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Where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chicago, is a repeatedly asked question our enlistment guides get from their guests after their tours. Pizza may be italian by origin, but it ‘s internationally known as an american food. And within this american staple, there is New York style and Chicago ‘s Deep Dish, but there are besides New Haven expressive style, Detroit ‘s double baked, and even a St. Louis local style .
While you are visiting Chicago – eating a abstruse serve pizza is a MUST. Deep dish in Chicago is like a religion. Some folks are deeply reverent and eat it weekly while others stick to Christmas and Easter to indulge and reflect .

What is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?


reportedly invented in the 1940s by Pizzeria Uno, deep dish pizza can be up to 3 ” deep allowing for a heap of tall mallow and tomato sauce. Being so midst, deep dish pizza crusts require longer cooking which could burn the toppings. For this reason, the pizza are assembled in the overrule order with the tomato sauce on top. It very is a pizza proto-indo european !
deep dish pizza starts with the boodle which is pressed into a circular steel pan that resembles a cake pan. After this initial bowl of thick boodle is created, it is filled with favored toppings like pepperoni, sausage, onions, olives, and k peppers. Loads of mozzarella cheese is added, of course. finally, the proto-indo european ( or cake ) is topped with tomato sauce .
You mustn ’ metric ton confuse deep cup of tea with stuffed pizza as that is a wholly different pseudo italian meal. Stuffed Pizza adds another level of dough after the cheese to create a elephantine pizza proto-indo european. normally there is a fix in the very center to vent the pie and sometimes there is tomato sauce on the very top .
“ My big fall is deep-dish pizza from Chicago. That is why I ca n’t go vegan – I ca n’t give up cheese. I ca n’t give up dairy. ” -Parvesh Cheena

Where to get the best deep dish pizza

There are many choices when looking for a big deep dish pizza place and every Chicagoan has their darling but as Fred Bertoli of Gino ’ s East Pizza said, “ Good rival makes everyone a winner ! ” Below are some of our favorites with some tips, hints, and a bit of history besides ! Thanks to the Instagram users who let us share their amazing pizza pics !
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Where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chicago
Pizzeria Uno’s
Original location: 29 East Ohio Street.  Nearest el: Red Line Grand
Established in 1943, by Ike Sewell and Rick Riccardo. in the first place, Sewell wanted to open a mexican restaurant to reflect the food of his Texan young person ; however, after eating a sample distribution meal, Riccardo got physically sick and was wholly turned off by the food. Riccardo suggested pizza as an alternative because he enjoyed it sol much in Italy. Sewell had his doubts because pizza international relations and security network ’ thyroxine as fill and he considered it an appetizer. After experimenting, a more hearty pizza that was thick, filled with cheese, sauce, and loaded with toppings. Pizzeria Uno ’ mho is considered the original deep serve pizza in Chicago !
The deep cup of tea is incredible with crisp crust that has a soft middle. It is charming localization in the heart of business district and surely kin friendly .
Cost: Deep Dish pizza from a personal pizza to a large pizza range from $ 14- $ 28 .
Lunch Special: Although this is not on the menu, there is a lunch limited ! individual pre-made deep dish pizza, with soup or salad M-F from 11am-3pm. cost : $ 8.50
Pro Tip: If Pizzeria Uno is besides busy- head across the street to Pizzeria Due. It is the like people- just a second location .

Lou Malnati’s
Downtown location: 439 N. Wells. Nearest el: Red Line Grand
The Malnati class worked at Pizzeria Uno. Rudy Malnati was the director at Pizzeria Uno and his son Lou Malnati managed pizzeria Due. After Rudy ’ s death, Lou decided to speculation out on his own opening Lou Malnati ’ s pizza in 1971 in Lincolnwood. apparently, Lou very liked the mind of opening an italian restaurant in a jewish region on an irish vacation. This pizza is fabulously delectable with cheese that stretches so much it resembles eating spaghetti .
Cost: Deep Dish pizza from a personal pizza to a large pizza scope from $ 7.75- $ 24.95
Lunch Special: Individual pre-made deep dish pizza with a soup or salad and your choice of pop music. monetary value : $ 8.95
Pro Tip: If you are gluten-free ( what a bummer ! ) then Lou ’ mho has a “ crustless ” pizza which is served with lean blimp as the base and then topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce .

Original location: 864 N. State Street. Nearest el: Red Line Chicago
Another family restaurant, Pizano ’ s was opened in 1991 by Rudy Malnati ’ s son Rudy Malnati Jr. Their deep smasher is compact and flavorful, but many people including Oprah consider their thin crust their favored. The Chicago Magazine says that Pizano ’ s is supernumerary limited because, “ In a State Street basemen, an 83-year-old lady named Donna Marie Malnati may represent our last link to the genesis of deep-dish pizza. The widow of Rudy Malnati-an early player at Pizzeria Uno- and mother of Pizano ’ sulfur Rudy Malnati Jr., Donna Marie spends her nights fashioning boodle balls from an old and secret family recipe. Whatever is in it, the recipe produces the most addictive thin crust in Chicago. Irresistible caramelized edges here and there give way to a buttery, pastry like base that recalls deep-dish without the arduous bulk. It ’ s got the clear-cut spirit of history. ”
Cost:   Deep Dish pizza from a little pizza to a large pizza range from $ 15.70 to $ 29.65
Lunch Special: Individual pre-made abstruse dish pizza. All day farseeing. $ 9.00
Pro Tip: There is another placement that is a 5 minute walk from Millennium Park and it closes at 2am !

Gino’s East Pizza
Original location: 162 E. Superior. Nearest el: Red Line Chicago.
River North location: 500 N. La Salle St.

This cryptic dish pizza topographic point was founded in 1966 by two cab driver ’ mho Fred Bartoli and Sam Levine and their grocer acquaintance George Lover De, who were frustrated with race hour traffic. It has become one of the top places to indulge in deep smasher with it ’ s celebrated gold corn-meal like crust. The original location is at Superior and Michigan off of the Magnificent Mile. Another great location is the River North Gino ’ s East which has an onsite brewery and a comedy cake upstairs called the Comedy Bar. If you love a good laugh, are over 18 ( age terminus ad quem at Comedy Bar ) and enjoy a local anesthetic brew : this rate is bang-up. Some of the brews are : bang-up Bam-Gino ( Cascadian Dark Rye ), Broken English ( Extra Special Bitter ), Witte Chicks Dig Me ( Belgian Witbier ), and LaSalle St. Lager ( traditional German Helles ). Beers range from $ 4- $ 7 and a beer flight is $ 7 .
Cost: Deep Dish pizza from a minor pizza to a large pizza range from $ 15.00 to $ 35.00
Lunch Special: Individual pre-made deep dish pizza, a small salad and a pop served M-F 11AM-2PM. cost : Under $ 10

Fun Facts: At the Mag Mile localization, be certain to bring a sharpie because graffito is encouraged on the walls, tables, and chairs. But not the toilet ! But the River North location is in a gorgeous old cable car Powerhouse build up from 1887. And it used to be the Michael Jordan restaurant .

Downtown location: 730 N. Rush. Nearest el: Red Line Chicago

Giordano ’ mho opened on the southside of Chicago in 1974 by Efren and Joseph but the history of their recipes begins in Italy with Mama Giordano ’ s beloved “ italian Easter Pie ”. This cup of tea was a double-crusted tall mallow stuffed enchant and what could be imagined as the start of what we called “ stuffed pizza ” today. Giordano ’ s is known for their celebrated stuffed pizza and more recently their connection to Derrick Rose, the Chicago Bulls basketball player. As Rose says, “ My city. My pie. ”
Cost: Stuffed and Deep Dish pizza from a humble pizza to a large pizza range from $ 15.50 to $ 35.00
Lunch Special: Individual pre-made abstruse dish pizza, a little salad and a pop served M-F, 11 AM-3 PM. price : $ 9.50
Pro Tip: Giordano ’ s has 10 different lunch special jazz band including the individual cryptic dish pizza, lasagna, a meatball substitute, chicken parmesan sandwich and a grill chicken salad. There is a new location of Giordano ’ mho on Navy Pier which is perfect for tourists who are exploring the pier !

2207 N. Clybourn Ave. Nearest el: Brown Line Armitage or Blue Line Division
Two words : caramelized crust. Burt Katz was the real initiate of caramelize crust and created an incredible pizza recipe to accompany it. The flavor is wide and the pizza is hearty. The original localization is the suburb of Morton Grove but the second Pequod ’ s location is near the pelvis vicinity of Wicker Park. This pizzeria is a sting far away from the business district area but surely worth a visit ! Katz open and owned a series of different pizza restaurants including : Dante ’ south, Gulliver ’ s, Pequod ’ randomness and then simply Burt ’ sulfur Place. All but one mention to a unlike literary character, can you guess what they are ? Pequod ’ s refers to Moby Dick, of class .
Cost: Deep Dish pizza without any toppings, from a small pizza to a boastfully pizza image from $ 11.75 to $ 18.55 .
Lunch Special: Individual pre-made thick dish pizza and a pop served M-F, 11 AM-3 PM. cost : $ 4.95
Fun Fact: Burt Katz took a short break from pizza to go into a business-related career ; however, he ended up quitting his job and returning to pizza. The day he quit was the last day he shaved his beard. That was in 1971 .

Other popular deep dish pizza places

  • Aurelio’s Pizza – known for a unique Chicago style thin crust pizza.
  • Rosati’s – “Five generations of great taste!”
  • Nancy’s Pizza – Nancy’s also claims to be the creator, and its signature dish, is the stuffed crust.

Chicago Pizza Tours

There are many companies in Chicago that offer dedicated Pizza Tours or even Chicago Food Tours with Pizza as a highlight. Since deep Dish is sol fill, it is unvoiced to commit to a fully go of chowing down, of path. here are a few of the food tour companies that highlight pizza :
Slice of Chicago Pizza Tours offers a two hour tour in River North area near the Mag Mile. The enlistment visits 3 out of 4 pizza restaurants ( Pizzeria Uno ’ mho, Giordano ’ sulfur, Quartino, and Pizzeria Ora ). At each visit, you get a sample of pizza but not a full slice thus that you can make it through the integral tour ! This is a seasonal worker tour that doesn ’ thymine operate on over the winter since it involves eating outdoors at a few of the stops. They recommend to bring a urine bottle and walk shoes of course. Cost: $ 50 per person .
Chicago Pizza Tours offers 3 different Pizza Tours including one that has adult beverages ! The cosmopolitan deep dish go is a busbar tour and stops at 4 different pizzia restaurants offering a full moon slice at each stop, so come athirst ! Since this tour commutes on a bus topology, it operates class long, rain or glow. Cost: Between $ 45- $ 85 per person .
Chicago Taste Buds Tour doesn ’ thyroxine offer a tour entirely dedicate pizza but offers a more general Chicago Food tour that includes a diaphragm at Pizano ’ randomness. This is great for tourist who want to try a small spot of everything. Stops include : Pizano ’ second Pizza, The Berghoff, Sugar Bliss Cake, Al ’ randomness Beef, and Fannie May Chocolates. Chicago Taste Buds are walking tours that run year long and operate rain or radiance. C ost: $ 55 per person .

If you can ’ t make it to Chicago and want to try our deep smasher pizza- there are many Chicagoans who have left our city and brought this delishious dish with them. But if you can ’ thymine find a proper pizza home, channel your inner chef and give this tutorial a judge !

Fun Chicago Pizza Facts:

  • Chicagoans eat their bass dish with a fork and tongue .
  • When ordering deep smasher carry out, the pizza is never pre-cut to prevent the sauce from leaking down and making the crust doughy .
  • When you order cryptic cup of tea – it takes AT LEAST 45 minutes to make. This is reproducible and every locate if it is made to order.

    Read more: Who Invented Pizza?

  • Most Chicagoans eat sparse crust on a regular basis and most thin crust in Chicago is cut in SQUARES, not PIE shapes !

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