How Much is Dominos Pizza Inc (DPZ) Worth

This report will help you learn the net worth of DOMINOS PIZZA INC in 2021. You will find sections that display the most holocene weekly and quarterly values. You will besides find the best and worst weeks for DPZ with regard to market cap. There are 5 sections in this reputation. Below is a table of contents to help you navigate cursorily between the sections .

1How Much is DOMINOS PIZZA INC Worth?

Investors calculate web worth in two different ways leading to two different results. Both are different in approach and principle. The most common way to calculate web deserving for a certain menstruation is to multiply the number of outstanding shares with the average share price for the like time period. Investors normally call this as grocery store rate or market cap. We will be using this approach throughout this report. now let us see the most recent net deserving values of DOMINOS PIZZA INC based on the time frame of analysis of this composition. The net worth of DOMINOS PIZZA INC for the Week 52-2021 was $ 20.786 Billion. Below is a breakdown of the erstwhile calculation.
Number of great shares of DOMINOS PIZZA INC = 37130209.00.
The average share price of DPZ during the workweek 52-2021 = $ 559.82.
intersection of above two values = $ 20.786 Billion. DPZ ‘s final worth for the quarter Q3-2021 was $ 18.731 Billion. ( The calculation for quarterly net worth is similar to that for monthly value with one exception. We have used quarterly avg. partake price of DOMINOS PIZZA INC for calculation. ) The second approach to calculate internet worth is to find the difference between entire assets and sum liabilities. We can call this “ script value ” set about. however, we will be using the “ market measure ” method acting stated in the beginning paragraph of this section .


now let us see a chart tracking the net deserving for DPZ since the begin of 2021 till 2021-12-31. note : You know share price is a volatile system of measurement. net worth normally oscillates on lines with the plowshare price. Provided the count of outstanding shares does not change, higher share prices will drive up the market cap. The below chart uses the hebdomadally market cap values of DPZ .DOMINOS PIZZA INC Net Worth Weekly 2021 The below table contains a sample of data used to build the above chart. The second column displays the net deserving of DOMINOS PIZZA INC Corresponding to every week. The final column shows how the current workweek ‘s value fared against the former .

Week-Year Net Worth $ (In Billion) Net Worth-change From Previous Week
33-2021 19.197
34-2021 18.837 -0.36 (-1.878%)
35-2021 19.101 0.264 (1.399%)
36-2021 19.076 -0.025 (-0.133%)
37-2021 18.81 -0.266 (-1.394%)
38-2021 18.335 -0.475 (-2.524%)
39-2021 17.844 -0.491 (-2.676%)
40-2021 17.726 -0.118 (-0.659%)
41-2021 17.556 -0.17 (-0.962%)
42-2021 17.17 -0.386 (-2.2%)
43-2021 17.648 0.478 (2.782%)
44-2021 18.271 0.623 (3.532%)
45-2021 18.611 0.34 (1.862%)
46-2021 19.618 1.007 (5.413%)
47-2021 19.729 0.111 (0.567%)
48-2021 19.396 -0.333 (-1.686%)
49-2021 19.67 0.274 (1.411%)
50-2021 19.635 -0.035 (-0.179%)
51-2021 19.876 0.241 (1.228%)
52-2021 20.786 0.91 (4.58%)

3 DPZ Highest Net Worth In 2021

Want to know the flower attained by DPZ ‘s marketplace cap during 2021 ? here is your answer : Since the begin of 2021 cashbox 2021-12-31, DOMINOS PIZZA INC ticked the highest net worth of $ 20.786 Billion during the Week 52-2021. pinch This nowadays let us see the top 5 weeks for DPZ vitamin a far as the internet worth is concerned. The moment column lists the market cap values while the third column compares those values against the highest net worth .

Week-Year Net Worth $ (In Billion) Net Worth-change From Highest Value (%)
Week 52-2021 20.786
Week 51-2021 19.876 -0.91 (-4.377%)
Week 31-2021 19.804 -0.982 (-4.724%)
Week 47-2021 19.729 -1.057 (-5.084%)
Week 49-2021 19.67 -1.116 (-5.37%)

Below is a ocular representation of the top 5 net worth weeks of DOMINOS PIZZA INC .DOMINOS PIZZA INC - 5 Highest Net Worth Week

4DPZ Lowest Net Worth In 2021

The lowest web worth recorded by DOMINOS PIZZA INC during 2021 was $ 13.08 Billion during Week 9-2021. tweet This Below is a list of 5 lowest weekly values of DPZ ‘s net worth in 2021. The final column shows the difference between the list weekly values against the lowest one .

Week-Year Net Worth $ (In Billion) Net Worth-change From Lowest Value (%)
Week 9-2021 13.08
Week 10-2021 13.734 0.654 (4.996%)
Week 8-2021 13.859 0.779 (5.953%)
Week 11-2021 14.189 1.109 (8.48%)
Week 12-2021 14.42 1.34 (10.248%)

Below is a chart for low weeks of DOMINOS PIZZA INC ‘s net deserving corresponding to the data in the above table .DOMINOS PIZZA INC - 5 Lowest Net Worth Week

5 DOMINOS PIZZA INC Net Worth Compared To Top Countries

The final department is an interesting one. hera we are going to compare the net worth of DPZ with the GDP of some of the biggest economies. note : GDP or Gross Domestic Produce is the most normally used metric unit to assess the size of an economy. Every constitution and even individual has a role to play in improving and sustaining the GDP of the respective country. Higher the net income deserving of an organization, the greater will be the shock on GDP. The first column of the under table lists the country names. The second column contains the GDP values for the year 2020. The final column displays the 2021 net worth of DOMINOS PIZZA INC as a percentage of the GDP of the countries .

Country Name GDP $ (In Billion) DOMINOS PIZZA INC Net Worth ($20.786 Billion) Vs GDP (%)
United States 20936.6 0.099 %
China 14722.731 0.141 %
Germany 3806.06 0.546 %
India 2622.984 0.792 %

Observation: Which country’s GDP is closest to DPZ’s Net Worth?

DOMINOS PIZZA INC net worth is closest to the GDP of Afghanistan. ( The GDP of Afghanistan was $ 19.807 Billion. )


Investors and economists use the net worth metric to compare and evaluate organizations. ( This metric is a projection of the competitiveness of a company. ) We hope the above report card will help you do a similar competitive analysis for DOMINOS PIZZA INC. Recommended Report For Further Reading: Current analysis focussed on the recent internet worth of DPZ. If you wish to do a diachronic analysis spanning the by respective years, the historical market cap report of DPZ will help you .


We have validated the data to the best of our cognition. If you find datum inaccuracies charitable let us know using the liaison form so that we can act promptly .