Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Built-In Wood Fired Residential Outdoor Pizza Oven DIY Kit – CBO-O-KIT-750 : BBQGuys

The Skinny:

  • Wood-burning fuel enhances flavor for a wood-fired taste
  • Igloo-shaped design keeps temperature consistent and cooks food evenly
  • Spacious enough to cook more than pizza
  • Reaches temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made in America

Things We Love:

Cook More Than Just Pizza

If you ’ re like most people, the first thing you ’ ll think of cooking in a pizza oven is, well, pizza. But how does a wood-fired steak sound ? What about smoke-infused chicken ? With broad Chicago Brick Oven pizza ovens, you have adequate room for those outside-the-box foods and boastfully pizzas alike ! The 1000 Series has a cooking airfoil of 53 inches by 39 inches, compared with the 750 Series ’ 41-inch-by-28-inch cook area. The 500 Series, the smallest of these models, has a fudge sphere of 27 inches by 22 inches but can silent crank out some serious food .

Wood-burning Fuel Enhances Flavor

All three Chicago Brick oven serial are available as wood-fired ovens, giving your food an authentic, wood-fired taste. Whether you want genuine pizza or meats with a little italian dash, the season you get from these ovens won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate disappoint.

Special Shape Controls Heat and Maintains Temperature

Chicago Brick Oven models use FlameRoll technology that pulls flare across the circus tent and sides of their dome-shaped ovens to enhance wood-fired flavors. The dome shape itself keeps temperature coherent and evenly cooks food, working with the interior fractious cement to retain heat up to 1,000 degrees. Thanks to their efficiently designed flues, these ovens trap smoke that fills food with authentic, brick-oven flavors and aromas .

Available in a Variety of Fuel Types

For those who consider build and maintaining a fire to be a fuss, the 750 Series might merely be the pizza oven for you. These units are available as both a wood-fired DIY kit out or a pre-built hybrid oven with two infrared gas burners in addition to the common wood-fired capabilities. These accelerator burners, which come in natural gasoline or propane, handily let you cook without having to sustain a displace. Though the 500 and 1000 Series are configured only as wood-fired ovens, you might come to view tending a fire as one of the most enjoyable and meet parts of using a pizza oven !

Different Installation Options to Suit Your Needs

No two outdoor kitchens are precisely the same, sol Chicago Brick Oven designed its pizza ovens to be installed in more than one way. The wood-fired models found in all three series are built-in ovens that come as DIY kits, while the 750 series can either be set into a countertop of used on a stand. Just pick the choice that works best for you and fire up that oven !

Designed to Withstand the Elements

While these pizza ovens are known for their authenticity, performance, and convenience, they ’ re besides durable enough to serve as a permanent musical composition of your outdoor space. Chicago Brick Oven models are faithfully made in America and built to handle the change temperatures across the nation. If you trust these pizza ovens to bring a slice of Italy to your home, you can rest assured they ’ ll final for years to come .

Things To Consider:

The pizza oven experience is one like no other and designed to be exactly that — an experience

Chicago Brick Oven units require about 45 minutes of pre-heating to reach coveted temperatures. Before using your pizza oven, make indisputable to put it through a bring around process to remove any moisture hover in small pockets of the oven. For the wood-fired ovens, start with a slow open fire to let the moisture trickle out — getting your oven excessively hot excessively firm could damage its efficiency and longevity while besides voiding your guarantee. Keep in mind that any little cracks appearing in the concrete during this process are normal and will not affect the oven ’ sulfur performance. Curing the oven at a temperature close to, but no higher than, 212 degrees for six hours each over three straight days will evaporate any persist moisture.

When it comes to the hybrid pizza oven, the pair of built-in infrared gasoline burners will be your cure tools. Use the bottomland switch to set the fireplace burner to 250 degrees, and let it run for four hours with the door open. once that ’ s done, turn the hearth burner up to 400 degrees and use the top switch to turn on the ambient burner. After another four hours, your oven will be by rights cured. If you ’ re using the CBO-750 Built-in Hybrid, note that you should never run it with the door in full closed .

Some Assembly Required

Depending on which Chicago Brick Oven model you choose, some fabrication may be required. For exemplify, the built-in DIY kits must be by rights assembled and enclosed in non-combustible materials such as brick. The 750 built-in countertop hybrid pizza ovens, however, require no installation and can be used once they ’ rhenium cured. The 1000 Series is recommended for commercial practice, while the 500 and 750 Series are arrant for residential settings .