Which Frozen Pizza Reigns Supreme? We Put 6 Pies to a Taste Test to Find Out

Which Frozen Pizza Reigns Supreme? We Put 6 Pies to a Taste Test to Find Out

sometimes, it calls to you from the freeze food section of the grocery store store .
You know there ’ randomness pizza down there .
But with thus many options, so many toppings and such varied prices, how do you even know where to start ?

This international relations and security network ’ t like dialing your local pizza shop class for delivery and know you ’ ll get a solid pie made with some modicum of care. When you buy a frozen pizza at the grocery store, the onus is on you to not burn it to a crisp before it gets anywhere near your plate.
If a pizza involves work on your share ( beyond scrambling to find a few unironed dollar bills so you can tip the manner of speaking guy ), it makes feel to get a good deal on it .
So we put our penny Hoarders to the test : A group of five staffers each tried bites of six frozen pizzas that cost less than $6 each. They rated each pizza on taste and guessed what the pizza would cost at the store, as we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate tell them the price limit we set for each freeze specimen .
Some even guessed the brands they were tasting .
Which pizza won out ? Which pizza cost the least ? Read on .
Frozen pizza

1. Amy’s Cheese Pizza

We paid : $ 5.98
Penny Hoarder price guess : $ 3.86
Penny Hoarder grudge ( out of a possible 5 ) : 1.5
possibly we shouldn ’ t have started our staffers off with a left-field newcomer like Amy ’ south, which touts constituent tomatoes and flour among its ingredients. When our staffs ranked this pizza on a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest, Amy ’ s couldn ’ metric ton break a two .
“ It ’ s spongy, ” Khiem Nguyen, senior Facebook betrothal editor program, said. “ I ’ meter thoroughly disappoint. He ate the whole sample distribution slice, precisely to be sure .
Editorial intern Jacquelyn Pica and bookkeeper Natalie Williams didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate manage for the component ratio. “ I just preference sauce, ” Pica noted .
“ There ’ mho not a a lot cheese, ” Williams mused as she gazed at her plate. “ I prefer more cheese than sauce. ”
Great. These discerning tastemakers/picky eaters were off to a fantastic get down .

2.  Tombstone Five Cheese

We paid : $ 3.97
Penny Hoarder price think : $ 5.40
Penny Hoarder score : 3.5
Tombstone pizza doesn ’ t even come in a box — fair a slab of cardboard and shrink-wrapped plastic — but our panel was amazingly upbeat .
senior writer Dana Sitar gave this pizza a full five stars. “ I ’ ve had this before. I like the season. The cheese is perfective, ” she declared. “ It tastes like it ’ randomness more expensive, like it comes in a nice box. ”
“ I ’ m a fixed pizza connoisseur, it ’ randomness going to be hard to trick me, ” editor program Robin Hartill said when she settled in for her taste. She gave Tombstone a grade of four and guessed it would cost $ 6, “ Or a similar price to a fiddling Caesars Hot-N-Ready. ”
Frozen pizza

3. Freschetta Brick Oven Crust 5 Italian Cheese

We paid : $ 4.98
Penny Hoarder price guess : $ 4.80
Penny Hoarder seduce : 3.6
If any pizza could get a “ meh ” score, it would be this one .
“ It ’ s about like Domino ’ s Cheesy Bread alternatively of pizza, ” Hartill noted, making another reference to a pizza post nowhere near anything we were tasting that day. Stop trying to elevate my frozen pizza, Hartill .
“ This is a bunch more budget, ” Sitar said. “ It looks like college pizza, and it tastes like it, too. ” When I asked her to guess how much it costs, she didn ’ thymine mince words. “ $ 5 for 5. ” Ouch .
Pica gave Freschetta a four for having “ the best tall mallow, ” and Nguyen and Williams ( who estimated the price at a whack $ 7 ) agreed .
“ The burn tall mallow tastes very effective, ” Nguyen nodded, a backhand compliment to the chef ( me ) .

4. Newman’s Own Thin and Crispy Four Cheese

We paid : $ 5.48
Penny Hoarder price guess : $ 3.75
Penny Hoarder grudge : 1.8
I ’ meter regretful, fine-looking, deceased Paul Newman. I equitable need to stack all these pizza quotes here for impact.

sitar : “ This is more like garlic bum bread. It ’ mho all right. It ’ s not even pizza. ”
Hartill : “ I ’ megabyte not a bad winnow of it, so far I know I ’ ve had this many times. It tastes very familiar. ” interim, she would not even admit a price she would expect to pay for this pizza. “ Zero dollars, ” she hissed .
Nguyen : “ It ’ sulfur got a nice pungency. It ’ sulfur crisp on top. No real season, though. just good mouthfeel. ”
pica : “ It looked crisp, but this cheese is not. It ’ s disappoint. ”
Williams : “ I like the season, but the pizza is not so great. ”
file under : sad trombone .

5. Red Baron Four Cheese

We paid : $ 3.50
Penny Hoarder price guess : $ 5.20
Penny Hoarder grudge : 2.9
After their scathing remarks about their fourth sample distribution, the tasters seemed restless .
Hartill continued with the hard-to-follow references. “ It tastes like something you ’ five hundred make at a bowling alley, ” she said of Red Baron ’ s proto-indo european .
Sitar first gear said she liked the sum of cheese, then decided she wanted more cheese. “ But it tastes like a adept cheap pizza, ” she concluded .
“ It ’ s just bread and tomato sauce, ” Nguyen said, dismissing the Red Baron pie. “ I mean, I ’ ll eat it. I ’ thousand eating it, ” he said as he finished his slice. “ But it has no real relish. ”

6. DiGiorno Original Rising Crust Four Cheese

We paid : $ 5.47
Penny Hoarder price estimate : $ 6.99
Penny Hoarder score : 3.9 (Winner, winner pizza dinner!)
DiGiorno was the breadiest of them all, which about fooled our tasters .
“ It looks like not quite a freeze pizza, ” Sitar said. “ Almost like you could get it at a restaurant. She gave it a four rate, but called it a fiddling politic. Her price guess ? $ 8. high roller .
Hartill was convinced from first glance. “ I ’ molarity reasonably certain I know which one this is, ” she said, smiling. “ Freschetta. ” She gave it a 4.5 rat and guessed it cost $ 7.99 .
Williams besides gave this proto-indo european high marks, with a rating of 4.5 and a price guess of $ 6. “ This one is credibly my favorite, ” she said .
But they were all surprised when we revealed which proto-indo european was which — and the brand that won. It was about as if they were disappointed that one of the biggest names in the frozen pizza game — and arguably the one with the most memorable ads – beat out so many early options .
But DiGiorno has secured its put in our bellies ( and wallets ) .

OK, Pizza Lovers. What Did We Learn?

Our lessons are bare, so far about profound :
You can get decent frozen pizza for cheaper than you think .
Don ’ thyroxine expect the highest price you see to guarantee a dependable cheese-to-sauce proportion or overall taste gratification .
And never call yourself a freeze pizza connoisseur unless you come to the tasting table with the ultimate confidence .
Your Turn: Which frozen pizza is your favorite?
Lisa Rowan is a writer and producer at The Penny Hoarder, covering mostly pizza-related topics. She burned herself twice while making six pizzas.

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