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The A List 2021

In the year of the IPCC ’ s Sixth Assessment Report and COP26, the indigence for transformational, pressing and collaborative change across the world is more pressing than ever. environmental issues such as climate change, water risk and deforestation are interconnected, and companies must go further and faster to manage them together. These 270+ companies are leading the way to a net-zero, nature positive and equitable future.

200 companies have
made this year’s climate change A List

24 companies have
made this year’s
forests A List

118 companies have
made this year’s
water security A List

What is leadership?

By scoring companies from D- to A, we take them on a journey through disclosure to awareness, management, and ultimately to leadership. Our scoring measures the breadth of disclosure, awareness and management of environmental risks and best practices associated with environmental leadership, such as setting ambitious and meaningful targets. CDP is constantly evolving our disclosure and scoring system in reception to market needs and the rising importunity of the environmental challenges. access our freelancer and diaphanous methodologies through the links below .

Mainstreaming transparency

CDP scoring drives bodied foil and helps to guide, incentivize and assess environmental action. In 2021, a record-breaking 13,000+ companies representing all over 64 % of global market capitalization disclosed through CDP – 35 % more than final year, and over 141 % more than when the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015.

CDP ’ south questionnaires are in full aligned with the recommendations of the TCFD .

Growth in disclosing companies since 2003

From disclosure to action

Explore the benefits of disclosure, how to unlock the might of your issue chain, and how other companies are taking action in the environmental transition .

Explore the full 2021

The full moon specify of publicly available climate change, forests and water security scores can be explored below – use the search bar to view the score for specific companies or browse with the filter tools.

The sector column indicates whether the party was scored for their answers to sector-specific questions.
The full scores are better viewed on desktop devices.

Key for scores
A and A- | Leadership level
B and B- | Management level
C and C- | Awareness floor
D and D- | Disclosure level
F | Failure to provide sufficient information to be evaluated*
Not requested | The company was not requested to disclose by investors or its customers
See Another | The company ‘s data has been covered by its parent company ‘s answer
Not scored | The answer was not eligible to receive a score
Not available | The score is private to the company and any request customers the reception has been submitted to
Forthcoming | The score has not however been released * An ‘ F ’ indicates a failure to provide sufficient information to CDP to be evaluated for this aim. not all companies requested to respond to CDP do so. Companies who are requested to disclose their data and fail to do so, or fail to provide sufficient data to CDP to be evaluated will receive an F. An F does not indicate a failure in environmental stewardship.

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