After Eating Over 500 Pizzas, Dave Portnoy’s Most Popular Review Is Still Chuck E. Cheese

Dave Portnoy is many things to many people. As the fame founder of the pop culture blog Barstool Sports, Portnoy has earned legions of fans due to his outspoken and often controversial views .
calm, many people know Portnoy best as a pizza connoisseur. Portnoy has made it his personal mission to review as many brands and varieties of pizza in the United States as possible, and has visited many of the highest-rated pizza joints there are in order to accomplish this goal .
still, one of Portnoy ’ s most popular video reviews is for a pizza brand that is decidedly non-gourmet — Chuck E. Cheese .

How did Dave Portnoy become famous?

Dave PortnoyDave PortnoyDave Portnoy | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Dave Portnoy was born in Massachusetts in 1977. Following his gradation from senior high school school, Portnoy moved to Boston and began working at a grocery store research firm. however, Portnoy ’ sulfur interests were decidedly more sports-oriented, and in 2003, he founded Barstool Sports. The pop culture web log has a sports root, although it explores many topics of pastime to both Portnoy and his consultation base.

Over the years, Barstool Sports has become a massive internet accumulate, featuring a wealth of podcasts, reviews, sports projections, and interviews .
Through it all, Portnoy has remained at the helm. Although the capacity on the locate much incites controversy ( and Portnoy himself has been embroiled in more than a few feud ) there is no doubt that Barstool Sports has made Portnoy very affluent indeed .
In fact, Portnoy ’ randomness final worth is reported to be around $ 100 million — not bad, considering he built Barstool Sports from the establish up .

Dave Portnoy is known for his pizza reviews

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In 2018, Dave Portnoy launched a new feature of speech on Barstool Sports — a YouTube video distribution channel dedicated to pizza reviews. His “ One Bite Pizza Reviews ” was founded based on Portnoy ’ s love of pizza, and the fact that he obviously indulges in a cut of pizza every single day for lunch .
Portnoy follows a simple process when filming all of his pizza reviews. He purchases a whole pizza, takes it outside the restaurant, and then takes a bite of the pizza. At the end of the review, he delivers a verdict and rates the pizza, assigning it somewhere between one and 10 .
His “ One Bite Pizza Reviews ” distribution channel has grown to be insanely popular, with over 260,000 subscribers and literally hundreds of video recording reviews. His videos have accumulated millions of views, and he frequently welcomes guest stars to help him review pizza.

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Portnoy has evening invited fans to give their own take on his favorite pizza, with the pizza proto-indo european from Vinnie ’ randomness Pizzeria and Ristorante earning acme marks from Portnoy. Portnoy prides himself on his cognition of pizza and is a fan of more epicure slices — calm, one of his most democratic reviews is for the most basic of all pizza chains .

Dave Portnoy’s popular Chuck E. Cheese review

In early 2019, Dave Portnoy filmed a television where he reviewed the pizza from the child ’ s joint Chuck E. Cheese. The video has since become one of Portnoy ’ s most popular, with well over 1.2 million views and hundreds of comments from amuse fans. While Portnoy didn ’ t actually love the pizza, he deemed it “ better than a batch of other places ” and ultimately gave the pizza a fink of six .
Since the COVID-19 pandemic score in the jump, Portnoy hasn ’ thymine slowed down in his deputation to pace all the pizza in the U.S. He has been filming his reviews as usual, although by and large focusing on freeze pizza and pizza pockets in stead of restaurant pizza. “ We ’ rhenium gon na move to frozen pizza, ” Portnoy recently said via Fox News. “ We ’ ll good keep banging out these freeze pizza until this corona hits the road. ”