Is homemade pizza cheaper than takeout pizza?

Updated June 2021
Can a homemade pizza beat the $ 5.55 pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar ’ s or a $ 7 fixed pizza ?
Does Homemade Pizza Save Money?
I ’ thousand going to bust out of my common don ’ t-sweat-the-details-or-be-very-precise mood of operation and account this down to the final penny .
ready ?

Crust Ingredients

here are the ingredients that I use to make the crust of my pizza .


I broadly buy my flour when it ’ second on sale, so a 5-pound bag costs around $ 4. That means each cup costs $ 0.20, and the four cups necessary for the pizza dough add up to $0.80.
If you use a cheaper brand of flour, this could easily be equally fiddling as $ 0.40. But I actually like my King Arthur bread flour for pizza boodle, so I splurge .


The teaspoon and a half called for in the recipe costs a small less than $0.008. In other words, it ’ south negligible. We can just round it up to a penny to make things easy !


I use plain old tap water system, which is so cheap, it ’ second much free. I ’ ll throw in a penny, but I kinda doubt it costs even that much .


Because I buy mine in bulk, each “ package ” ( 2 1/4 teaspoons ) costs $0.03.
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate buy yours in majority, though, your pizza boodle is going to be WAY more expensive. individual packets of yeast are craaazy expensive .

Olive Oil

I think this bottle costs around $ 3.50 ( I can ’ metric ton find my acknowledge ! ) which means that 2 tablespoons monetary value $0.21.

So, the cost for two pizza crusts is $1.06.

And that ’ s even with olive oil ( not canola or corn ) and expensive King Arthur flour .
Huh .
Henceforth, I will not even blink at the price of my King Arthur pizza flour, because $ 0.53 for a pizza crust is a screaming dicker .


I ’ m just going to calculate this for tall mallow pizza because then you can simply add on the cost of the toppings to compare .

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Tomato Sauce

A jolt of tomato sauce costs me $ 1.19, so the cup I need for the pizza costs $0.40.


An 8 snow leopard forget of mozzarella is $ 1.79. I generally use the hale thing for two pizza, so that ’ mho coming in at $1.79 .
therefore, the toppings for two tall mallow pizzas sum $2.19.

Total Ingredient Cost

The total monetary value of ingredients for two tall mallow pizza is $3.25, or $1.62 per pizza.
That ’ south pretty impressive. I thought it would add up to a distribute more .

Electricity Cost

This is a little unmanageable to calculate, but when I figured the price of a loiter of homemade bread, I found out that an hour of 350° bake at $ 0.12/kwh costs $ 0.24 .
For this recipe, though, I have to heat the oven to 500° and it has to stay there for a good hour .
I imagine this would cost possibly double what an hour of 350° bake costs, then I ’ meter going to go with $0.50.

Total Homemade Pizza Cost

$3.25 for ingredients
$0.50 for electricity

$3.75 for two pizzas, or $1.87 per pizza.

thus, that means I could add $ 3.68 worth of toppings to each of my pizza before they ’ five hundred reach the Little Caesar ’ s $ 5.55 flat .
homemade pepperoni pizza
I know for certain that I don ’ metric ton add $ 3.68 worth of pepperoni ( a whole package alone costs about $ 3. ) or vegetables ( mushrooms and peppers are very bum ! )
So it ’ s safe to say that my homemade pizza are indeed cheaper than Little Caesar ’ second .
And they even beat the superintendent cheap freeze pizza ( you know…the classify that have about no tall mallow on them ! )
Plus, homemade pizza produce less trash overall than freeze pizza do .


Homemade pizza, even with the cost of electricity factored in, is laughably low-cost .
however, it does take some fourth dimension to make .
Most of it is hands-off time, though ( oven heat, dough rising ), indeed equally farseeing as you ’ re at family already, it won ’ t feel like it takes that long .

If, however, you ’ re working outside the home plate and don ’ t have long to prepare dinner, the rising time and oven heating time could feel actually inconvenient .
so, freeze or takeout pizza could look very appealing .
besides, if you ’ re choosing not between homemade and flash-frozen pizza but between frozen/takeout pizza and eating out, then of course the frozen/takeout option is broadly the more budget-friendly option .

But if you’ve got the time, homemade pizza is the cheapest way to go.