DIY Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven {Simple Earth Oven in 2 days!}

DIY Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven {Simple Earth Oven in 2 days!}

Have you ever dreamed of building a simple wood fired outdoor pizza oven and making delicious pizza or breads in your backyard ? It is wholly accomplishable : hera ’ s a super detailed DIY wood fired pizza oven tutorial to help get you started !
People have been building ovens for centuries in all parts of the world. You don ’ t need high technical school inserts, pizza oven kit out or any expensive materials to build an effective outdoor pizza oven .
This elementary DIY wood fire backyard pizza oven uses easy to find natural materials, and it works amazingly well ( see it in legal action below ! ) and costs 1 % of a pizza oven kit.

Great DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven with simple low cost materials! Step by step cob / earth oven building tutorial, a free ebook, & helpful resources!
This type of oven is called earth oven, or cob oven. Made with promptly available and frequently free materials, and a rise proficiency that has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years, it ’ south ] flush easier than a brick pizza oven. No special tools are needed, it is besides capital as a group project to create with friends !
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In this DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven tutorial ( & a free ebook with instructions at the end ) I will share:

  • Step by step process on how to build a simple and effective DIY pizza oven.
  • Helpful tips and resources, including a free ebook with lots more details on each step, DIY wood fired pizza oven design variations, etc.

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recently I attended an Earth Oven (aka Cob Oven) building class taught by one of the best teachers in this field, Kiko Denzer. Years ago, I was greatly inspired by his script : one of the best on oven build .
DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven with simple low cost materials, also known ascob / earth oven
During the 6 hour farseeing class, we built 2 portable land ovens, which were auctioned the future day. I learned sol much about building with earth and other promptly available materials. There ’ s such simplicity and beauty to the action that I find deeply inspiring .
now you are credibly wondering –
DIY wood fired outdoor pizza earth oven with roof above

What can you make in a simple DIY earth outdoor pizza oven? Does it really work?

These 3 pictures are from our supporter Bill, who bought the DIY pizza oven made by the course last year. He loves it so much and decided to join our class this class so he can build another one for his patio !
pizza from DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven, aka cob / earth oven
Bill has been using his DIY wood fired pizza oven about once a week for a year nowadays. I asked him to parcel what are his favorite things to make, here ’ s what Bill said-
you do get a long cooking time from each firing if you think of cooking along the temperature curve with pizza first, bread, then braises of all sorts.( pulled pork,beans, rice of all ethnic cooking styles) pies and cookies and then overnight meats like carnitas. the end temp. in the cob oven is long in the 250 f range and is great for drying fruits, toasting nut’s and great grilled cheese. those are my favorites … really it works for everything that you can imagine as long as you understand a dish’s temperature requirements.
“Here are a few shots of a fun Sunday bake. 3.5 hr fire, coals burned out and got 900 F dropping to 600 after coals out. Baked pizza, bread at 500 F then cooled to 400 F and did the bean casserole and still the next day(24hrs) oven still at 250 F for any drying of fruit!!”
OK, is this enough temptation for you to run out there and start building even ?

Materials, Design and Foundation

The ovens we made measure about 24″ in finished diameter, and have an inside cook area of 12″ diameter and a 14″ high dome. They each weigh about 250 lbs, and each took about two 5-gallon buckets of clay and sandpaper mixture to build. If you want a larger oven, please adjust the materials consequently .
mixing water, sand and clay to build DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven, aka cob / earth oven
besides we need an oven door for the arch open before the build begins. For this oven with a 14″ high inner dome, our doorway is 8.75″ high by 8″ wide. The width is not angstrom all-important as the altitude. Researchers found through studies of hundreds of traditional ovens that the best designs all have a ratio of 63 % between the doorway height and the inner oven attic height ! Isn ’ t it cool that it ’ second then close to the Golden Ratio ? !

Does cob oven need a chimney?

There are many traditional land ovens with no chimney, which burn lento, manipulation less wood to heat up the oven aggregate, and work truly well.
DIY ovens with lamp chimney burn faster and require more wood. Some prefer to have a chimney near the oven door opening to have better control of smoke. hera ‘ s a good discussion if you want to explore far .
Below is a compendious of each step. Download the ebook at the end for more details in each step !

Step 1: Create sand-clay mix for the earth oven

For each separate of clay territory, we mix in 2-3 share sand. More sandpaper if using pure clay. Make certain the mix does not have any sharp rocks or debris. If diffident, wear rain boots !
Put everything on a large tarpaulin, add some water, and start singing and dancing – which means, mixing !
preparing sand and clay to build DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven, aka cob / earth oven
Folding the tarpaulin is a good way to get everything shuffle more thoroughly.
You will know that your mixture is a good consistency and cook to go if you can form it into a ball about 3″ diameter, drop it to the ground, and the ball holds its shape with little cracking. How fun it is that our work is to dance in the mud ?

Step 2: Make a base with insulation for your outdoor pizza oven

The cob ovens we made in class had a foundation of sheet metallic ( you can besides use plywood ) bolted onto a wood frame of reference ( pictures downstairs ) to be portable, then placed on a sturdy basis at their new home .
If you are building a wood fired outdoor pizza oven directly in your backyard, then consider the following keys to a foundation garment : constancy, altitude, and insulation .
building foundation for DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven, aka cob / earth oven
1. constancy : a foundation can be built out of any hardy materials such as break concrete, bricks, firebricks, masonry block, pit, rocks, previous tables or even wooden pallets, equally hanker as it can hold an oven ( which can weigh 300 to 600 lbs depending on size ) without sinking and shifting .
2. acme : the initiation should support your oven at a acme that allows you to work well !
3. insulation : there should be a minimal of 4″-6″ of insulating material between the fire brick oven floor and the freemasonry or wood initiation. The insulation will prevent the masonry from absorbing all the valuable heat we want for fudge, and protect the wood basis from burning. The looking glass jars and vermiculite provide insulating material. The displace brick hearth is set on top of that .
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apieceofrainbow-32 (31)

Step 3: Build a sand form size of the cob oven interior

equitable like building a sand castle ! You can use concrete slab or a layer of firebricks as the oven base. The sand is scooped out after the next 2 layers are built .
building oven form
This backbone dome is 12″ in diameter and a 14″ high, which is the height of the attic .

Step 4: Build the thermal layer for an effective wood fired outdoor pizza oven

The function of the thermal layer is to hold heat in its dense mass. Use the clay-sand mix we made earlier, take one handful at a time, and press it down to form a 2″-3″ blast outside the sandpaper shape. Be careful not to press into the sand shape, which would cause the form to shift .
wet newspaper covering cob oven
We besides made a “ modeling ” around the earth oven door opening using strands of straw dipped in clay, and formed it around the door opening to give it a more finished look and as a starting position for the adjacent level .
shaping doorway on DIY wood fired outdoor pizza cob / earth oven

The final steps are adding insulation and finish layers .

Step 5: Insulation layer for the earth / cob oven.

The deviation between this layer and the thermal layer is that the mix here has more breeze, which is great for preventing heat loss of the thermal layer !
adding insulation layer on DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven
When coarse saw dust or wood shavings are interracial with merely enough clay to hold the form, and when they are exposed to the high temperature from the thermal layer, a modern material- clay foam – is created. It ’ randomness screen of a unhorse slant charcoal-clay which is aeriform, thus conducts heat slowly .
And of course, preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to take a nice pause and show off your cloudy hands !

Finally step: the finish layer for your wood fired outdoor pizza oven!

An earthen plaster is applied to the final layer to give the hazelnut oven a smooth finish and cosmetic modeled details !
wood door on DIY wood fired outdoor pizza oven with simple low cost materials, aka cob / earth oven
H ere ’ s a beautiful record Using Natural Finishes: Lime and Earth Based Plasters, Renders & Paints with ideas and recipes from many cultures

Helpful resources on building a wood fired pizza oven !

first, you can download the free Ebook with lots more details here :
smoke and wood fire from cob oven with wood fired oven pizza
once you get your hands DIRT-Y, you will fall in love with earth build up. It ’ s a charming way of build up that connects us with our perfume, with the elements of ground, ardor, water and air, with makers across centuries and continents, and, with one another .
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