Mellow Mushroom Menu Prices for Pizzas – All Menu Prices

Mellow Mushroom is a know pizzeria in the United States, thanks to the Original Classic Southern pizza being created. If you are a pizza- fan and want to try some authoritative pizza, then Mellow Mushroom is a courteous place for you to go classical with your choices. here, we provide you with the variety of menu that Mellow Mushroom has along with its prices indeed that you can remain update about the change in dishes and prices .mellow mushroom menu prices imageMellow Mushroom Menu With Prices Image

Mellow Mushroom – A Higher Order of Pizza

Started in the year 1974 in Atlanta, by three college students, Mellow Mushroom became an moment favorite and attracted large crowd. The founders of the pizzeria, Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, and Marc Weinstein, started the pizzeria while they were hush in college. presently, Mellow Mushroom has over 150 locations in the United States and is placid expanding. The reason as to why Mellow mushroom gained instant fame, was due to its unique taste and classical refreshment of the pizza. It has a variety of pizza available, along with vegan pizza and gluten-free pizza. The pizzeria tied have separate menus for people with special needs and evening kid ’ sulfur menu, which makes it unique. Another matter to thing is that one can not find the same interior design in any of the chain restaurants, as each one is curated in separate hand made designs.

The prices of the dishes vary from location to placement, but vitamin a compared to other pizza restaurants, the prices of Mellow Mushroom is a bite higher, but once you visit it, you would find it desirable of the price. Below, you would get all the information about the menu and prices of this restaurant .

Mellow Mushroom Menu with Prices

The menu of Mellow Mushroom is categorized into unlike sections, which makes it easier for you to decide the dish that you want. consequently, the prices of pizza besides vary. so, below you would be getting all the information related to types of menu and its prices, and you can tied refer to this guidebook while ordering from Mellow Mushroom .

Menu Size Prices
House Pizza average $ 20.99
Veg Out boastfully $ 23.49
Holy Shiitake bombastic $ 25.99
Funky Q Chicken $ 12.99
Kosmic Karma bombastic $ 25.19
cheese Pizza big $ 16.99
Veg Out culture medium $ 17.49
Pacific Rim medium $ 19.99
House Pizza $ 12.99
Funky Q Chicken medium $ 20.99
tall mallow Pizza $ 8.29
Mighty Meaty large $ 25.99
Funky Q Chicken medium $ 20.99
Buffalo Chicken boastfully $ 25.99
Great White medium $ 19.99
Buffalo Chicken medium $ 20.99
House Pizza large $ 25.99
Mighty Meaty $ 12.99
Great White $ 12.49
Kosmic Karma $ 12.49
Veg Out $ 10.99
Kosmic Karma metier $ 19.49
Pacific Rim $ 12.49
Holy Shiitake medium $ 20.99
Pacific Rim boastfully $ 25.19
Funky Q Chicken large $ 25.99
Holy Shiitake $ 12.99
Mighty Meaty medium $ 20.99
Great White big $ 25.19
Buffalo Chicken $ 12.99
cheese Pizza medium $ 12.89

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Prices

The peculiarity pizza of Mellow Mushroom consists of some of the best pizza, available in little, medium and large sizes. The prices of the pizza change on the type or size of the pizza. Some of the favorites from this section are Kosmic Karma, Holy Shitake, Great White, and Funky Q Chicken. The prices from this section are of the range $ 7 to $ 25 .

Mellow Mushroom Lunch Specials

Menu Size Prices
Mighty Meaty large $ 25.99
Pacific Rim big $ 25.19
Great White little $ 12.49
Funky Q Chicken humble $ 12.99
Holy Shiitake small $ 12.99
Thai Dye Specialty Pie medium $ 19.99
Veg Out humble $ 10.99
Veg Out large $ 23.49
Kosmic Karma medium $ 19.99
Thai Dye Specialty Pie little $ 12.49
cheese Pizza large $ 17.00
Mighty Meaty medium $ 20.99
Buffalo Chicken large $ 25.99
Holy Shiitake large $ 25.99
Buffalo Chicken medium $ 20.49
Funky Q Chicken medium $ 20.99
Great White large $ 25.19
Kosmic Karma minor $ 12.49
cheese Pizza little $ 8.50
House particular large $ 25.19
Holy Shiitake medium $ 20.99
pepperoni small $ 9.80
Pacific Rim medium $ 19.99
Great White average $ 19.99
pepperoni bombastic $ 19.75
Buffalo Chicken humble $ 12.29
Veg Out medium $ 17.49
Mighty Meaty small $ 12.99
House extra modest $ 12.99
Kosmic Karma big $ 25.19
cheese Pizza medium $ 13.00
Funky Q Chicken large $ 25.99
Thai Dye Specialty Pie boastfully $ 25.19
Pacific Rim small $ 12.49
pepperoni medium $ 15.00
House particular medium $ 20.99

Mellow Mushroom Specials – Build Your Own Pizza

You can even build or make your pizza in Mellow Mushroom. All you have to do is choose the base and the toppings you need, and the chef would make it for you. This finical section is one of the most arouse parts of the Mellow Mushroom ’ s menu as it allows the chef american samoa well as the customer to experiment on the dishes .

Menu Prices
cheese Pizza ( Medium ) $ 11.99
Pepperoni ( Small ) $ 9.48
Pepperoni ( Medium ) $ 13.99
cheese Pizza ( Small ) $ 7.99
Pepperoni ( Large ) $ 17.00
Byo Pie ( Medium ) $ 11.99
tall mallow Pizza ( Large ) $ 14.25
Byo Pie ( Large ) $ 14.25
Byo Pie ( Small )

$ 7.99

Mellow Mushroom Salads Price List

The salad menu of Mellow Mushroom consists of Caesar salads and the chef ’ s special, along with other types of salads. The prices of the salads vary according to the size of the salad that you are ordering .

Menu Prices
New Bangkok Salad with Chicken $ 10.99
Chef Salad Lil ’ $ 5.99
Enlightened Spinach Salad Lil ’ $ 6.29
Caesar Salad Lil ’ $ 5.99
Enlightened Spinach Salad Regular $ 9.39
Caesar Salad Regular $ 8.99
Chef Salad Regular $ 8.99
House Salad Regular $ 6.99
greek Salad Regular $ 8.99
House Salad Lil ’ $ 4.50
greek Salad Lil ’ $ 5.99
New Bangkok Salad with Tofu $ 10.99

Mellow Mushroom Price List of Munchies

In this particular section, you would get munchies of versatile types such as Garlic cheese bread and meatball trio, which you can rate as a side dish with your meal. The price ranges from $ 4 to $ 8 and has a diverseness of options.

Menu Prices
Pretzels ( Half Parmesan ) $ 4.99
Pretzels ( Whole Parmesan ) $ 7.99
Magic Mushroom Soup Bowl $ 5.95
Garlic Cheese Bread ( Cheese ) $ 4.25
Spinach Artichoke Dip $ 6.99
Pretzels ( Half Salted ) $ 4.99
Pretzel Bites $ 9.95
Garlic Cheese Bread ( Pesto Garlic ) $ 4.95
Bruschetta $ 7.99
Pretzels ( Whole Salted ) $ 7.99
hummus $ 6.25
Meatball three $ 7.45
Garlic Cheese Bread ( Pepperoni ) $ 4.95

Mellow Mushroom Prices for Sandwiches

Yes, Mellow Mushroom even has sandwiches in its menu and has quite some options in it. You can get the Country Club sandwich or the Chicken Caesar Wrap, which is highly preferred by the customers from this menu .

Menu Prices
country Club $ 7.99
Mellow Chicken Salad $ 7.99
California Club $ 7.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap $ 7.99

Mellow Mushroom burgers Menu Price List

People normally think that a pizza station might not have burgers, but Mellow Mushroom proves them wrong by providing the two most celebrated burgers of the post : Byo hamburger and the Ritz burger, which are of the price crop $ 10 to $ 12 .

Menu Prices
BYO Burger $ 11.99
Ritz Burger $ 9.99

Mellow Mushroom menu for Calzones

Calzones are oven pen up pizza, and as Mellow Mushroom is a pizzeria, it evening has a incision dedicated to Calzones. It has Chicken Calzone, Steak Calzone, Cheese Calzone, and many more options. The prices are quite moderate, and you can have it as a bite besides .

Menu Prices
cheese Calzone $ 8.99
Chicken Calzone $ 12.49
Veggie Calzone $ 10.99
The Sausagefest Calzone $ 12.49
Steak Calzone $ 12.49

Mellow Mushroom Hoagies Price List

Hoagies are submarine sandwiches, and you can get a assortment of such sandwiches in Mellow Mushroom, like the Avocado bomber, Chicken and Cheese Hoagie, and many more, at unlike sizes and prices .

Menu Size Prices
shroom club hale $ 10.49
Meatball Hoagie half $ 6.49
Meatball Hoagie whole $ 9.99
Avocado Hoagie whole $ 9.99
Tofu Hoagie whole $ 10.49
Chicken & Cheese Hoagie one-half $ 6.99
Tempeh Hoagie solid $ 10.49
Avocado Hoagie one-half $ 6.49
Steak & Cheese Hoagie half $ 7.49
italian Hoagie half $ 6.99
Chicken & Cheese Hoagie hale $ 10.49
italian Hoagie unharmed $ 10.49
Tofu Hoagie half $ 6.99
Tempeh Hoagie half $ 6.99
mushroom golf club half $ 6.99
Steak & Cheese Hoagie whole $ 11.49

Mellow Mushroom Kids Menu

The kids ’ menu of Mellow Mushroom is curated in a manner such that alimentary and delicious dishes are served to kids. In this menu, you would find dishes such as Kids Mac & cheese and Kids pepperoni cheese bread at a moderate price compass .

Menu Prices
Kids Mac & Cheese $ 5.50
Kids Pepperoni Cheese Bread $ 5.50
Kids Pretzel $ 5.50
Kids cheese Bread Pizza $ 5.50
Kids meatball $ 5.50

Mellow Mushroom Sweets Menu Prices

Mellow Mushroom even has its own sweets section, consisting of some delectable desserts at a reasonable price. Desserts such as Triple chocolate lump cookie and Mary Jane ’ s double cocoa elf can be found in this section .

Menu Prices
Mary Jane ’ s Double Chocolate Brownie $ 3.00
ternary Chocolate Chunk Cookie $ 2.49
Reese ’ randomness Peanut Butter Cookie $ 2.49
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $ 2.49

 Mellow Mushroom Extras Prices

This particular section of the Mellow Mushroom menu consists of extra items that one might require along with their meals. It consists of chips like Jalapeno chips and Bbq chips

Menu Prices
regular Chips $ 1.69
Jalapeno Chips $ 1.69
Beer Cheese $ 2.49
Salt & Vinegar Chips $ 1.69
BBQ Chips $ 1.69

Mellow Mushroom Price List of Pretzels

Menu Prices
hale Parmesan $ 7.99
Whole Salted $ 7.99
half Parmesan $ 4.89
half Salted $ 4.89

Mellow Mushroom Garlic Cheese bread Prices

Menu Prices
oven Roasted Wings ( Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked ) 10 connecticut . $ 10.49
Pesto Garlic $ 4.99
oven Roasted Wings ( Mild, Hot, Thai Chili, Jerk, BBQ, Naked ) 5 connecticut . $ 6.49
pepperoni $ 4.99
tall mallow $ 4.59
Split Wings $ 10.49

Mellow Mushroom Drink Menu

The drinks menu of Mellow Mushroom consists of assorted drinks such as coke, diet coke, and gratifying tea. You can add any drinks along with your meal from this section .

Menu Prices
Sweet Tea $ 2.49
coke $ 2.49
Diet Coke $ 2.49
Unsweet Tea $ 2.49
fairy $ 2.49
coca cola Zero $ 2.49

Mellow Mushroom Catering Menu

Mellow Mushroom has its cater services, which one can avail at any time. The prices of cater services vary according to the type of dishes chosen .

Mellow Mushroom Nutrition Facts

The Mellow Mushroom Menu Nutrition consists of gluten-free and vegan dishes excessively, which clearly states the alimentary charts that the restaurants follow. You can get the complete nutriment details on the official web site of Mellow Mushroom. If you are on diet and calorie-conscious you can refer the detail Mellow Mushroom Nutrition Info before your place an order .

Mellow Mushroom Gluten Free Menu

Being health-conscious does not mean that you have to stop eating your favored food. You can still have your favorite pizza, and Mellow Mushroom makes certain that you healthily get your pizza. The gluten-free menu for pizza by Mellow Mushroom consists of Kosmic Karma and Mighty Meaty, which are the most prefer pizza, along with other pizza .

Menu Prices
Veg Out GF $ 11.99
BYO Gluten-Free Pie $ 10.50
Kosmic Karma GF $ 14.99
House Special GF $ 14.99
Mighty Meaty GF $ 14.99

Mellow Mushroom Allergen Menu

You have a opportunity to avoid allergen ingredients just by selecting them from Mellow Mushroom Allergen Menu. If you are allergtic to ingredients like Animal products, peanuts milk, eggs, Shellfish, Wheat etc ,

Mellow Mushroom Vegan Menu

Mellow Mushroom even has a vegan menu, consisting of dishes that are a pure vegan, like the celebrated vegan pizza. The prices of the dishes in this segment is different than the regular menu

 Mellow Mushroom contact details

One can contact Mellow Mushroom through its social media websites on Facebook and Instagram. The official web site of the party hypertext transfer protocol : // has all the contact details, which you can go through. Headquarter: 5375 Drake Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30336, United States. Official Web site: hypertext transfer protocol : //

Mellow Mushroom Near Me

Want to explore best always pizza ’ south and not aware of nearest mellow Mushroom Store, here is the solution. With this Mellow Mushroom Store Finder, you can easily find out nearest mellowly Mushroom Store .

Mellow Mushroom hours

The work hours of Mellow Mushroom are from 11:00 am to 11:00 phase modulation from Monday to Sunday. The hours might differ by a few minutes based on the locations .


What time does Mellow Mushroom close? Mellow Mushroom closes at 11:00 phase modulationWhat time does Mellow Mushroom open? Mellow Mushroom opens at 11:00 amDoes Mellow Mushroom deliver? Most of the Mellow Mushroom does have the facility of home deliveryDoes Mellow Mushroom take reservations? No, Mellow Mushroom does not take any reservationsDoes Mellow Mushroom have gluten-free pizza? Yes, mellow mushroom does have gluten-free pizzaDoes Mellow Mushroom do take out? The Mellow Mushroom which does not have delivery facilities, have “ take out ” featureDoes Mellow Mushroom sell pizza by the slice? Yes, laid-back Mushroom does sell pizza by the sliceDoes Mellow Mushroom serve beer? No, Mellow Mushroom does not have a beerIs Mellow Mushroom expensive? Yes, Mellow Mushroom is expensive as compared to other pizza restaurantsWhere did Mellow Mushroom originate? Mellow Mushroom originated in AtlantaHow many Mellow Mushroom locations are there? presently, there are over 150 Mellow Mushroom restaurants

Who owns Mellow Mushroom? Mellow Mushroom is owned by Rocky Reeves, Mike Nicholson, and Marc WeinsteinHow to order vegan at Mellow Mushroom? You can order from the vegan menu of Mellow Mushroom

Final words

Mellow Mushroom is celebrated for its delectable pizza, and one should visit it. The restaurants besides have vegan and gluten-free dishes for the customers. Hope you find this Mellow Mushroom Menu With Prices helpful to explore the best always dishes. felicitous Visiting.. ! ! !