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This Post Contains Affiliate Links. Click here To Read Our Full disclosure. Would you like to reheat pizza in the microwave? Let me introduce you to the best room to reheat pizza in the microwave for making practice of your leftover pizza from stopping point night ’ s takeout .
You will love how quick and delightful leftover pizza is in the microwave and our opinion of the celebrated reheat pizza in microwave trick .
reheat pizza in microwave recipeReheat Pizza In Microwave Recipe

Microwave Pizza

time to spill the beans ! How frequently in your teens did you reheat pizza in the microwave and think it was the best thing since sliced bread ?

I know I was one of them and I couldn ’ metric ton imagine anything better than the dawn after a pizza takeaway to enjoy your leftovers in the microwave the adjacent day .
In my teens my parents would be out a draw with friends for a meal at a classy restaurant. I would watch my dad put on a fondness become and my florist’s chrysanthemum into a reasonably cocktail attire .
Before they left and my dad gave me a kiss adieu he would leave me some takeaway money .
I loved it because not only could I choose which takeaway, but I could enjoy his big widescreen television and whatever movie took my fancy .
Before they had even gone, I would have made the decision between fish and chip shop that was 10 steps from our front man door, chinese takeout that was one street away, or the local anesthetic pizza takeout that delivered .
If I chose to have pizza, I would always order the same. cheese pizza, onion rings and side of fries .
I would eat all the chips, onion rings and then half the pizza. The other half of the pizza would be breakfast the adjacent day, which was just as exciting .
The future day, I would grab my pizza reheat it in the microwave and dunk it in some mayonnaise .
It was heaven .
Nowadays, I get a takeaway and because I have had it when the kids are in seam, I will save the leftovers for them .
They love the microwave pizza and today I wanted to show you how to reheat your leftover pizza in the microwave .

Can You Reheat Pizza In The Microwave?

Yes, you can. You can cook a small pizza ( that fits in the microwave ), or you can besides reheat a pizza in the microwave .
The microwave is besides high electrical power, so reheating pizza is the fastest way to get it to the same temperature it was when you primitively had it delivered to your front door .

Is It Safe To Reheat A Pizza?

Yes, it is. Though I do advise that if you are reheating pizza in the microwave, that you plan ahead for this .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you have finished eating your pizza, place the leftovers onto a plate ready for reheating the following day and shop in the electric refrigerator .
besides bill, if you are warming up pizza that contains kernel or pisces, that you can lone reheat it once, to keep it safe .
consequently, entirely reheat the measure of pizza you need the future day and consume all pizza within 3 days .

Best Way To Reheat Pizza?

My darling way to reheat pizza is in the air travel fryer, nothing beats it for keeping the pizza crisp and making it taste merely like it has come out of a takeout .
But not everybody has an tune fryer, and the microwave is a fantastic accompaniment plan. Plus, the microwave will reheat your pizza much faster .
For the best manner to reheat pizza in the microwave is on a side plate and to do fair 2 slices at a fourth dimension .
That way you are not overcrowding it .
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Reheat Pizza Essentials

Reheat Pizza Essentials
Pizza – I recommend doing 2 slices of leftover pizza at a time. But it besides depends on the size of your pizza. We bought a 12 column inch pizza and reheated a few slices of it .
Extras – If you have a big crust you might want to spray with a short extra virgin olive oil to stop it from drying out. Or you might want to add supernumerary toppings to your pizza leftovers. But of naturally, this is personal choice .
Optional – You can besides follow the Domino ’ s pizza hack and add a cup of body of water to your microwave to stop your pizza from going doughy .
then for the kitchen gadgets that we have used in this reheat pizza in microwave recipe it has just been our Panasonic Microwave Oven. We have this one and its fantastic for many types of microwave recipes .

How To Reheat Pizza In Microwave?

reheat pizza in microwave instructions

  • Load. Spread out your leftover pizza onto a side plate and place into the microwave. Discard any crusts that have been left that nobody ate.
  • Optional. If a lot of the cheese has come off, then grate some extra cheese over the top of your pizza slices.
  • Microwave. Then microwave your pizza for 60 seconds and then serve piping hot.

And I am surely you can see now how easy it is to warm up pizza in the microwave .

How To Reheat Pizza Without Drying It Out?

There are so many different types of pizza and some are better than others for reheating in the microwave and some will dry out .
The best pizza to reheat in the microwave are a cheese pizza with a sparse crust .
The worst is a cheese stuffed crust with not much sauce on top as it will go dry easily .
The solution is to add extra toppings such as some excess cheese, or a cream cheese like Philadelphia .
And then adding some supernumerary virgin olive oil to the crust to stop the crust from drying out .

How To Reheat Pizza In The Microwave Without It Getting Soggy?

There is a reheat pizza in the microwave trick, that many people talk about. Its supposed to stop your pizza from going inert after being microwaved .
The estimate behind this whoremaster is that you reheat pizza in the microwave with a glass of water system. A half glass of water, or a countenance sits in the microwave with your small plate of pizza .
then the steamer from the body of water, stops the pizza from going doughy .
personally, I haven ’ thymine noticed that much of a remainder and prefer it without and don ’ t find my pizza to be very boggy .

How Many Seconds To Reheat Pizza In Microwave?

The microwave pizza clock can vary depending on your microwave electrical power. We have an 800w Panasonic microwave and find that 60 seconds is the ideal time for a pizza reheat .
however, a higher electrical power will be quick .
This is how long to reheat pizza in microwave:

  • 600 watts – 90 Seconds
  • 800 watts – 60 Seconds
  • 1000 watts – 45 Seconds
  • 1200 watts – 30 Seconds

If in doubt with how long it takes for pizza to be reheated in your microwave, do 15 seconds less, check on it and see if you need to add extra cooking clock time .
Reheat Pizza In Microwave
Your reheat pizza in microwave instructions are below, note you can print it out with or without photos, adjust servings, or click between metric and imperial count on where you are in the earth .
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Reheat Pizza In Microwave

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Reheat Pizza In Microwave

How To Reheat Pizza In Microwave. Let me introduce you to the best room to reheat pizza in the microwave for making habit of your leftover pizza from last night .

Cook Time



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  • 2 Slices Leftover Pizza

Kitchen Gadgets

  • Microwave


  • Place your leftover pizza slices onto a belittled plate and spread them out if you can .How To Reheat Pizza In Microwave?
  • place in the microwave and microwave for 60 seconds or until piping hot .How To Reheat Pizza In Microwave?
  • Serve with your favorite pizza sauce .How To Reheat Pizza In Microwave?


Dry – If you are reheating garlic bread in the microwave add some extra garlic butter and some cheese on top. It will stop the garlic bread pizza from drying out .
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