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A microwave surrounded by plates of food Microwaves are one of those appliances you truly can ’ triiodothyronine live without. I ’ ve tried to make do without one when my judge and true microwave went on the fritz after 10 years of patriotic service, and I found reheating everything on the stave to be kind of nerve-racking. Plus, if you ’ ve ever spend hours eyeballing freeze chicken, hoping it defrosts in fourth dimension for you to make dinner, you know a watch pot never boils and watched wimp stays frozen, forever .
For all these reasons and more, a microwave is one of the most crucial small appliances in your kitchen. If you ’ re in the market for a new microwave, you ’ re in for a treat. The latest models are sleek, stylish, and do the jobs of 100 cooks, all wrapped up in a covenant package that sits on your counter on mounts above your range .

How do microwaves work?

Check out this video recording on how a microwave heats food .

now that you know how microwaves work, here are four things to look for when you ’ rhenium buying a microwave oven :
microwave in a kitchen cabinet

Do you need a countertop or built-in microwave oven?

Microwaves come in two types : countertop and over-the-range or built-in .

What is a countertop microwave?

Countertop microwaves are the best option for most homes because they ’ re little and portable, but keep in beware they take up a bit of actual estate of the realm on your counters .
Some new houses are built with a microwave ledge beside the electric refrigerator or stove to hold the microwave, so you can just pop a microwave like the Breville Stainless Steel 1.2 Ft Microwave up there—it ’ s little enough to sit anywhere in your kitchen, but it ’ s a virtual power station of automatic rifle fudge functions .

What is a built-in microwave?

Microwaves 101 how to buy a microwaveBuilt-in microwaves can be put inside your cabinets, under your cabinets, or above your scope. These types of microwaves might have a light and venting arrangement at the bottom so they double as a vent for your kitchen, and some come with capital options like convection, broil, or knock. The Over The Range Microwave class has a lot of big examples of built-in microwaves from popular brands, and some have features like convection cook or breeze fry .
I ’ ve covered convection cooking in ranges for Ovens 101, and the like basic premise holds when using convection in a microwave. convection means you can cook faster and your food retains all the flavor .

What to consider when buying a microwave

over the counter microwave

There are a batch of features on the latest microwaves, and you ’ ll want to choose the model with the best options for you or the entire kin .

How big should your microwave be?

Besides measuring to see how big of a microwave you can fit on your countertop or over-your-range, you besides need to decide on what size capacity you want your microwave to be. Microwave sizes are based on cubic space, so if you see the abbreviation ‘ 1.0 cu.ft ’ you ’ ll know that stands for cubic foot .
You can find ultra-compact, space-saving microwaves like the Panasonic 0.8 cu.ft microwave or large like the Bosch 500 Series 2.1 Cu.Ft Over-The-Range Microwave. Smaller size will let you reheat, defrost, and make a great pocket of popcorn, while larger models are capital for cooking everything from roasts to full-sized chickens .

How many watts should your microwave be?Frigidaire built-in microwave

electrical power refers to how quickly the microwave will cook your food, therefore if your microwave has 1,200 watt, it will cook your chicken or bowl of soup faster than if you were to have 600 watts .
Most microwaves average out at approximately 1,000 watts, but some of the over-the-range models have different electrical power for different functions. One of the big Bosch microwaves has a 1,750-watt broil element, 1,000-watt microwave might, and 1,700-watt convection element .

Do you want a microwave with Air fry?

For even more versatility in the kitchen, you might want to consider adding a multi-functional microwave with the office to microwave, convection bake, and create crisp, delightful snacks using Air fry .
The Breville Countertop 3-in-1 Convection microwave with Air Fry is a great exercise of one microwave that can do it all. As stated in a review of this appliance on the Best Buy blog, “ With the Breville 3-in-1 convection microwave, you can choose any number of pre-sets to cursorily cook, melt, grillroom, or keep your food warm. ”

microwave in a covered cabinetOther features you’ll love having in your new microwave

What can a microwave do ? The better question is what can ’ t it do ? Whether you choose the countertop variety show or built-in, microwaves can do everything from cook ridicule beef to baking buns. here ’ s a promptly retread of some of the features you can find in a newly microwave :

  • Auto-reheat – With a touch of a button your food will be reheated to perfection. Some microwaves have specific settings to reheat leftovers or soup.
  • Auto-defrost – Based on the weight of chicken, beef, or other types of foods, you can automatically defrost whatever you’re cooking.
  • Auto-cook – Ever burnt a bag of popcorn? That’s where auto-cook comes in handy. Cook the perfect bag of popcorn with one touch, bake up some potatoes, or make a quiche – auto-cook takes the stress out of monitoring what you’re cooking.
  • Power levels – Some frozen food specifies you should only cook it on medium heat. Certain models of microwaves have power levels like high, medium, and low to give you options when cooking.
  • Turntables on or off – Like to have your food rotate while cooking? Choose a microwave with a turntable. Some models also have a button to turn the turntable off should you need to keep something in place.
  • Sensor functions – Many microwaves have sensor cooking to automatically sense how long the food needs to cook and adjust itself accordingly.
  • Removable Racks – Some microwaves have two levels, so you can choose to cook on the top rack or the bottom.
  • Quick Minute functions – Want to add a minute to whatever you’re cooking? Just touch a button. The Panasonic 1.6 Cu.Ft Microwave lets you set up to 10 minutes of one-minute intervals with a tap of the button.
  • Keep warm feature – Just like ranges have a keep warm drawer, some models of microwaves have a keep warm feature that maintains a very low temperature. It’s the perfect feature for keeping a loaf of bread or main course warm until you’re ready to serve everything.
  • Kitchen timer – A mom’s best friend, kitchen timers can be used for everything from counting down the minutes until a dish is complete or sending someone to the corner for a time-out.
  • Child Lock – Another tried and true feature parents won’t want to live without, a child lock will prevent your little one from accessing the microwave or turning it on when you’re not looking.

How to install a microwave

When you buy a countertop microwave, all you ’ ll motivation to do is put it down in your destine topographic point and plug it in. Built-in microwaves necessitate a bit more intend. The built-in microwave you choose has to fit the space above your compass or in your cupboard, so be prepared with all of your measurements anterior to buying .
If you need help installing your built-in microwave, give Geek Squad a call. They ’ ll make certain your built-in microwave looks seamless in your kitchen .

Choose the best microwave for you

Microwaves may be considered a belittled appliance, but they ’ re one of the most versatile appliances you ’ ll own. Check out all of the microwaves on Best Buy and choose one that will fit into your kitchen perfectly .