How to stretch pizza dough

‘I’ve made my pizza dough, now how do I turn it into tasty pizza?’

Woah there eager beaver ! You can ’ t just take it out of the electric refrigerator and make pizza – it needs to relax first .

‘To what? Why?!’

Your brilliantly made pizza dough is full of little strands of gluten and this network of gluten strands is going to be close, and you need to let that bad boy relax – otherwise it ’ ll just form back on you when you attempt to stretch it .

‘It’s been out of the fridge 30 minutes but my pizza dough won’t stretch’

If you ’ ra finding the pizza dough wo n’t stretch then it needs more time at room temperature – this is a coarse lawsuit of unmanageable stretch .

‘Ah, I see! So how long do I do that for?’

That depends on a couple of things ; how much water is in your dough and how warm it is where you are. by and large, it ’ ll be around 2-4 hours but can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as 8 in a cool environment. You can check by gently poking a dough ball with your finger, if it springs back to human body straightaway away, that gluten is still excessively tight, if it holds the intrude a little longer, you ’ ra dear.

ampere well as your boodle recipe and environment playing a depart here you can besides make a choice to match your skill and confidence level.

‘How do you mean?’

A very relax dough ball will open very well but can besides be unmanageable to handle. If you ’ re a novice it can be advantageous to start with a less relax boodle. This will be ‘ harder ’ to stretch as in it ’ ll take a fiddling longer to open than with a more relax dough ball but with less relaxed gluten you ’ ll retain a lot more see over the opening process and are less likely to tear your dough .

‘Got ya. So dough balls are relaxed and ready, now what?!’

Get yourself a tub of flour, semolina, or a 50/50 blend of both. Different chefs like unlike things here but if you ’ re new to stretching pizza or having problems with it, semolina will make stretching a bit more forgive !

‘Anything else?’

Have all your toppings quick to go and make sure the airfoil you plan to open the pizza on is cool, clean and rid of any debris as this could tear the dough or hinder it going onto the peel by and by. If you ’ ra rocking any jewelry or funky fudge nails you credibly want to take them off excessively as they could tear your boodle during open. other than that, you ’ re ready !

‘This is all good advice, but what about the actual pizza stretching?!’

Ok all right, first, you want to flour your hand a little to allow you to gently lift the dough ball into the flour/semolina. Toss the boodle cautiously but thoroughly in the flour before placing it in movement of you. NOW we can talk about stretching your pizza !

‘About time!!’

Your relax, room temperature dough ball will be wide of gasoline and when opening the pizza you ’ re lightly pressing with the center three fingers on each hand to migrate that air out away from the center of the base toward the border to form a 1-1 ½ “ crust. At this stage don ’ triiodothyronine worry besides much about the size of the base, just sample and get that basic looking pizza form, however minor ! Once the air has been moved to the crust you can start making it larger.

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‘How do I do that?’

once you have the basic infrastructure you have a few options at your disposal – each of which I have given a farcical name for some rationality ;

Knuckle Duster

Pull the base onto your knuckles and raise it up to eye floor. With your knuckles now supporting the weight of the pizza you can move your hands apart lightly to stretch the boodle, rotating as you go until you have a happily unfold establish.

Steering Wheel

Lift the pizza up and hold it like a steering wheel in front of you, taking concern not to grip the crust itself. Pass the dough from hand to hand like you were feeding the bicycle on your beginning driving example allowing gravity to stretch the boodle for you. This proficiency can be particularly good to encourage less loosen boodle to begin stretching .

Wax On/Wax Off

With the crust formed and the boodle well floured on the surface, squeeze both hands inside the crust and rotate the basis whilst simultaneously pulling your hands away from each other to stretch the base to required size. Although a very unlike gesticulate this always reminds me of Karate Kid ( hence the name ! ).

much you ’ ll find a combination of boodle stretching techniques is a beneficial way to go. There is no right or ill-timed manner to stretch a pizza dough – test and error is all it takes and after a moment of practice you ’ ll find which proficiency works for you .
If you ’ re ready to go, check out our elementary pizza dough recipe, arrant for Roccbox and a cheery summer ’ second day .