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There ’ s no deny that pizza is already considered as a basic food in America. In fact, there are then many different purveyors of this dish that the internet can make their own exceed 100 lists of the best pizza restaurants around the area. Marco ’ s Pizza prices, franchisees, boodle, and bum season, however, help make the restaurant come out on circus tent. Crowned as America ’ s Pizza Chain of the year in 2019 by the Harris Poll EquiTrend Study that surveyed 77,000 people, it can be quite a reliable gauge on the public ’ mho stream taste in pizza. It ’ south very surprise, however, as it shouldn ’ metric ton be that easy to beat more democratic pizza chains. Looking at early lists, Marco ’ s doesn ’ thymine even get in the top 10 systematically, so what gives ? We ’ ll aid you find out below .
Below are the latest Marco ’ s Pizza menu prices .

Item Price

Build Your own pizza

10” Small Pizza $7.55
16” Extra Large Pizza $13.42
Large Build Your Own Pizza $12.38
Small Build Your Own Pizza $8.68
Medium Build Your Own Pizza $10.02
14” Large Pizza $11.42

small Pizzas

Small Deluxe Pizza $11.75
Small White Cheezy Pizza $11.75
Small All Meat Pizza $11.75
Small Chicken Fresco Pizza $11.68
Small Garden Pizza $11.75

Picked For You

12” Medium Pizza $9.42

Specialty Pizza Bowls

Build Your Own Pizza Bowl $8.30
Deluxe Specialty Pizza Bowl $8.30
All Meat Specialty Pizza Bowl $8.41
The Philly Bowl $8.40

medium Pizzas

Medium Deluxe Pizza $14.55
Medium White Cheezy Pizza $14.56
Medium All Meat Pizza $14.56
Medium Chicken Fresco Pizza $14.66
Medium Garden Pizza $14.42

boastfully Pizzas

Large Deluxe Pizza $17.38
Large Chicken Fresco Pizza $17.53
Large White Cheezy Pizza $17.38
Large All Meat Pizza $17.38
Large Garden Pizza $17.38


Greek Salad $6.47
Italian Chef $6.83
Chicken Caesar Salad $6.50
Family Greek Salad $10.06
Garden Salad $6.48
Regular Greek Salad $6.69
Family Garden Salad $10.02
Regular Garden Salad $6.64
Italian Chef Salad $6.61
Family Chicken Caesar $10.23
Garden $8.96
Regular Chicken Caesar $6.73
Family Italian Chef $10.23
Regular Italian Chef $6.73

peculiarity pizza

White Cheezy $12.37
White Cheezy Pizza $12.05
Deluxe Uno Pizza $11.90
Deluxe Pizza $12.11
All Meat Pizza $12.03
BBQ Chicken Pizza $11.57
Chicken Fresco $12.38
Chicken Fresco Pizza $12.06
Hawaiian Pizza $13.03
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza $11.92
Garden Pizza $12.08
Chicken Florentine $11.66

Pizza Bowls

Deluxe Pizza Bowl $9.70
All Meat Pizza Bowl $9.74
Garden Pizza Bowl $8.90


Chicken Club $6.00
Italiano $6.05
Italiano Sub $6.12
Steak & Cheese $6.03
Steak & Cheese Sub $6.36
Ham & Cheese $5.99
Ham & Cheese Sub $6.40
Pizza Melt $6.35
Chicken Club Tuscano Sub $5.84
Chicken Club Sub $6.25
Meatball Fabio Sub $5.91
Pizza Melt Sub $5.74
Meatball $6.02
Meatball Sub $6.18
Veggie Fresco Sub $5.91
Steak and Cheese Sub $5.82
Ham and Cheese Sub $5.85
Veggie $6.13
Veggie Sub $5.77


10 Piece Chicken Wings $8.87
15 Piece Chicken Wings $12.28
15 Piece Chicken Dippers $11.54


All Meat Calzone $7.91
Chicken Classico Calzone $7.87
Deluxe Calzone $7.78


Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie $6.99
Double Chocolate Brownie $6.61
Cinnasquares $4.77

local Delights

Pepperoni Magnifico Pizza $10.52
The Big Cheese Pizza $10.42
Barbq Chicken Pizza $12.75
The Works Pizza $12.96
BBQ Chicken $12.81
The Works $13.30
Grilled Chicken Florentine $12.83


Cheezybread $5.95
Side Banana Peppers $0.56
Meatball Bake $10.60
Chicken Wings $8.16
Chicken Dippers $8.05
Jalapeno Ranch $0.61
Side Pizza Sauce $0.64
Side Mayo $0.55
Side Roma Seasoning $0.55
Side BBQ Sauce $0.58
Garlic Butter Sauce $0.61

popular Items

All Meat $12.12
Cheezy Bread $5.88
Cinna Squares $4.82
Pepperoni Magnifico $11.64
Deluxe $12.25
Hawaiian Chicken $12.37
Chicken Caesar $6.76
Greek $6.76


Pizza Sauce Dipping Cup $0.72
Ranch Dipping Sauce $0.73
Hot & Spicy Sauce $0.55
Jalapeno Ranch Dipping Cup $0.74
Tangy BBQ Dipping Cup $0.72
Hot Sauce Dipping Cup $0.72
Vanilla Icing $0.61
Blue Cheese Dipping Cup $0.72
Jalapeno Peppers $0.58
Jalapenos $0.72
Banana Peppers $0.73
Vanilla Icing Packet $0.73
Ranch Dressing $0.72
Italian Dressing $0.70
Caesar Dressing $0.73
Greek Vinaigrette Dressing $0.73
Garlic Butter Dipping Cup $0.66


popular .

20 oz. Bottled Soda $2.03
Soda $1.94
Aquafina $2.00
Mist Twist $1.97
Mist Twst® $1.93
Sierra Mist $2.14
2 Liter Soda $3.23
Cherry Pepsi® $1.92
Mountain Dew® $2.03
Mug Rootbeer® $1.92
Pepsi® $2.11
Orange Crush® $1.92
Diet Pepsi® $2.04
Dr. Pepper® $1.99

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Founded in Oregon, Ohio in 1978 by Pasquale “ Pat ” Giammarco, an italian immigrant, Marco ’ s Pizza has quite a courteous authenticity claim to its Italian-American cuisine. As Giammarco moved to the US at the old age of 9, the restaurant he started was already a nice assortment of the cultures he ’ second companion with. As his class besides ran a pizzeria, he was already practically an diligence veteran when he started his own restaurant .
astir until 2002, Giammarco operated the chain as a family-owned business. It was not until the restaurant diligence luminary Jack Butorac found his restaurants did they realize the likely of the chain. While their stigmatization was discrepant, the pizza was the same in all 5 locations that Butorac visited. As they were all delicious, the adept thought that it was such a pine away of electric potential. He then convinced Giammarco to go national .
After Butorac took the reign in Marco ’ s Pizza ’ south expansion, the ship’s company grew exponentially in precisely a matter of more than a ten. today, they already have more than 800 locations around the ball. not bad for something that only actually started to open franchising in the early on 2000s .

What They ’ re Famous For

The most intrigue thing about Marco ’ s Pizza is the fact that they ’ re celebrated for the most basic stuff that they offer and not some gimmicky farce. They didn ’ t have to invent something new to catch the populace ’ s attention. They equitable cooked up the stuff that they ’ ve been cooking up for decades and those things put them on foodies ’ maps .
by and large speaking, there are three things that people hype about Marco ’ s Pizza. First is their dough. They ’ re baked fresh in stores every day so you ’ re guaranteed that they ’ re very fresh. They ’ re downy and buttery inwardly and is the perfect balance between being chewy and dense. Its consistency is not comfortable to achieve, making it quite a bang-up thing to bite into .
future is their three-cheese blend that they use on their pizza and Cheezybread. It ’ s a fantastic mix of provolone, muenster, and mozzarella, giving their pizza and Cheezybreads a preferably unique taste .
last is their pizza sauce. Developed by Giammarco and his founder for his restaurant, it only uses vine-riped Roma tomatoes aboard the early ingredients that make up an all-original recipe. Despite being used by the chain for decades now, diners can hush tell that it ’ s a homemade recipe, making Marco ’ s Pizza a feel more similar to a pizzeria than any other Italian-inspired pizza chain .

Why Eat here

If the things that made Marco ’ s Pizza democratic did not convince you to give this chain a try, these might just help you make up your mind and head to one of their nearby stores .

1. It’s a non-fussy, unpretentious pizza chain.

If you ’ rhenium tired of the juke italian pizzeria subject of other pizza chains, Marco ’ s Pizza will prove to be a breath of clean air for you. It has a very understate brand that some might even think it ’ s quite bland and characterless but it still actually works. The ease of their stores makes them a lot more steady than early chains with their busy interior decoration composed of checker mesa cloths combined iniquity wood and stone masonry .
certain, they feel more italian but they besides verge towards pretentiousness. Marco ’ s Pizza ’ s minimalism tends to feel more actual and stream even if it can be a set plainer than what you ’ re used to. Their restaurants are very running, however, with their open-kitchen layout, self-service beverage station, and their simple wooden furniture .

2. The food is undeniably good.

Chains tend to lose their original charm at some point but if you ’ ll sample Marco ’ s Pizza ’ south offerings, you can even tell that they used original recipes for most of their dishes. For starters, their dough is made fresh in stores daily. This is a huge plus because you ’ re guaranteed to get bracing and high-quality food.

It ’ south besides identical slowly to tell that the pizza sauce is made from a homemade recipe. The fact that they ’ re made from vine-ripened Roma tomatoes elevates their choice and pleasingness .
To learn more about Marco ’ s Pizza or to find a location near you, visit their web site at .