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8 Heart-Healthy Pizza Options

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For those with gamey cholesterol, a slice of pizza from a chain or your hometown pizza living room is not a heart-healthy lunch or dinner choice. According to the USDA ’ s National Nutrient Database, equitable one single slice of regular crust, cheese pizza has 285 calories, 10 grams of fatty, and 18 grams of cholesterol. That ’ sulfur ONE slice, no toppings. Prefer pepperoni ? One lone slit of pepperoni pizza delivers 313 calories, 13 grams of fat, and 28 grams of cholesterol.

Two slices of pepperoni pizza and you ’ ll hit 50 % of your total recommended fatten consumption for the day and more than 25 % of your cholesterol for the sidereal day .
not to despair. There are heart-healthier pizza options than the typical chain or local pizza place. The best option is to make your own pizza, and it ’ s surprisingly easy with cliched ( or ready-to-roll ) crusts. But there area besides healthier ways to order pizza out. Below is a list of delightful and alimentary pizza topping choices – some for dwelling, some for dining or ordering out .
Ordering Out: Go Thin
Thin crust pizza – or evening better, hale wheat thin crust pizza – is a far healthier option than deep cup of tea or stuff crust. A slice of thickly crust pizza, according to the USDA nutritional database, has 312 calories versus thin crust of 285 – and 12 grams of fatness compared with 10 for thin crust. It might not sound like a boastfully deviation, but it adds up. And crust stuff with cheese is a clear no-go, cholesterol-wise .
Ordering Out: Go Easy on the Cheese Please
Did you know that Pizza Hut ( and early chains ) offer an ‘ Easy on the Cheese ’ option ? Some offer a ‘ light up ’ cheese option. And there ’ s even a no cheese option ? OK, so no cheese seems a bit drastic, but if you go easy or light on the cheese, and add either extra sauce and/or a few healthy toppings, you ’ re not lone making a more heart-healthy cholesterol choice, but you may well find you even prefer it that room .
Ordering Out: Choose Meat Wisely
While it ’ sulfur best to choose vegetables alternatively of meat pizza toppings, sometimes that ’ south barely not possible. As with any other lunch or dinner protein choice, you ’ ll want to avoid red kernel. Rather than fatso meats like pepperoni, sausage and grind gripe, choose leaner meats. For the most alike to pepperoni or sausage, try canadian bacon or ham. even better would be diced chicken or shrimp – and you might be able to get that blimp or pepperoni season with less fat by choosing turkey pepperoni or turkey blimp if your pizza place offers it .
Ordering Out: Pile On the Veggies
Delicious and heart-healthy vegetable pizza toppings include broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus, peppers – any green vegetable that ’ s not fried our saute is a great choice. Watch out for eggplant, which is delightful, but much breaded and fried. And for a bang-up kick of flavor, add garlic as a top-flight. Or sauté your vegetable in a bit of petroleum and garlic for a great desegregate top. What you ’ ll likely find with vegetable toppings is that the flavors are mellowed as the pizza cooks so even if you don ’ metric ton love steamed broccoli or spinach, you might like them as pizza toppings .
Make Your Own: Store-Bought or Roll It Yourself

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With a pre-made pizza crust, you can put fresh, low-fat, heart-healthy pizza on the mesa in under 20 minutes. For even fresher taste, get pizza crust from your local pizza parlor ( many will sell you ball of boodle ! ) or pick one up from your local supermarket. Just roll it out and add your toppings. You ’ ll be amazed how great – and comfortable – a fresh-made pizza is, and it ’ s far healthier than a delivered pizza since you control the cheese and toppings .
Make Your Own: Choose Whole Wheat Dough
The absolute best choice for pizza boodle is unharmed pale yellow. Or a mix of unharmed pale yellow and white flour. But if you prefer ‘ regular ’ pizza crust, choose white boodle and then barely make the toppings heart-healthy – it ’ ll still be army for the liberation of rwanda healthier than a distinctive pizza .
Make Your Own: Choose Park-Skim Cheese
Using part-skim mozzarella – or part-skim shredded with a few phonograph record of hale milk mozzarella – is a big choice. You ’ ll likely never notice the deviation in taste. If you absolutely must use whole-milk mozzarella, use it meagerly and/or try cutting disk quite than a heavy-hand of chopped mozzarella .
Make Your Own: Try Ricotta Cheese
Another cheese choice to try is to use part-skim ricotta tall mallow – assorted with some impertinently grated parmesan cheese – alternatively of mozzarella. Or leave off all the cheese except for thin slices of plane parmesan .
Make Your Own: Get Creative with Toppings
When you make your own pizza, you can experiment with many toppings – or make some traditional for some class members, and pile on the veggies for yourself. There are many recipes online for healthy pizza options – or you can get creative and see what appeals to you .
While pizza can be a poor choice for those with high cholesterol, careful ordering – or making it at dwelling – can elevate pizza into a fantastic heart-healthy meal. Going light on the cheese, avoiding red kernel and heaping fresh vegetables on pizza make it an option everyone can enjoy.

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