Making Pizza is an absolute art, but did you know there are more ways than one to roll a dough ball ? According to renowned pizza chef, Johnny Di Francesco, some techniques to rolling a pizza dough ball can besides be used to make bread and mozzarella balls besides ! Join us as we take you through each proficiency one by one and choose which suits you most .
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How to Make PIZZA DOUGH BALLS like a World Best Pizza Chef
pizza dough ball
Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Bench space
Your hands !


  1. Once you have created your Neapolitan pizza dough and 2hr have passed, it’s time to make your dough balls.
  2. First step is to cut a piece of dough and weigh it on a scale aiming for 250g/8.8oz.
  3. Then, there are a few methods you can choose from to create the individual dough balls.
    1. Roll the dough on your bench in a circular motion until it starts to become round in shape. Then, slightly tuck in at the bottom and your dough ball is ready!
    2. Hold the piece of dough in one hand, with your three fingers only curled up into the bottom, keeping your thumb and index finger free. Use this hand to guide and your other hand to fold the dough in, turning it until you end up with a ball. Then, rub your hands on either side of the dough ball closing the bottom and tuck it in at the end.
    3. Another way to fold the dough ball, is to cut a long piece of dough and place it in one hand, turn it and let it come up through your thumb and your fingers. Keep pushing the dough in using the other hand to guide it until you end up with a ball on top which you then cut off.
    4. Place the portion of dough in front of you, pick up the side closest to you and fold it forward and over the top of the rest of the dough until it meets. Then, turn it around, so it is now vertical, and fold the part closest to you up and over again until it meets. Repeat this 4-5 times, making sure the seam is always facing the ceiling. Then, using your thumbs and index fingers on either side, press down from top to bottom, pick up the dough ball (all in one motion), then turn it upside down, holding it in one hand before crimping the bottom by pinching it in and twisting the ball and your dough ball will be ready.

pizza dough like a pro how to make pizza dough ball
E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate …Enjoy !

Use this Pizza testis hold proficiency to Make these pizzas :

neapolitan pizza dough johnny di francesco
cast iron pizza

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