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If you ’ ra concern in a wood fired oven, there are options for every budget. This article has some inhalation and price comparisons for each type. So how a lot does a pizza oven actually cost ?
As for the prices, I ’ ve gone for US dollars for the majority of readers – but in the promise that even if it doesn ’ thymine apply to you, you can at least use it as a comparison for your own currency. so in a nutshell :

The estimated cost of a pizza oven based on the different methods:

  • Buying a portable oven: $300-$1000
  • Buying a premade oven: $1000-9000+
  • Building your own clay or cement oven: $275-350
  • Building your own brick oven: $950+

If you are thinking of building a wood fired oven, here are the estimate costs :

  Clay Clay and insulation Vermiculite Concrete Brick
Dome $100 $100 $80 $700
Dome support $15 $15 $15
Dome Insulation $5 (straw) $40 (vermiculite) $60 (fire blanket)
Hearth $75 $75 $75 $75
Hearth Insulation $20 (vermiculite) $20 (vermiculite) $60 (calcium silicate)
Waterproofing $30 $30 $30
Chimney $50 $50 $50 $50
Tunnel $25 $25 $25
TOTAL $275 $355 $295 $970

I ’ ll break down the price of the different methods, and you can pick the one which best suits your budget, willingness and skill .
As with most things in life, you can do it yourself and be resourceful with the materials if you are on a budget. Or you can splash out the cash and pay person to make one or deliver proper to your doorsill in a few days .
If you decide you want to buy, then check out my pizza oven buyers guide article I did which explains all the necessity tap when buy .
so firstly…

Buying A Portable Oven

A portable pizza oven is literally that – you don ’ t have to fix it in one place in your garden, and you can pack it up and take it to your neighbour, the beach, go camping or store it away easily .
They normally aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate made out of bricks, so they are smaller and light weight. As for fuel, they can burn woodwind, woodwind pellets, or boast and can heat up much faster than a traditional clay oven .
You might think that they wouldn ’ thyroxine be able to reach those gamey temperatures to rival a clay oven, but you would be wrong. Infact, they can get mighty up to the highest temperatures and cook a pizza in 60-90 seconds .
The downsides ? You don ’ thymine get that rustic brick oven that looks big in your backyard, as most are metallic. But some have very great designs which you can see below. And they are besides obviously smaller, so it ’ mho always one pizza at a time .

The Ooni

One of the beginning portable pizza ovens was the Ooni. Ooni launched from the crowd fund web site Kickstarter in 2012 and it has gone from success to success since – they have now released respective versions .
The stainless steel oven burns wood pellets, and reaches 930ºF ( 500ºC ) in good 10 minutes. This is hot enough to cook a 13 ” pizza in 60 seconds. It ’ south got a obliterable chimney and hinged legs making it the ultimate portable oven, particularly with the add on udder available .
It ’ s a great buy, as it heats up so fast, looks fantastic and is identical low-cost .
It ’ mho my absolute recommendation for a portable oven. Check the current price on Amazon .

The Roccbox

The Roccbox has a sleek plan from stainless steel, stone and a rubber eraser exterior. It ’ s a well isolate oven so retains heat good and will besides reach temperatures of 930ºF ( 500ºC ), with a slightly longer heat up time of around 30 minutes .

The Roccbox has a changeable burner allowing you to use wood or flatulence to heat the oven, so you can attach a propane tank car and avoid buy firewood if that is more commodious for you .
The downsides ? It is very uncompromising and weighs a draw, so while you can move it around your garden, it isn ’ triiodothyronine one to carry to the beach. It besides costs more than the Ooni, but is a slenderly more uncompromising piece of kit .
Check the current monetary value on Amazon .

Buying A Premade Oven

Want to avoid the hassle and time of building your own ? You can pay a spot more and have a fix made one bring to you. There are a few options here :

  1. You can buy a complete, fully assembled oven
  2. Buy an oven kit to assemble yourself
  3. Pay someone to build it for you

Buy A Fully Assembled Oven

The most convenient and fastest method acting is to buy an oven that is already built and assembled by a professional company. It comes at a price as it is besides the most expensive option .
They are frequently built with high gear quality furnace lining and insulating material materials to give efficient ovens that are well made and will last a farseeing time. Because of the superior insulating material, they will retain inflame for long periods of prison term .
Designs range from authentic styled italian ovens, to more modern designs, and companies will offer bespoke designs if that is what you need .


The estimate prices for the fully assembled and kits are for the smallest on offer – around 24 ” -26 ” which can cook a single 11 ” pizza. The prices then escalate quickly with size to around 44 ” which can cook 4-5 pizza at a time .
Some recommended retailers are US based Forno Bravo ( ) which has a broad choice, lots of big information and a forum community of 26,000 members. Or the UK based The Stone Baked Oven Company ( ) which has great prices and designs .
Expect to pay $1050-9250

Buying An Oven Kit

An oven kit is a pre built set of pieces which are put together yourself at home with an adhesive material. They are a halfway check for person who wants to build an oven, but doesn ’ thymine want to build the entire thing from rub .
They require some masonry skill to fix the parts together, and much come with an insulating material layer to add yourself for the dome and the floor, angstrom well as a stand to place it on. And as it isn ’ thymine rainproof – a translate or a brick layer for the outside finish. You could get a local shopkeeper to finish this final mistreat .
You might need some extra materials or tools to finish off the oven so that will add to the price. As the oven will be finished by you, it will have a more bespoke look and feel to it which is the trade off .
again, like the amply built ovens, Forno Bravo ( ) from the US have a great scope, and besides The Stone Baked Oven Company ( ) from the UK .
Expect to pay $1250-6000

Pay Someone To Build It For You

The last option is to pay a shopkeeper to build it for you. This is the most bespoke choice as you will pay a professional who has experience, and you can besides influence the design to fit you garden .
The pizza oven companies mentioned above, and others online, can create you a request oven if you contact them, so that might be a first step to getting a quote – but you would still need to get it delivered .
You could go local and find a mason who can build it directly in your garden. Searching your sphere would be a inaugural gradation. Remember that you need to pay for materials and workman ’ randomness time .
Expect to pay thousands of dollars.

Build Your Own From Scratch

Building your own can give you fantastic bespoke results. You can tailor your invention to your garden, and besides go a army for the liberation of rwanda as your budget will take you. This section should give you some guidance on what you will need to build, and the resources and tools required to do so .
There is a department with some build plans and guides for you to use .
You can see from my estimation that the price difference varies drastically. This is down to the materials used, and how robust you make it. If you make a simple clay dome, it will work to a degree but won ’ t retain heat that well and will finally crack. A brick oven with multiple layers and insulation will be hot and efficient, and concluding decades. somewhere in between can build an low-cost, efficient and long persistent oven .
The structure needs :

  • A hearth (the oven floor)
  • A dome
  • A chimney
  • An entrance
  • Insulation layer (optional but recommended)
  • Waterproof render layer (optional but recommended)


For this section, a roughly size of 26 ” ( 75cm ) can be used as a comparison of materials. This is big enough to cook one 12 ” pizza at a meter. You can build your oven around an balloon exert ball as a guide, you can get one precisely this size .

Estimated Cost Comparison

  Clay Clay and insulation Vermiculite Concrete Brick
Dome $100 $100 $80 $700
Dome support $15 $15 $15
Dome Insulation $5 (straw) $40 (vermiculite) $60 (fire blanket)
Hearth $75 $75 $75 $75
Hearth Insulation $20 (vermiculite) $20 (vermiculite) $60 (calcium silicate)
Waterproofing $30 $30 $30
Chimney $50 $50 $50 $50
Tunnel $25 $25 $25
TOTAL $275 $355 $295 $970

Dome Materials – The Biggest Cost Difference

The most contentious point is likely to be the material used to build the dome, which will affect the price a distribute as its the largest assemble .

  1. You can build this out of brick which is expensive but will be strong and long standing.
  2. Or you can create a dome over a support structure using lesser expensive materials such a clay and sand mix called cob, or a heat resistant concrete made from cement and refractory insulation such as vermiculite or perlite. As they are wet materials, they need to have a support structure to be built around, allowing them to then dry and harden.

I ’ ll take a closer search into these two approaches and the prices for each following .

Brick Dome

This is the most expensive region of building an oven. so if you are on a rigorous budget, then use another method acting. Bricks give a great appearance to your oven, and they are besides raincoat so you won ’ t need to give the dome a waterproof coating. broadly speaking, a brick built oven should final you a very retentive time, and avoid weathering problems with clay
fuel bricks are specialist bricks to withstand high temperatures. If you use a regular brick, the intense inflame and cooling of the brick can cause it to crack and crumble, as there are lots of different types of brick out there. The get ? fire bricks are a lot more expensive, particularly if you have access to some complimentary common bricks .
Most sources will recommend using firebricks, as you want the oven to last years. Using normal bricks runs the risk of damage and then you might need to do repairs. No one wants to have to put the meter, money and attempt into building doubly ! besides, who wants brick crumbs on their pizza ?
If the option is normal bricks or no oven, merely be certain they are eminent quality and not toxic to heat and cook with .
The size of the oven will dictate how many bricks you need. You might need up 200-250 bricks as seen in this poll of average used. Firebricks can vary in price, but you can buy them for ~ $ 3 or cheaper if you buy in bulk such as here .
You will need to get furnace lining mortar to withstand high temperatures, and that is desirable for outdoor consumption to be rain and freeze immune .
besides, you are probable to have more significant foundations, reward materials and stand if you choose this route, as the structure on top needs it. So that will add to the cost besides .
Estimated brick cost: $600
Estimated mortar cost: $100
Total: $700
Check out this video of a lavishness brick human body for inspiration :

Cheaper Dome Materials

You can make your dome out of cheaper materials, which can be mix with cement or clay and then dried to form a solid dome for your first layer .

Vermiculite Concrete Dome

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring and cheap mineral that is a highly effective insulator. It can withstand high temperatures and will expand and abridge with estrus, making it less likely to crack. It can be coarsely grind and mix with fractious cement to form an isolate furnace lining concrete which can be a cheap way to create a dome, or add layers of insulation .
It is used in gardening for adding to soil american samoa well as build, so it is a promptly available material locally or online. You can buy a 4 cubic foot (113 litre) bag very cheaply and that should be enough for a 26” oven, as seen in the video below.

Is it safe to heat?
In unretentive, yes. This article gives the history of one mine which had traces of asbestos with the vermiculite, but was shut in 1990. There is rigorous industry protocols which nowadays ensure this international relations and security network ’ t award .
Estimated cost:
Vermiculite and Refractory Cement
Estimated Total: $80

Check out these videos to get some inspiration on the vermiculite build up :

Clay Dome

This is another brassy option. You can make a pitcher out of damp sandpaper as a subscribe social organization. then make a clay-sand concoction known as hazelnut and cover the backbone pile, leaving it to dry slenderly. Once it has firmed up, remove the sand, cut open a door and then you are left with a first layer .
The material alone won ’ triiodothyronine retain much estrus sol needs an isolate layer. Wood chippings or straw can be used as a budget insulation layer, or you can use vermiculite or fire blanket. It can be followed by more clay or a rainproof render .
It isn ’ thyroxine rainproof, thus will get weather if you don ’ thyroxine top it with a tarpaulin or build a roof. Over time this choice will likely deteriorate and crack thus you may need to do repairs. I would recommend using it as an interior layer unless you don ’ thymine mind do fixes over fourth dimension .
Estimated cost: under $100
Check out this video for a steer :

Support Structure

The moisture mix materials need some sort of base accompaniment social organization to be applied on top of indeed that a dome can be formed and the mix can be firmed up. Once it is stable, the support social organization can be removed, and more layers can be applied to the dome. Some ideas can be an balloon exert ball held in some plywood, or a pitcher of muffle sand .
Estimated cost: $15

The Other Parts Of Build


Want your oven to stay hot, and use less fuel ? This is where insulation comes in. There is two places you need to add insulating material : below the fireplace and between the out and inner layers of your dome. It just needs to be able to withstand the high heating system that comes from a pizza oven. This can match respective budgets ; for the dome – ( in descending cost order ) you can use a fiber insulating material blanket held down by chicken electrify, vermiculite concrete, or natural materials such as straw or wood chippings .
You should have an insulate layer beneath the fireplace to retain heat on your oven shock used for cook, and besides to prevent your standing materials to receive besides high temperatures. This can be made of a calcium silicate board which is premade but more expensive insulating circuit board, or the cheaper choice of more vermiculite concrete .
Estimated cost for Dome: $40-60
Estimated cost for Hearth: $20-60

Waterproof layer

With vermiculite or black-backed gull domes you need a waterproofing layer to finish as these materials aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate weatherproof. You can buy a waterproof render or mix your own .
Estimated $30 for a waterproofing render.


Use ardor bricks as they are designed to withstand high heat, and will do the lapp speculate as a pizza stone in drawing moisture from the dough as it cooks for excess brittleness. Use bricks equally thick as you can afford as these will retain more heating system and give you a higher floor temperature. Arrange in a herringbone shape to stop your skin catching on a straight border when pushing in and out .
You will need about 24 bricks for a 26 ” oven described here. You can get firebricks for $ 3 each .
Estimated cost: $75


You need a lamp chimney to remove fume, and allow the fire to draw breeze through the main tunnel entrance to burn efficiently. This normally goes at the front of the oven, as a chimney in the main dome would cause you to lose excessively a lot heat. You can buy a stainless steel sword chimney for a pizza oven from ebay for around $ 50, or pay well more for larger ones .
Estimated cost: $50


The burrow is a section to the oven away from the dome which allows you entree. It can hold the lamp chimney and can besides have a doorway to allow you to slow knock. You can make this out of the lapp substantial as your dome – you will need some cardboard or wood for a support while you create it .
If its a non-brick dome, then a few bricks at the burrow opening can give a nice ocular appearance. To save money or for appearance, you can use regular bricks and mortar for this as they are in not mastermind heat of the fire .
Estimated: 16 bricks and mortar at $25


You can see from the price comparison postpone how the materials add up. For a non-brick I would go for the vermiculite as you get an well insulated dome, that is less probable to crack than clay. The materials are besides easier to mix, as you have to stomp clay together .
You can see how the price of brick adds a draw, but then it will stand the test of fourth dimension. This doesn ’ thyroxine include the cost of the stand, which may need to be more bricks .
The information hera should be able to allow you to see how to mix and match components for your budget. You can lower costs by using cheaper insulation, or make a more full-bodied end product by using all the top quality materials .

Where To Get Building Plans

You can watch the Youtube video that I have linked in each section to get instructions and a ocular scout .
The follow web site has a full list of free plans .

Making A Decision

How Long Will They Last?

This all depends on the quality of the materials used and how well it has been built. A black-backed gull oven may last you 3-6 years with some likely repairs jobs for cracks as the clay shrinks and weathers .
A vermiculite and cement oven can final long as the materials can expand and contract with the heating system well. A beneficial waterproof application is necessity for farseeing life if you live in a besotted sphere .
A brick oven will last the lapp sum of time you would expect any brick structure if it is built well with good materials and on a solid foundation. It will be waterproof and manage high gear heats well, and will entirely need child repairs over the years .


When it comes to rounding up the options, hera is my opinion. For a portable oven, I love the Ooni as its got the heat but besides comes at a identical low-cost price chase. You can create neapolitan style pizza in your own garden, and about anyone can get one quickly on-line .
Premade ovens are the real bargain so can not in truth be beaten for quality and performance. And they besides scale in size well so you can cook multiple pizza at once for a party, and look fantastic in your garden. They are expensive, therefore inaccessibly for the average Joe.

As for building your own, I like the vermiculite dome as the materials are so cheap however effective. Some of the ones seen on-line look very professional so could be decent accession to your patio. A brick oven could besides be a nice undertaking if you are feeling ambitious .
felicitous patronize !