Dangerous Side Effects of Eating Too Much Pizza — Eat This Not That

Is one slit ever enough ? While we know that having a pizza slice—or two—with a big side salad would be the best thing for weight loss, sometimes when you ‘re extra athirst, one slit turns to three or four slices…and before you know it, you ‘ve eaten means excessively much pizza. And while one night of indulging may not seem like a big deal, if you’re eating too much pizza on a regular, daily basis, there could be some dangerous side effects that happen to your body. We decided to dive deep into the inquiry behind the dangerous side effects of eating besides much pizza in order to better educate ourselves on what happens to our bodies when we do so. here ‘s what we found, and for more healthy corrode tips, be certain to check out our tilt of The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat right now.


Your risk of developing diabetes increases significantly.

thin crust veggie supreme meat pepperoni pizza Did you know a single slit of cheese pizza scores high in the glycemic index ? Because it ‘s full moon of elementary carbs and does n’t offer a hearty amount of satiating roughage or protein, the cheese pizza scores 80 out of 100—meaning it will cause a drastic blood boodle spike .
While a lineage sugar spike may not do much once in a blue moon, experiencing spikes on a regular basis can cause a higher gamble of developing diabetes, which can besides lead to heart disease, blindness, neuropathy, and kidney failure, according to Healthline .
however, if you were to order a vegetable sovereign pie, it ‘s alone 49 out of 100 on the index because of the total, goodly toppings .
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You’ll still eat more, and gain weight.

group eating pizza While this side effect may not seem dangerous, over time, it could cause your body some dangerous issues. One survey shows that consuming food that is high on the glycemic index can cause you to feel hungry after—which may lead to eating even more food, and soon, weight addition. Weight reach can lead to risks of developing ignition and chronic disease .
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Your body won’t be getting the necessary fiber.

eating pizza Why do you feel athirst after eating pizza ? Because your pizza is not high in roughage, which is a key food needed to feel full and help you lose slant. A few slices of cheese pizza wo n’t have any fibrous foods on it, and unless you ‘re pairing your pizza with a huge side salad or enjoying a pizza with a whole-grain crust, the character count of your meal will be ace minor. not getting adequate fiber in your diet can cause slant gain hanker condition, keep you feeling athirst, and cause digestive issues down the road .
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You’ll experience frequent constipation.

pizza box Between the overload of bread and cheese from each cut, you may have a harder time in the bathroom belated. Without character, your digestive system will be out of knock and cause you to be backed up in the bathroom later—which will be fabulously uncomfortable for you. Plus, constipation can cause severe bodily issues down the line, according to MayoClinic. sol if you ‘re eating pizza on a regular, even daily basis, you ‘ll be dealing with uncomfortable constipation frequently .


You’ll increase your risk of heart disease.

greasy pizza Between the high sodium content and the consumption of process meats, eating excessively a lot pizza on a regular basis can increase your risk of center disease. According to Pub Med, eating a draw of processed meats has been linked to heart disease, angstrom well as fleshiness and cancer.

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