Top Pizza Franchises

Pizza is constantly in necessitate with consumers, which means it provides plenty of thriving franchises. today ’ randomness best pizza franchises range from traditional manner of speaking outlets to trendy build-your-own pie restaurants. Get your cut of the thriving pizza market with our best pizza franchise tilt topped with the finest advice in the commercial enterprise. Pizza Hut and Domino ’ s may be the largest restaurant franchises, but you are not limited to them. here are 30 of the best pizza franchises.

1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut operates the most pizza franchises in terms of locations. The company enjoys a 58 year history of achiever, from its establish by brothers Dan and Frank Carney. apart from the brand recognition, Pizza Hut pioneered innovations including having a variety of formats from family-style dine-in to carry-out franchises. The company offers a few different types of franchise opportunities. however, the initial investment normally ranges from $ 297,000 to $ 563,000. The initial fee for a franchise is $ 25,000 .

2. Domino’s

Domino ’ randomness puts a singular wrench on its franchise for pizza with a focus on customer convenience. The company has been around for more than 50 years and has more than 17,000 franchises. This makes it the largest pizza company in the world. It has other offerings including wimp wings. Domino ’ s Pizza utilizes a simple technical school platform to facilitate on-line ordering with a streamline customer know from all its locations. Most franchise start by learning the ropes at a current Domino ’ s before purchasing their own store. The franchise fee is $ 10,000 and the initial investing ranges from $ 100,000 to about $ 600,000 .

3. Papa John’s

Papa John ’ mho remains one of the more democratic nationally brands and among the largest pizza franchise opportunities available. The name refers to fall through John Schnatter. The company offers both traditional and non-traditional franchise opportunities, indeed even those with access to unique venues or locations can consider it as an option. initial costs for an average-sized location compass from about $ 250,000 to $ 300,000. The franchise tip for a U.S. store is $ 25,000.

4. Little Caesars

little Caesars has been in business a long clock. Entrepreneur Mike Ilitch founded the pizza chain with fair one pizzeria in Metro Detroit in 1959. That modest workshop grew into an internationally recognized brand in 24 countries, making it one of the largest franchises in this niche. The caller prides itself on singular offerings, like its $ 5 Hot-N-Ready food and on-line ordering portals on the company web site. The initial investment can range from $ 250,000 to $ 335,500. And the franchise tip is $ 20,000 .

5. Marco’s Pizza

Marco ’ s Pizza presently has hundreds of franchises throughout the United States, with even more opportunities for growth in blue-ribbon markets. Both single and multi-unit franchises for a pizza restaurant are available. You ’ ll need to spend between $ 223,535 and $ 586,410 to get started with a traditional franchise location. The initial franchise tip is $ 25,000 .

6. Sam & Louie’s

Sam & Louie ’ randomness specializes in New York-style franchise of pizza. primitively launched in Oklahoma, this franchise quickly spread across nearby states and is now expanding throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company offers elastic purpose options to adapt its franchises to diverse communities. The full initial investment ranges from $ 331,500 to $ 474,700. And the franchise tip is 25,000.

7. MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza offers fast, dim-witted, and customizable pies. The ship’s company owns and operates most of its own stores. But it does collaborate with choice franchise partners who are concerned in developing multiple units. The franchise fee is $ 30,000. The initial investment ranges from $ 714,000 to $ 985,000 .

8. RedBrick Pizza

crimson Brick Pizza specializes in brick oven pizzas made with quality ingredients. The fast-casual restaurant chain provides respective unlike franchises to suit your community and customer base. You can besides choose between single and multi-unit franchises. The initial fee is $ 30,000 for a traditional cafe. initial costs range from $ 316,400 to $ 548,200.

9. Hungry Howie’s

Hungry Howie ’ s presently has more than 550 franchises across the U.S. The company provides opportunities for both individual and multi-unit franchises. The ship’s company offers train, a nationally distribution network, mobile and on-line platforms, and marketing aid. Costs to launch a Hungry Howie ’ s franchise falls between $ 200,000 and $ 375,000. The franchise tip for Hungry Howie ’ mho is $ 25,000 .

10. The Pizza Press

The Pizza Press is a restaurant chain that uses the concept “ publish your own pizza. ” Guests get to create their own customs pies and can finish their meal with ice skim treats. so franchise create a very know for the customers in their sphere. The company is presently seeking out developers seeking multi-unit franchises and those who are bequeath to expand internationally. The fee for one franchise is $ 35,000 and $ 28,000 for any subsequent units. entire costs to get going range from $ 300,000 to $ 645,000.

11. Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch has a dine-in / carryout restaurant model for its franchises with a focus on creating a welcome environment for guests. In addition to their pizza offerings, they besides serve fried chicken among other items. These franchises are equipped with FunZone arcades. The company provides trail, selling aid and ongoing support to franchisees. The total initial investment ranges from $ 1.3 to $ 3.4 million, with a $ 30,000 franchising tip. Single and multi-unit franchises are available .

12. CiCi’s

CiCi ’ second is a snack bar chain with 430 franchises across more than 30 states. The company provides commercialize digest, discipline and distribution. Incentives are available to veterans to make the initial investment easy. The upfront investment ranges from $ 686,445 to $ 1,033,180. The franchise fee is $ 30,000 with incentives available to bring that price down .

13. East of Chicago Pizza Company

East of Chicago Pizza Company is a Midwester pizza chain in business for more than 20 years. The company has a testify business model and a commitment to creating pizza and early food items with timbre ingredients. The initial fee is $ 20,000. upfront costs range from $ 162,000 to $ 463,000.

14. Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Uno ’ south is one of the best pizza franchises in the Chicago style. It offers full moon service franchises. Each restaurant has a casual theme, but offers numerous profit opportunities including salads, other menu items, and bar options. The franchise fee is $ 40,000. initial costs for these franchises range from $ 850,000 to $ 2.5 million.

15. Happy’s Pizza

happy ’ randomness Pizza chain provides delivery, carry-out, dine-in and cater options for customers. The company provides its franchises with help in train, veridical estate of the realm acquisition, marketing and more. glad ’ mho presently has franchises in Michigan, Ohio, Nevada, and California, and is looking for even more expansion opportunities. The initial tip is $ 25,000, with discounts available for those open multiple franchises. sum upfront costs range from $ 336,500 to $ 608,000. additionally, the company charges a flat monthly tip rather of collecting royalties .

16. My Pie

My Pie is part of the growing custom market. But the caller specializes in New York style. Franchise opportunities are presently available nationally. You ’ ll need between $ 190,000 and $ 545,000 in build-out costs depending on the number and type of franchises. The initial franchise fee is $ 35,000 .

17. Pieology

Pieology offers personalized pie ’ mho correctly from its on-line platform. The company presently has 130 franchises in 22 states. And they offer exclusive territories for newfangled franchises. The initial fee required is $ 25,000. upfront costs range from $ 458,500 to $ 874,500.

18. LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria

LaRosa ’ mho is known for its class recipe and invite atmosphere. With more than 60 years in business, the company presently has franchises in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. They offer delivery, dine-in, and even provide services, which provides diverse profit electric potential. The initial tip is $ 35,000. startup costs range from $ 400,000 to $ 950,000, again depending on the act and type of franchises you plan to operate .

19. Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy ’ sulfur has over 1,300 franchises in the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates that serve take ‘ n ’ bake pizza. The company provides trail and support to franchisees. And there are stream and future markets open to expansion around the area. The initial tip is $ 25,000. And inauguration costs range from $ 286,919 to $ 524,205 .

20. Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Russo ’ s New York Pizzeria brands itself as an “ upscale free-and-easy ” pizzeria. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients and kin recipes brought to the forefront by Chef Anthony Russo. Franchises offer sit down, takeout, rescue, and catering service. There ’ s a $ 39,500 initial fee. sum costs to start in one of these franchises range from $ 450,000 to $ 750,000 .

21. Ledo Pizza

Ledo Pizza is a Maryland based company that is presently offering franchises in choice markets around the U.S. The pizzeria offers a varied menu and on-line order options to increase customer loyalty. The initial fee is $ 30,000. Costs to start range from $ 126,000 to $ 442,000.

22. Pizza Factory

Pizza Factory is known for its fresh ingredients and community participation. The company boasts a hard family oriented polish, and offers discounts for veterans concern in operate on franchises. The initial tip is $ 30,000. Costs to start roll from $ 372,000 to $ 562,000 .

23. Rosati’s Pizza

Rosati ’ mho is another of the franchises specializing in authentic Chicago style offerings. The family owned caller provides train and aid with site choice and assorted other aspects of running your franchise. The initial fee is $ 35,000. And inauguration costs range from $ 136,200 to $ 1,241,000 .

24. Mountain Mike’s

batch Mike ’ randomness has been in operation for more than four decades. primitively opened in Northern California, the company looks to sell franchises throughout Southern California, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon. The franchise is known for its quality ingredients and ties to the communities it serves. The franchise fee is $ 30,000. The upfront costs range from $ 208,020 to $ 593,520 .

25. Vocelli Pizza

Vocelli Pizza specializes in craftsman pizza and early classic italian dishes. The company has been around for more than 25 years and falls into the growing fast fooling segment of franchises. Your initial costs can range from $ 156,000 to $ 330,900. The franchise tip is $ 30,000.

26. Kono Pizza

Kono offers a unique drive. The Kono Cone changes the stallion determine of traditional pies in an attempt to make it easier to eat. The company offers food truck franchises with low overhead and fluid business opportunities. The initial investing ranges from $ 25,000 to $ 150,000 depending on which model you choose. There ’ south besides a $ 25,000 tip for a single unit .

27. Fox’s Pizza Den

Fox ’ s Pizza Den is a class owned clientele that prides itself on being accessible to potential franchisees. The company ’ s $ 10,000 franchise tip and flat $ 300 per month royalty rate make it a fairly low-cost choice compared to other pizza franchises. total upfront costs range from $ 93,550 to $ 115,550 .

28. Jet’s

Jet ’ second is a Detroit style pizza restaurant that provides carryout and pitch. The company provides train, opening aid and ongoing support to franchisees. Jet ’ s charges a $ 25,000 franchise fee. And entire upfront costs range from $ 437,500 to $ 631,000. The ship’s company is besides open to those who want to convert existing restaurants into franchises.

29. Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza offers both dine-in and carryout and delivery franchise models. The party is known for its authentic ingredients and flexible business models. The franchise fee for both options is $ 25,000. For dine-in locations, total upfront costs range from $ 471,500 to $ 1,061,250. For carryout/delivery locations, those costs range from $ 327,300 to $ 510,250 .

30. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza offers firm serve and wood-fired pizza with choice ingredients at all its locations. Restaurants besides offer commodious features like on-line and fluid order and contactless pickup. The sum initial costs range from $ 319,800 to $ 858,000. The franchise tip is $ 30,000 per restaurant, or $ 20,000 for certify training stores. Some pizza chains were left off our list like Toppers Pizza which includes many company owned stores and Donatos Pizza founded by Jim Grote .

FAQs About Pizza Franchises

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