if it is excessively dull for you .


When you are creative, you can cook pizza on about anything. That is a actually helpful skill so that you do not have to spend excessively much money on different appliances that are used lone once a week or so .
Frozen pizza is besides good for people who are constantly in a haste. It can be cooked well and you no longer need to prepare ahead of time in order to cook this pizza .
Some people may argue that the choice of the pizza is lessened but that is not wholly true. When cooked by rights, freeze pizza can be adenine good as newly made ones .
sol with your electric frying pan, make certain to cook the freeze pizza in the best way possible. It will take some exercise so do not be afraid to cook frequently !
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