10 Common Things That Are Way More Expensive In Alaska Than Anywhere Else In The U.S.

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10 Common Things That Are Way More Expensive In Alaska Than Anywhere Else In The U.S.

Living in Alaska is decidedly a sacrifice ; you have to brave the storm, be thousands of miles aside from the rest of your syndicate and get used to doing things like paying 5x as much for a food item than you did in the lower 48. The cost of living up here is not bum. however for those of us that live here and absolutely love it, it ’ s wholly worth it. We ’ d rather pay exorbitant prices for these things that are way more expensive in Alaska than anywhere else in the U.S, and be surrounded by like-minded people than be stuck in a concrete jungle any day ! Check out these 10 park things that are manner more expensive in the last frontier than anywhere else in the US .
During these uncertain times, please keep safety in judgment and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a subsequently go steady.

Flickr – Timothy Wildey Grocery stores in Alaska are much times called ‘General Stores ‘ because they have an categorization of grocery, hardware and life style items inside. They will lure you in with their cozy log-cabin style build up with charming alaskan adornments on the outside. That and, well – they very well might be the merely place in township to denounce. however, we will warn you now – make certain that you ‘re fix for the spine shock one you get inwardly. Living in Alaska international relations and security network ’ t brassy, that ’ mho for sure .

1. Milk

Flickr – Travis At that price, you ‘d be one step closer to figuring out how you can get a overawe or two shipped to the bush. many people don ’ thyroxine realize how expensive it is in to live in Alaska !

2. Olive Oil

Flickr – Travis $ 45.15 in Kotzebue and only $ 23.00 at Costco in Anchorage. Living off the grid away from the crowd surely does not come cheap, folks ! And on that same notice, we should very think about getting into the ship industry !

3. Frozen Pizza

Flickr – vofuth About 5x the price of anywhere else, be prepared to pay peak dollar for the olfactory property of an italian please. effective taste and authenticity is never guaranteed .

4. Subway

Flickr – James Brooks Love those $ 5 dollar footlong commercials that you see on television ? Well guess what ; they ‘re just fabricated when you live in Alaska. Be sure to look for those “ does not apply to residents living in AK or HI ” at the end of the commercial in size 8 font. BOO ! That ’ s the cost of animation in Alaska. even the advertise has to be different !

5. Or, all fast food in general.

Flickr – Wendy twice adenine much as the lower 48 ? amazing ! Worth it to live in Alaska though. For certain ! Our life style can ’ triiodothyronine be replicated anywhere else, so at least we have that going for us .

6. Water

Flickr – Travis equitable one of those mere items that you literally NEED to survive. You guessed it, no discounts here ! That bamboozle is looking reasonably quenching right about immediately …

7. Ice Cream

Flickr – Kim F They say that Alaskans eat more ice cream per caput than anywhere else in the USA. With these brainsick prices, we ca n’t help but to scratch our heads in confusion. That is precisely harebrained ! Although the price international relations and security network ’ thymine stopping us from buying .

8. Orange Juice

Flickr – Travis Kind of like the idea we had about brine in a cow, what do you think our chances might be of growing a tropical orange tree in the middle of rural Alaska ? credibly not very probable, unfortunately. Well … it looks like we will equitable have to get used to paying these prices to get our daily dose of Vitamin C. Ouch !

9. Jam and Jelly

Flickr – Travis The best part about this crazy price is that we can actually avoid paying it if we equitable go outside and collect our own delicious wild Alaska berries. Salmonberry or Gooseberry fix sounds a lot better than that pre-packaged stuff from who knows where. If only we did n’t have to worry about the price of sugar following …

10. Gas

Flickr – chuck t In general, we think that just about anyone and everyone survive in a rural function of Alaska can agree that gasoline is incredibly expensive. Playing hard on the ATVs or going out trench on the seawater or up the river is constantly a blast, but it does n’t come cheap. These prices here are in King Salmon. Just in encase you are n’t in the climate to do the agile mathematics in your head, that is basically $ 5.83 per gallon. Holy smokes ! And it alone climbs higher as the years pass. What do you think adjacent class ’ s gallon price will be ?
Have you had to buy any of these things that are more expensive in Alaska than anywhere else in the United States ? Did the monetary value jolt you ? Let us know in the comments below !
away from the very high prices, living in Alaska is decidedly the best place to be in the U.S. Rural Alaska in particular is particular for sol many reasons including the limited crowd sizes and the huge array of outdoor activities. If you don ’ thyroxine already agree, be surely to check out these 20 photos that prove rural Alaska is the best space to live and get ready to leave the city life behind .
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Things That Are More Expensive In Alaska

Is it expensive to live in Alaska?
Yes, overall Alaska is one of the more expensive states to live in in the stallion United States of America. Due to our location, and the necessity of shipping or flying everything in, our costs of goods and services is much higher than the average submit. You ’ ll see many Alaskans fishing, hunt, and foraging for goods that the country provides naturally to help offset this addition in living. We besides don ’ t have a country income tax, and our state residents get a part of the Permanent Fund Dividend, which can help offset the monetary value of living in this beautiful, but identical expensive, express.

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Does Alaska pay you to live there?
not precisely. The permanent Fund Dividend, or PFD, is a dividend paid to Alaskan residents that have lived within the state for one calendar year starting each and every January. It ’ s a constitutionally established permanent wave fund managed by a state-owned pot. It ’ sulfur paid into by vegetable oil revenues. It was established in 1979 and calm is in operation to this day. It is presently capped at a utmost of $ 1,000 per house physician, per annum .
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